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I Loved This Show the way Woody Allen "Loufed" Annie Hall
XweAponX15 April 2012
I was excited when I saw that Kevin Sorbo was to be in a Series based on his "Hercules" character which had been the subject of several of those Universal "Action Pack" TV-Moovies. I loufed those too, I totally dug that Heracle's Dad was Anthony Quinn. And his wife was Tawny Kitaen.

But the Weekly Series could not include Quinn as Zeus, and they killed off Tawny Kitaen as Heracle's original wife Deianeira - Who according to the actual Myth of Hercules was killed by being sopped in a poison cloak by a Centaur... So Zeus, as he could change form often, could use several different actors to play him, and they did bring back Deianeira in several episodes where Hercules visited her in The Elysian Fields.

I set aside "Hercules Time" for myself each week - As this show was syndicated, at first that was difficult because they moved the show around a little bit at first. Eventually, they showed it at relatively the same time on relatively the same channel each week, so I was able to eventually build a continuity for watching this show.

And as the show itself ran, it built internal continuities for itself - And for Michael Hurst, Heracle's "Side Kick" Iaolus - And his Dad "Zeus" (Eventually played by Roy Dotrice for several Episodes)- and stepmother always in his "Hera" sometimes played by Meg Foster - And his Brother Iphicles, and Even later visits by Xena and Ares and Strife. And Sorbo's wife "The Golden Hind" (Played by Sorbo's Wife Sam Jenkins - They met while filming the Golden Hind Ep and got married, always thought that was cool)-I had a comfort with these characters.

The Locations, all in New Zealand, were majestic - Whenever there was some Fort or Castle or Village, I was always convinced of Antiquity. Which was amazing considering the sheer amount of deliberate anachronisms they used to use as gags in the episodes - Especially with Robert Trevor's "Used Toga Salesman" character Salmoneus. I just think about this stuff, and have to giggle, I was amused and entertained by this show for several long years.

Sorbo not only took us through Ancient Greece as if it were a walk through our own neighborhoods, but later in the series especially the last season, he actually visited several other Mythological Milieus - Asengard, Ireland, England, there were even visits by Angels from Christian Mythos. So Hercules basically visited not only all of the Grecian places that may have been associated with him, but also places in other Myths from other cultures.

Of course, "historically" none of this was ever meant to be "accurate" - It was just meant to be fun. If was fun to watch, as it must have been fun to make. The Spin-off series, "Xena Warrior Princess" turned out to be even more popular - When they changed her from a crook to a Heroine.

It took a while for the "Family" to develop, but most of the characters were beloved by the fans - Of which I was one.

This was Kevin Sorbo's signature role - He'll always be Hercules to me, even while being Captain Dylan Hunt in "Andromeda"

This show basically put Sam Raimi on the map of the world - And the Underworld - And all of the worlds Hercules visited. And producer Robert Tapert as well. From the moment these episodes started playing, until the end credits and the "Renniassance" logo - Suspiciously similar to Mel Gibson's "Icon" Logo- rolled, this series entranced and enthralled me for all the years it played.
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Ultimate Tongue-in-Cheek
soupin17 February 2012
You mean this show was produced by Sam Raimi? The same horror loving, cheese flaunting, camera angle loving, wire fu abusing, low budget utilizing, Bruce Campbell toting, Ted Raimi killing, Spiderman trilogy directing machine? Yes.

I have to admit, when I first saw this show I thought it was one of the worst shows I had ever seen. It was always on right before the show I would want to see and I would catch glimpses of the cheesy graphics, strange camera angles, insane dialogue, etc. and would laugh at how bad it was. However, the moment I discovered that Sam Raimi produced the show, it was an instant "OOOOH, so the show is SUPPOSED to be that way!" and I gave it a chance. The more I watched the show, the more I realized how amazing the show was. While the cheesy graphics were a result of the times and budget (keep in mind, though, that the same company who did the graphics in the show would go on to produce the award winning graphics for Lord of the Rings), Sam Raimi uses his trademark skills to make this show thoroughly entertaining.

The intentionally over-acted, pun-ridden dialogue, extensively choreographed action scenes, fun costumes, and crazy myth-based story lines make this show a delight, but I think it's the visible enjoyment of the main cast that makes this show really great. Everybody, from the reoccurring characters to the show's main stars are obviously having the time of their lives enjoying every single line and action sequence. It helps that the producers allowed the actors to adlib a lot of the dialogue and physical gags.

