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1 Feb. 1997
Two Mice and a Baby/The Maze
In "TWO MICE AND A BABY," a spoof of the Superman story, Brain and Pinky care for a boy with special powers sent to Earth by his parents. In "THE MAZE," Lab scientists use a chip critical to Brain's plan and he must get through a virtual reality maze to get it back.
8 Feb. 1997
Brain of the Future
The Pinky and The Brain who live in the future travel back in time to give their present-dwelling counterparts a book on how to take over the world. The present pair travel to the future and find themselves in a world where cockroaches and are ruling the planet. After being captured, they escape to their capsule, which takes them safely back to the lab. But when Pinky leaves the book in the capsule, the craft vanishes, leaving the jet-lagged mice pondering how to take over the world yet again.
22 Feb. 1997
Brain creates an experimental clone. However, he finds out that his is not the only DNA present within the clone, some of Pinky's DNA contaminated the experiment.
17 May 1997
Hoop Schemes
Pinky and The Brain team with basketball coach Bobby Nacht and a crew of has-been TV actors to create the best squad in the NBA. With the aid of a mechanical arm and 3-foot-high shoes, The Brain soon achieves the kind of celebrity that he has always dreamed about. But just when The Brain is famous enough to contemplate taking over the world, his unchecked ego keeps him from achieving his lifelong goal.
8 Sep. 1997
Leave It to Beavers/Cinebrainia
The Brain enlists the help of beavers in his latest plan to take over the world by flooding it. In return for damming the water, the beavers want gum, boots and shiny things. The Brain makes his first attempt at flooding a city, but the city is well equipped for thwarting the disaster. When the beavers take the shiny remote control The Brain uses to communicate with, Pinky and The Brain are left powerless. Pinky and The Brain try to capture the adoration of the world by becoming movie stars. Their plan backfires when the world considers them comedic geniuses. ...
12 Sep. 1997
Brain Noir
In the 1940s, The Brain tries to acquire water rights to burgeoning Los Angeles...but someone is beating him to it.
13 Sep. 1997
Pinky & the Brain... And Larry/Where the Deer and the Mouselope Play
Pinky and The Brain's latest plans are hindered by the presence of their new, uninvited sidekick, Larry. In order to gain control of the steel industry, The Brain claims that he and Pinky are among the last of the nearly extinct Mousealope species, whose natural habitat is Pittsburgh.
15 Sep. 1997
Brain's Bogie/Say What, Earth?
The Brain, disguised as famous actress-singer Cher, enters a celebrity golf tournament in order to steal Chi Chi Rodriguez' putter, with which he intends to tattoo "Property of Brain" onto the Earth. But in a fit of competitive anger, The Brain breaks the putter across his knee, thus thwarting yet another plan to take over the world. When The Brain invents a machine that brings the Earth to life, the planet is so grateful that it grants The Brain his every wish. World leaders are forced to pledge their allegiance to The Brain or face the consequences of devastating ...
16 Sep. 1997
My Feldmans, My Friends
Pinky and The Brain are forced to befriend their eccentric neighbor, Sultana, in order to retrieve an important package that he has accepted on their behalf. Posing as Mr. and Mrs. Feldman, the two lab mice visit Sultana's home and slowly win his confidence. Pinky and The Brain's kindness only increase Sultana's feelings of loneliness, however. Sultana tries to end his life by climbing a radio tower in an electrical storm. The Brain, who is actually trying to save the entire planet from being electrocuted, inadvertently saves him. Sultana's promises of eternal ...
17 Sep. 1997
All You Need Is Narf/Pinky's Plan
In "All You Need is Narf" it is the 1960s and Pinky becomes a guru. Pinky unites a member of the most popular band of the day, a parody of the Beatles, to his true love causing the band to split up. In Pinky's plan, it is Brain's birthday and he realizes he is getting old so he takes the day off. Pinky plans on throwing Brain a party at "Chuncky Cheeses" with all the world leaders. Pinky's gift to Brain, the World, but Brain in his selfishness manages to screw it up.
18 Sep. 1997
This Old Mouse
When The Brain (series star MAURICE LaMARCHE) gets a glimpse into the future and sees that he will continue to fail, he realizes, after some soul searching, that he must change his destiny.
