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11 Jan. 1998
Money Shot
T.K. is offered cash to throw a basketball game.
18 Jan. 1998
Stand by Boo
Robert helps a dropout; Cece is promoted to a gifted class.
1 Feb. 1998
A Sister Scorned
Jerri's sister plots revenge on Wendell. T.K. is distracted.
8 Feb. 1998
Flaked Out
Rap star Usher pays a visit to Zaria's 17th birthday party.
15 Feb. 1998
Color Him Father
T.K. plans to skip the team's father-son banquet.
22 Feb. 1998
I Want My Z-TV
T.K. plans to skip the team's father-son banquet.
1 Mar. 1998
An Affair to Forget
Zaria becomes famous as the host of a teen talk show.
26 Apr. 1998
Hurricane Linda
Jerri's best friend visits and meddles in everyone's life.
3 May 1998
Here Comes Z Bride
Zaria and her boyfriend want to marry after dating a month.
17 May 1998
'Hood Sweet' Hood: Part 1
TK ponders violence after being assaulted in front of Nicholas. He gets a gun and threatens to shoot Stone, but Robert talks him out of it. Meanwhile Cece fights with Skylar over the affections of Jesse.

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