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9 Sep. 1995
Das Mouse
Brain steals a submarine in order to get ingredients for his plan. He ends up raising the Titanic. However his submarine is destroyed by the CIA.
10 Sep. 1995
Of Mouse and Man
Brain needs money for his latest plan, so he gets a job and stages an accident and sues the company for the money. However, he does not win his suit.
17 Sep. 1995
Tokyo Grows/That Smarts/Brainstem
In the first segment, Brain uses an enlarging ray to make himself and Pinky bigger. He dresses Pinky as Gollyzilla and has him terrorize the city with the plan to come in and save the city, however, he ends up fighting the Real Gollyzilla. In the second segment, Brain makes Pinky Smarter so he won't get in the way so much. In the final segment Brain sings a song to the tune of "Camptown Races" that goes over the different parts of the Brain.
1 Oct. 1995
Pinky & the Fog/Where No Mouse Has Gone Before/Cheese Roll Call
Brain attempts to take over the world by altering his voice and using the guise of "The Fog", after seeing "The Mist" do it on TV.
12 Nov. 1995
Pinky and The Brain establish a bogus country, "BRAINANIA," in order to receive aid from the United States.
19 Nov. 1995
TV or Not TV
The Brain decides he will take over the world by starring in a hit TV sitcom, but his dreams of fame and global dominance get shattered.
26 Nov. 1995
Napoleon Brainaparte
It's 19th century France and Brain is mistaken for Napoleon. He outlaws anyone beyond 4 inches tall from entering, but to his surprise, the real Napoleon still is allowed.
13 Dec. 1995
A Pinky & the Brain Christmas
The Brain designs a mesmerizing doll, Noodle Noggin, and plans to have Santa Claus deliver one to every house so he can make people do his every command through mind control.

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