Escape to Witch Mountain (TV Movie 1995) Poster

(1995 TV Movie)

Elisabeth Moss: Anna



  • Danny : [of old man Herman]  He wants to go with us!

    Anna : Can he come?

    Waldo Fudd : Not alone. He needs someone else to make the light.

  • Edward Bolt : This is a latin cylinder. Can you make it fly?

    Anna : No.

    Edward Bolt : Well, Danny has shared everything. We've gotten to be good friends of yours. I won't tell anyone your secret. We tell it's kinetic powers like any other muscle, you gotta exercise it into lithography. I'm just trying to help you guys. Uh, open it up.

    [Luther takes the lid off the latin cylinder] 

    Edward Bolt : Now, can you make those rocks fly into the tube?

    Anna : This won't work.

    Edward Bolt : Why don't you trust me? I mean it hurts my feelings. I open my house here, I open my heart. Instead, you act like we were strangers. What is it you don't like about me?

    Anna : It's not that. I just can't do it.

    Edward Bolt : Why not?

    Anna : We're too far away.

    Edward Bolt : Well, let's move closer. There! All right.

  • Edward Bolt : I'm losing my patience, young lady. Now try to move those rocks!

    Anna : What's this about, anyway?

    Edward Bolt : It's too complicated for you to understand, just do what I'm telling ya!

    Anna : I can't.

    Edward Bolt : I can get mean if I have to be, but nobody wants anything bad to happen, do they?... You love your brother?

    Anna : I'm not gonna help you! I hate you and I hate being here.

    Edward Bolt : Listen, you little witch! I don't care what you think about me, but nobody here says no to me, ya hear?

  • Edward Bolt : [meets Danny at the stable area]  Wanna go for a spin, Danny? You can drive.

    Danny : Me?

    Edward Bolt : Have you driven a car?

    Danny : No.

    Edward Bolt : All the way to the house if you like.

    Anna : [Danny hears her in his mind]  Let in the light, brother. I don't want to lose you again.

    Danny : [distracted by it but seemingly by the horse]  Huh?

    Edward Bolt : [grabs Danny and begins dragging him off]  Get in the car, you little street rat!

    Danny : Let go! Let go!

    Edward Bolt : Just shut up!

  • Danny : [Zoe faints after seeing them purple light between their hands; telepathically to each other]  Is she okay?

    Anna : She's just afraid.

    Danny : What are we doing here?

    Anna : Waiting for someone who's not afraid.

  • Anna : Good to see you again, brother.

    Danny : I *knew* I knew you.

  • Anna : Do you remember our parents?

    Danny : No.

    Anna : I wonder if Mom was pretty.

    Danny : She must've been.

  • Anna : [of their parents]  Well, maybe they just... weren't allowed to keep us or something.

    Danny : What do you mean? Like if they were spies or something?

    Anna : Or acrobats, in a traveling circus.

    Danny : Astronauts!

    Anna : [they laugh]  Yeah. Something to do with flying. That's what the light reminds me of.

  • Anna : You were born first. You're... one minute older.

    Danny : How do you know that?

    Anna : I can sense it. Can't you?

  • Anna : Don't you have any friends, Luther?

    Luther : Sure. Mr. Bolt's my friend.

    Anna : No, I mean real friends. The kind that give you that feeling.

    Luther : What feeling?

    Anna : Like you've known them forever.

    Luther : Yeah, I got a... I got a friend like that. But he's, um...

    Anna : What?

    Luther : He's in my head.

    Anna : An imaginary friend?

    Luther : I dream about him and he teaches me things.

    Anna : Like what?

    Luther : Patience.

  • Waldo Fudd : Meet me at sunset on the mountain.

    Danny : Which mountain?

    Waldo Fudd : Exactly.

    Danny : Exactly what?

    Anna : He means Witch Mountain.

  • Anna : Let in the light, brother. I don't wanna lose you again.

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