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Season 2

7 Sep. 1996
It's Only a Paper World
"If you build it, they will come" could be the motto for The Brain's (series star MAURICE LaMARCHE) latest scheme for world domination.
14 Sep. 1996
Collect 'Em All/Pinkasso
In "COLLECT 'EM ALL," Brain uses Johannes Gutenberg's printing press to make up collectable trading cards. In "PINKASSO," Pinky becomes a famous modern artist.
28 Sep. 1996
Plan Brain from Outer Space
Pinky and Brain are chased by an alien that eats brains.
2 Nov. 1996
The Pink Candidate
Loved by the citizens of the country, Pinky runs for president with The Brain running as his vice president. The plan is working until The Brain's instruction book on world domination is stolen and he is impeached.
9 Nov. 1996
Brain's Song
Brain schemes to create a tearjerker movie that will be broadcasted to the entire world and the world's leaders will be so depressed they will relinquish power to him.
16 Nov. 1996
Welcome to the Jungle
Animal rights activist think Pink and the Brain are monkeys and release them into the jungle after taking them out of Acme Labs. The pair try to make it back home, but run into the Brain's old enemy Snowball.
23 Nov. 1996
A Little Off the Top/Megalomaniacs Anonymous
In "A LITTLE OFF THE TOP," Brain tries to discover the source of Samson's strength. In "MEGALOMANIACS ANONYMOUS," Brain joins a support group for those obsessed with the notion of taking over the world.
28 Dec. 1996
The Mummy/Robin Brain
In "THE MUMMY," Pinky and the Brain come face to face with a real mummy after they get sealed inside an Egyptian pyramid. In "ROBIN BRAIN," Brain hires men to steal from the rich and give to him.
1 Feb. 1997
Two Mice and a Baby/The Maze
In "TWO MICE AND A BABY," a spoof of the Superman story, Brain and Pinky care for a boy with special powers sent to Earth by his parents. In "THE MAZE," Lab scientists use a chip critical to Brain's plan and he must get through a virtual reality maze to get it back.
8 Feb. 1997
Brain of the Future
The Pinky and The Brain who live in the future travel back in time to give their present-dwelling counterparts a book on how to take over the world. The present pair travel to the future and find themselves in a world where cockroaches and are ruling the planet. After being captured, they escape to their capsule, which takes them safely back to the lab. But when Pinky leaves the book in the capsule, the craft vanishes, leaving the jet-lagged mice pondering how to take over the world yet again.
22 Feb. 1997
Brain creates an experimental clone. However, he finds out that his is not the only DNA present within the clone, some of Pinky's DNA contaminated the experiment.
17 May 1997
Hoop Schemes
Pinky and The Brain team with basketball coach Bobby Nacht and a crew of has-been TV actors to create the best squad in the NBA. With the aid of a mechanical arm and 3-foot-high shoes, The Brain soon achieves the kind of celebrity that he has always dreamed about. But just when The Brain is famous enough to contemplate taking over the world, his unchecked ego keeps him from achieving his lifelong goal.

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