As for the show's cast, I couldn't imagine anyone better to play Hercules than 90's Television's straight lead man, Kevin Sorbo. Sure, he oftentimes just stands there with clothes that conveniently reveal his always sweaty muscular chest, but he fit the role to a T. He did a great job playing the almost sickeningly perfect half-mortal Hercules (something they joke about continuously in the series) and obviously enjoyed himself in the fight scenes. Other notable mentions include Bruce Campbell (of course) whose smarmy portrayal of the King of Thieves is priceless (he even directed a number of the best episodes of the show), Kevin Smith (no, not THAT Kevin Smith) who was priceless as Ares, God of War, reveling in over-the-top testosterone and much improvised humor, and Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite, God of Love, who played the part of a ditsy blonde perfectly.

However, probably THE most talented actor in the Hercules/Xena troupe was Michael Hurst, who portrayed Hercules short and peppy sidekick, Iolaus. In order to be noticed or successful as an actor here IN New Zealand, theater is still the primary form of entertainment. Well before Hercules, Hurst was already a renown New Zealand Shakespearean theater actor, director, producer, dancer, and singer, in addition to a championship fencer and acrobatic stage-fight choreographer. If I could choose anyone to compare this guy to, it'd be Britain's thespian Kenneth Branagh...if he could do gymnastics and was on speed. His energetic talent was so well known in the country that he was literally the first person to be cast in Hercules (BEFORE even Kevin Sorbo got the part as the lead). He stole the show with this energetic and over-the-top acting style for Iolaus and choreographed/performed most of the Hercules/Iolaus fight scenes and stunts. While he never really got a chance to exhibit his true acting prowress due to the light nature of the show, he came close with versatility. Presumably bored with his role, Raimi and the producers found every excuse in the book to allow Hurst to exercise his acting - by the time Hercules ended, he had played about 12 different characters in addition to Iolaus ranging anywhere from a drunken writer to a reoccurring woman dance instructor. There's no question that this show wouldn't have been as successful if Michael Hurst hadn't contributed his talent. I've always been kind of upset that Hurst will never be recognized outside our country (beyond "that short hyper blonde guy from Hercules") due to his extensive involvement with New Zealand theater - this guy could have easily gone on to do Broadway in the States or the Royal Shakespeare Company in Britain. However, I'm pleased to hear he still works on Sam Raimi projects when not doing plays, directing episodes for Legend of the Seeker and, more recently, Spartacus - both of which we get down here, yay! So, in sum, Sam Raimi is insane but incredibly brilliant for producing this show. I highly recommend it for those of you that "get" Raimi's unique direction or if you have any sense of humor whatsoever. It's extremely addictive. Do NOT take it seriously, or you will be disappointed - it's supposed to be campy. If you are a fan of anything Sam Raimi, entertaining fight sequences, Kevin Sorbo or Michael Hurst (if you happen to be from New Zealand), or enjoy watching actors have WAY too much fun for their own good, then this is a show for you.
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Still love this show!
just_another_manic_MOMday13 November 2016
Probably the best live-action Hercules that there will ever be. Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst make the best team, bar-none. I feel absolutely privileged to have watched the magic of Kevin and Michael come alive on my TV screen growing up. I love how the screenwriters explored different mythologies throughout the series, as well, such as Norse mythology and Celtic mythology--those explorations outside of Greek mythology really added something nice to the series overall. I still watch this show on Netflix--my husband and I just finished watching the entire series a couple months ago, and I started watching it again a couple of weeks ago. (Yeah, I love the show THAT MUCH!) I really don't think there will ever be another mythology- based show as good as 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys' ever again, seeing as how no one could ever duplicate the talent of Kevin and Michael.
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Seen in a new light
sapphire_dragon-115 November 2013
I watched this show along with Xena when I was a kid and I was always a bigger fan of Xena but watching the reruns now I have come to appreciate Hercules in whole new light. For one thing the show was a lot more cleverer than I remember, though maybe it's because I grew up and now understand the adult situations better. But I love how they took contemporary society issues and placed them in ancient Greece, and they treated the characters like as if they were a character set in modern times, makes them so easily relatable. Also I love it's sheer positivity. Today in most media our heroes are so jaded and as much as that darkness and complexity is fascinating it is a little demoralizing. Sorbo's Hercules in today's media is almost a breath of fresh air as a character who despite his own tragedies and what he has seen still believes in good and goes out of his ways to not compromise his values.

