Escape to Witch Mountain (TV Movie 1995) Poster

(1995 TV Movie)

Brad Dourif: Luther, Bruno


  • Luther : [checks the room where Anna was locked in and realizes she'is not there]  Oh, brother!

    Edward Bolt : [continues playing with the kids]  Whoa! Yeah! Here ya go, here ya go!

    Luther : [approaches him]  Somehow, Anna got out.

    Edward Bolt : What?

    Luther : I didn't do anything, honest.

    Edward Bolt : All right, get to the stables. I'll take care of this gang.

  • Lindsay Brown : Your Sheriff and Luther told me everything, Mr. Bolt. You had those kids under lock and key. You planned to exploid their power.

    Edward Bolt : Woman's talking nonsense.

    Lindsay Brown : [Xander walks up the hill]  Xander!

    Xander : I'm going up there!

    Lindsay Brown : Wait. I'm coming with you.

    Sheriff Bronson : I'm very, very disappointed in you, Mr. Bolt.

    Edward Bolt : You ungrateful little turncoat... You're fired!

    Luther : Too late. I quit a half an hour a go. I'm gonna go where I belong.

    Sheriff Bronson : Come on in here.

    [to the deputy] 

    Sheriff Bronson : Put the cuffs on this guy.

    [walks up the same hill Xander and Brown took as the deputy guides Mr. Bolt to the police car] 

    Deputy : OK Mr. Bolt, in the back. Watch your head.

  • Anna : Don't you have any friends, Luther?

    Luther : Sure. Mr. Bolt's my friend.

    Anna : No, I mean real friends. The kind that give you that feeling.

    Luther : What feeling?

    Anna : Like you've known them forever.

    Luther : Yeah, I got a... I got a friend like that. But he's, um...

    Anna : What?

    Luther : He's in my head.

    Anna : An imaginary friend?

    Luther : I dream about him and he teaches me things.

    Anna : Like what?

    Luther : Patience.

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