Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995) Poster

Aldis Hodge: Raymond


  • Zeus : [in Zeus' electric shop]  Now, where you goin'?

    Dexter : School.

    Zeus : Why?

    Raymond : To get educated.

    Zeus : *Why*?

    Dexter : So we can go to college.

    Zeus : And why is that important?

    Dexter : To get es-pect.

    Zeus : RE-spect. Now, who's the bad guys?

    Dexter : Guys who sell drugs.

    Raymond : Guys who have guns.

    Zeus : And who's the good guys?

    Dexter : We're the good guys.

    Zeus : Who's gonna help you?

    Raymond : Nobody.

    Zeus : *So who's gonna help you*?

    Dexter : We're gonna help ourselves.

    Zeus : And who do we not want to help us?

    Dexter , Raymond : White people.

    Zeus : That's right. Now get on outta here. Go to school.

  • Raymond : [coming into Zeus' electric shop]  Yo, uncle!

    Dexter : [referring to the radio their carrying]  Come look at this!

    Zeus : [looks at watch]  It's ten after nine. Why aren't you in school?

    Raymond : Tony wants to sell you this.

    Zeus : Tony? That no-neck dude they call "Bad T"?

    Dexter : He says he found it in a dumpster.

    Zeus : He keeps stealing from people, they're gonna find him in a dumpster.

    Raymond : No, he didn't steal it. He says his uncle gave it to him.

    Zeus : Mm-hm? Hand me that newspaper over there.

    [Raymond hands Zeus the paper, and he whaps his nephews' heads lightly] 

    Zeus : Don't *ever* let people use you. You're running all over town with stolen property; if you get caught, you get in trouble while he gets to deny the whole thing and walk away.

    Dexter : Y-You mean, you want us to take it back to Tony?

    Zeus : No, I'll take it back to Tony... with a message.

  • Principal Martinez : [addressing her students in the auditorium, trying to keep them calm as Walter instructed her to]  Hi kids. I know you usually have assembly on Fridays, but today's special. Mr. Lambert here is from the fire department and today he wants us to practice a brand new fire drill. So, I want you to divide in half, and I want half of you to go over here - teachers will help them - and line up against the wall. The other half will go in this direction. Please do it very quietly and very quickly, alright? Everybody up please. Teachers, please help them.

    Raymond : Fire drill, my ass. That guy ain't from the fire department.

    Dexter : Maybe it's cuz of the radio.

    Raymond : You mean, like, they're after us? Nah.

    Dexter : Tony squealed on us!

    Raymond : No he didn't.

  • Zeus : Dial 911. Tell the police to get up here quick. Somebody's about to get killed. And get your butts to school, you hear me?

    Raymond : [casually]  Yeah.

    Dexter : Yeah.

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