On a note about mythological accuracy. Most Greek Myths have alternate versions as it is so what would constitute an accurate portrayal? Not to mention that many Greek myths mirror Mesopotamia myths which in turn were practically rewritten by the Romans just replacing Greek names with Roman ones. If you ask me the writers of Hercules were honoring the spirit of mythology by rewriting myths to suit our own society.
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One of the best shows of the 90's...
dphin83135 April 2009
What a great show. I grew up watching shows like this. Shows that are campy, fun and meant to just be entertaining. Kevin Sorbo is a perfect choice for Hercules and Michael Hurst does a great job as Hercules little but tough friend. And there are plenty of babes in the episodes that kept me watching all those years and still keep me watching. It's sad that shows like this (Brisco County Jr. and Jack of all Trades)don't seem to have enough of a following. I hear that they are making a new Hercules movie and I know that Kevin Sorbo might be too old for the role but I hope he gets a part to play in the movie. Again what a great show and I enjoy watching it now as much as ever.
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Miss this show
QueenMakeda8415 March 2003
I'm glad Kevin Sorbo has moved on and has a baby, but I miss him as Hercules. I loved it almost as much as I loved Xena. I'm a great fan of Greek myth, so when I saw this show, I feel for it immediately. It was fun and had it's own spin on things with a modern humor which made it all the more lovable. Michael Hurst was a wonderful actor and was adorable as Iolaus. I loved most of the characters that popped up here and there. Should go down in tv history as groundbreaking.
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Fun Show
Daniela183 January 2007
I think that this show is great. I mean, the special effects are really nothing compared to what is being seen now, but we do see some of the earlier work of WETA, who went on to kick major butt in LOTR and KK. The acting was really good, these, to me, were compacted epic movies for free on t.v. The acting was good and it was always fun to see stunt men fly through the air and Hercules beating them down.

All I really have to say is, that the movies were great and the direction the show took was wonderful. Though sadly, slighted by it's cancellation at the end of 8 episodes in the 6th and final season. The show did lack some of the deeper elements found in "Xena: Warrior Princess", but I think it made a good contrast. All in all, watch the movies first, if you like them, watch the show and decide if you like it or not. To each their own and have fun, the show and the movies can be a great laugh.
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Best show of my childhood...NO, best show EVER!
abs-756577 September 2017
I just love this show--always have, always will. Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst are just phenomenal together. If you have never seen this series, I feel you are truly missing out. Not only is it great fun, but you can also watch how Hercules and Iolaus grow as characters/people throughout the series, which adds to the sincerity of the characters. A lot of people complain/have complained about the anachronisms and the mixing of historical timelines in this series, but they obviously have a stick up their bum. Firstly, this series never in any way stated that it was going to be 100% historically accurate. In fact, this series would be more accurately categorized as 'historical fiction'--historical fiction is a story that is based around allegedly true events, but with an artistic or creative interpretation or spin. At any rate, you shouldn't be taking this series so seriously that you can't have fun watching it. It's just great, period.
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My absolute favorite show
Staymetal839029 December 2007
I was 5 when this came out, and I loved it from the start. I bought all the merch, from shirts to the videos to Kull The Conquerer just because Kevin Sorbo was in it. He was my hero when I was younger, and I really miss this show with a passion. All the characters were great, it had humor, some of the stuff is quite corny now but compared to today's TV, this was absolute gold. Every time I see an actor like Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell or Kevin Sorbo (of course) I think of this masterpiece. I love Greek mythology and I thank this show for it. Sorbo isn't the best actor, but he fit that role so well, and I will always wish it back on TV.
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Good but inaccurate
SonicAndy31 January 2003
Hercules is a good show, with some interesting twists and turns, although it is hardly a correct re-telling of the Greek hero's life. The man himself was not the goody two-shoes portrayed by Sorbo, but was in fact a person wracked by personal problems and with a taste for bloody deeds, such as killing his entire family in rage, as well as smashing his music-teacher over the head with a lyre when he dared to criticize the would-be hero's lack of dexterity. Being a swede, the show that really stood out as another fine mess was the one with the Norse gods. Some enlightenment: The viking-age took place some 2000 years after Hercules had died. Odin is one-eyed, and he meets his end in Ragnarok. Thor's hammer (Mjollnir) has a shortened shaft due to Loki's interference. Loki is described as a dark-haired, beautiful man (with a devious mind). But since this is a fantasy - who cares ? The acting is mostly fine, with Iolaus as the most complex character of the two, giving the show some depth. And there are some great characters coming and going, such as the self-absorbed thief Autolocus, the money-loving Salmoneus, and Falafel the chef, for comic relief. The women portrayed are for the most part strong and independent, with a will and resourcefulness to match the men, especially Echidna, Aphrodite, and the no nonsense Amazon warriors. Its a pity though that they didn't put Athena in the script, since she is the embodiment of female ingenuity and power - it would have been fun to watch the ongoing feud between her and Ares, but as it is, Xena is a worthy successor to the part. On the whole, this is a very nicely produced series, which, although it isn't a history-lesson, should generate some interest in the original sources - and that is never a bad thing.
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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
lucy_lawless_fan19 June 2006
i must admit i didn't watch Hercules until Xena Warrior Princess finished in 2001, and Hercules was in re-runs, i was missing the Greek world gods, etc... so i thought i would give Hercules a chance and i'm glad to say i LOVED it wot a great show i was missing, i'm just myth ed i couldn't of supported it while it was on our television screens:( like Xena was it is filmed in GORGEOUS New Zealand Kevin Sorbo does a GREAT job of playing Hercules and the talented Michael Hurst plays his best buddy Iolaus great action,drama,comedy,banter between these 2 guys,i miss this show and there legendary journeys i brought all 6 series on DVD and the television movies on DVD to give it a chance i'm glad i did:)
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when fantasy, adventure and comedy collide!
monabassil21 November 2001
When fantasy, adventure and comedy collide, they make a great entertaining show that doesn't take itself too seriously. Add to that the stunning performance of the two leads, the beautiful scenery, the highly imaginative plots and the cleverly constructed titles...and you'll have your tasty brew!
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This is the story about a time long ago...
Angelus26 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was on the list for my weekend line up...Growing up I immersed myself with Hercules and the great adventures he had every week.

