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18 Jan. 1995
Ring Around the Nosy
Michael and Zaria pretend to want a tattoo and a nose ring, hoping to con their parents into letting them get a car. Robert can't rid his mind of images conjured up by elderly Mrs. Wilcox's request for advice on sex.
25 Jan. 1995
The Rake, the Fake and Gopher Snake
Nicholas conceals the escape of his pet snake, leading Jerri to think she's killed it through neglect. Robert's efforts to break up Zaria's date with a shallow boy gets him in trouble with Jerri.
1 Feb. 1995
Pizza Man
Robert bets Michael he can work beside him at the pizza parlor, unaware the manager once flunked Robert's class. Zaria uses Nicholas as a diet incentive--each time she overeats, he gets a look at her diary.
8 Feb. 1995
Crappy Anniversary
Robert's plan to spring an anniversary surprise on Jerri fails when it is ruined by a surprise blizzard. Zaria forces deadbeat Nicholas to do humiliating household tasks.
15 Feb. 1995
Like Father, Like Hell
Michael's girlfriend makes a pass at Robert, but no one believes him until Jerri catches her in action.
22 Feb. 1995
The Paw That Rocks the Cradle
Robert tries to replace Nicholas' imaginary friend with a real dog without telling dog-hater Jerri.
1 Mar. 1995
IQ, UQ, We All Q
Robert and his family are having his famous colleague, Professor Houchins, over for dinner to celebrate the publication of Houchins' bestselling book on intelligence. However, fearing that the notoriously snobby Houchins might see him and his family as nonintellectuals, Robert gets everyone to pretend to be as smug, overtly smart and classy as possible. However, the real challenge is the dinner itself since it's Zaria's turn to cook.
15 Mar. 1995
Byte Me
Michael makes an Internet date on a sex line but is shocked by the real-world meeting.
22 Mar. 1995
Trial by Jerri
The family holds a trial to see if Michael and Zaria are responsible enough to throw a party.
29 Mar. 1995
Don't Be Alarmed
The family buys an alarm system after Nicholas' bike is stolen.
3 May 1995
Nice Guys Finish Last
Robert is crushed when Zaria decides to dump a boy he actually approved of and meddles in an effort to keep them together.
10 May 1995
The Bully Pulpit
Nicholas contends with a bully, bringing back memories for Robert.
17 May 1995
Trust a Move
Robert and Derek go undercover as hip-hop fans to follow Zaria to a gangsta rap concert.
6 Sep. 1995
Robert in the Hood
Robert takes Michael back to the hood to prove he hasn't forgotten his roots. Wendell's first day substitute teaching is a mess.
13 Sep. 1995
A Kiss Is Just a Kiss
Nicholas gets into trouble when he kisses a classmate. Michael tries to take advantage of a record exec's interest in Zaria to get his demo tape heard.
20 Sep. 1995
Don't Take My Wife, Please
Robert's jealous of Jerri's new study partner, a smart, funny, handsome erotic dancer.
27 Sep. 1995
Track Dreams
Zaria's grades start slipping and her parents discover she's been getting preferential treatment from her track coach.
4 Oct. 1995
Wendell and Muriel's Wedding
Wendell proposes to a woman he's known for one day and asks the Petersons to host the reception.
25 Oct. 1995
The Taxi Man
Nicholas thinks Halloween is going to be anything but a treat after he hears a local legend about a cab-driving ghost. Meanwhile, Michael tries come up with a brilliant way to scare Zaria.
8 Nov. 1995
Poppa Was a Rolling Stone
Robert is reunited with the father who ran out on him long ago, but resists making peace.
15 Nov. 1995
Welcome Back, Robert
Robert agrees to speak as a positive role model to Wendell's troubled class.
22 Nov. 1995
Not with My Daughter
Robert is happy to help a young former gang member until Zaria shows an interest in the reformed criminal.
29 Nov. 1995
Just Say Yes, No, or Maybe
Michael hears Robert's warning about sexual responsibility as an OK for sleeping with his girlfriend.
20 Dec. 1995
The Man Who Canceled Christmas
Disgusted with his offspring's greed, Robert cancels the holiday.

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