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3 Jan. 1998
Broadway Malady
Impressed by the financial success of "Cats," Pinky and The Brain stage their own Broadway musical.
7 Feb. 1998
Brainie the Poo/Melancholy Brain
The First segment is a parody of "Winnie the Pooh". The second segment tells the story of Hamlet, Pinky and the Brain style.
14 Feb. 1998
Inherit the Wheeze
Lab scientists subject The Brain to experiments testing the addictive properties of cigarettes, an experience that endangers his latest plan for world domination.
21 Feb. 1998
Brain's Night Off/Beach Blanket Brain
The Brain gets wild and crazy on a night when he and Pinky don't try to take over the world. The Brain tries to infiltrate a group of surfing teenagers in this spoof of beach party movies.
21 Feb. 1998
The Family That Poits Together, Narfs Together
Pinky and The Brain must bring together Pinky's far-flung family to win money on a TV game show.
28 Feb. 1998
Pinky's Turn/Your Friend: Global Domination
The Brain follows Pinky's plan to take over the world--with surprising results. The Brain describes what things would be like if he ruled the world.
25 Apr. 1998
You'll Never Eat Food Pellets in This Town Again!
In this change of pace episode, when studio executive Jamie Kellner presses them for higher ratings, Pinky and The Brain try out different ideas for their show, spoofing various other sitcoms.
2 May 1998
Dangerous Brains
In order to carry out his latest world domination scheme, The Brain must take a teaching job at a dangerous inner city school.
9 May 1998
Whatever Happened to Baby Brain/Just Say Narf
The Brain becomes a child star in Hollywood during the 1930s.
16 May 1998
The Pinky POV/The Really Great Dictator/Brain Food
This entire episode is seen through Pinky's eyes. And the view is interesting, to say the least. The Brain opens a theme restaurant: "Planet Brain."
14 Sep. 1998
Brainwashed: Part 1 - Brain Brain Go Away
During a White House conference on the topic "the brain," one of the president's assistants mistakenly invites The Brain. After he becomes trapped in a web of conspiracy and deception, The Brain gets brainwashed and Pinky must save him.
15 Sep. 1998
Brainwashed: Part 2 - I Am Not a Hat
The Brain and Pinky escape from the land of Hats, but find someone is still after them as they try to save the world from an evil dance, the Schmeerskahoven.
16 Sep. 1998
Brainwashed: Part 3 - Wash Harder
Pinky and The Brain unmask the culprit behind that evil, mind numbing dance, the Schmeerskahoven, and save the world.
21 Sep. 1998
To Russia with Lab Mice/Hickory Dickory Bonk
To facilitate The Brain's latest plan, he and Pinky ship themselves to Russia, where they become involved in a James Bond-style adventure. Pinky and The Brain find themselves trapped in the familiar nursery rhyme.
25 Sep. 1998
The Pinky and the Brain Reunion Special
The Brain creates a reunion special for himself and Pinky so a large enough audience will be brainwashed with his latest invention.
28 Sep. 1998
The Legendary Tail/Project BRAIN
The Brain tries to invent a tall tale for himself; the story of how Pinky and the Brain first met is revealed.
14 Nov. 1998
Star Warners
Pinky, The Brain and the Animaniacs star in a parody of "Star Wars."

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