19 Sep. 1997
Brain Storm
The Brain develops a way to harness the energy of tornadoes in his latest bid to take over the world.
20 Sep. 1997
A Meticulous Analysis of History/Funny, You Don't Look Rhennish
While reading a book to learn from the mistakes of great leaders of the past, The Brain leads Pinky on a whirlwind tour of history in this musical cartoon. Included are profiles of Cleopatra, Caligula, Hannibal and Napoleon. To carry out The Brain's latest plan, he and Pinky go undercover among the Minnesota Rhennish, a strict rural community that eschews modern technology and buttons. Unfortunately, his scheme is interrupted by frequent barn construction.
22 Sep. 1997
The Pinky Protocol
After being stalked by a conspiracy theorist-filmmaker, Brain decides to take advantage of conspiracy theories by creating one about himself that claims the government is keeping Brain from stepping into power.
26 Sep. 1997
Mice Don't Dance/Brain Drained
In the 1930s, The Brain notes the popularity of tap dance and constructs a pair of steam-powered legs to send a subtle Morse code message of world domination. Bereft of ideas to take over the world, The Brain travels to Hollywood to get plots from screenwriters.
27 Sep. 1997
Brain Acres
The Brain and Pinky move to a rural farm, where The Brain plans to raise and train giant vegetables to take over the world.
29 Sep. 1997
Pinky and the Brainmaker/Calvin Brain
The Brain uses a dance to demonstrate the true poetic majesty of world domination in this musical interlude. The Brain becomes a fashion designer and Pinky becomes a supermodel to promote a mind-controlling fragrance.
4 Oct. 1997
Pinky Suavo/T.H.E.Y.
In a horrible lab mishap, Pinky becomes a really suave guy. The Brain and Pinky infiltrate a secret organization of world leaders, where they must endure humiliating initiation rites to succeed in their latest scheme.
10 Oct. 1997
The Real Life
In this spoof of MTV's show, "The Real World," The Brain must get along with a houseful of 20-year-olds to carry out his latest scheme.
11 Oct. 1997
Brain's Way
In the early 1960's, The Brain opens a resort in Las Vegas to finance a plan and poses as a singing star to draw patrons. In the process, he becomes an ultra-cool icon and the leader of the celebrated Mouse Pack.
19 Oct. 1997
A Pinky and the Brain Halloween
In a special Halloween episode, Pinky sells his soul so that The Brain can take over the world. The Brain challenges the devil to get Pinky's soul back.
1 Nov. 1997
Brainy Jack
Discovering that the best way to take over the world is through pacifism, Pinky and The Brain travel to the Southwest on horseback and create a colony to teach the world the value of peace, love and improvisation.
7 Nov. 1997
Leggo My Ego/Big in Japan
Brain tries to hypnotize Sigmund Freud, but Pinky accidentally leaves Brain's mirrored glasses behind. Then, Pinky and the Brain travel to Japan so Brain can become a sumo wrestler to obtain a rare Japanese fish as part of his latest plan.
8 Nov. 1997
But That's Not All, Folks!
The Brain launches his latest plan on a live infomercial in this real-time episode.
14 Nov. 1997
Operation: Sea Lion/You Said a Mouseful
The Brain concocts a legend about himself. This story is about how The Brain and Pinky first met.
15 Nov. 1997
The Tailor and the Mice/Bah, Wilderness
In this song segment, Pinky and The Brain are the pets of a crazy tailor. While the lab is closed for summer vacation, The Brain plans to travel to Camp Davey, the lodge for children of dignitaries who are visiting Camp David. Once there, his goal is to become crafts counselor and have the children make wooden pencil holders in which he will plant listening devices, enabling him to hear the conversations of global leaders and create a better plan to take over the world. But first, he and Pinky must ascend to the senior counselor position by eliminating all the other ...
22 Nov. 1997
Pinky at the Bat/Schpiel-Borg 2000
The mice join a baseball team so the Brain can release a special perfume on the pitcher's mound; a robot of Steven Spielberg is used in another plan to take over the world.

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