The show is based on the Greek tales about the son of Zues who is half mortal and grows up among the humans and vows to protect them from the Gods, most being his own relatives. I remember watching his while studying Greek history and the show offered some....Steamy, shall we say scenes...

Moving on. The show also had some great monsters every week that dazzled me and kept me on the edge of my seat. The action scenes were brilliantly done and Kevin Sorbo kept the audience in the grip of his palm as he challenged the evils that roamed through the highlands and villages...More importantly the opening sequence was a great build up to the episode....A brief history...Pure brilliance...
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Truly Epic Series!
night_wolf87315 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Hercules is one of those TV-series that are no longer made. Everything on TV now is a sad depiction of reality which we see everyday in our lives, and that's not what entertainment means to me. If you truly want to have fun, relax, and escape from daily pressures of life: watch Hercules LJ. That is not to say it's completely unrealistic, the characters are very much believable, except for some of the stunts they manage to pull off of course, and they are quiet comparable. The show is not 100% true to Greek Mythology, and it really works out well since something like that can't truly make it pass one season if true to the source material.

The show's heart and soul is of course Hercules himself, played by charming and all around nice guy, Kevin Sorbo. He really brings a lot of his own sweet personality to Hercules and makes him unique and believable in a sense that he is human (partly if you will). Also, this is by far the best depiction of Hercules, he is smarter and able to thoroughly assess the given situation. Than, there is Ioalus (did I spell that right?) Hercules' partner, the very human component of the show if Hercules wasn't enough for the audience. He brings to surface many issues which a normal human would face, of course they are conveyed in accordance with the theme of the series. Besides those two, there are other characters which truly illuminate the humorous side of the series such as Autolycus (King Of Thieves) and Salmoneus (A true Business man). Ares (god of war played by Kevin Smith) too would fit into that category of comedic characters but time to time there would be serious confrontations between him and Hercules.

The show had a really good start but there were moments that showed the series was doing poorly, such as the third season. But things started to look better in Season 5, which re-introduced some of the darker themes that made Hercules fun. My personal theory is that it's producers fault after Xena was born. Although Xena was a success for a spin-off character who got her own series, it is partly for blame for Hercules' downfall in my opinion. The quality took a major turn soon after Xena began, possible reason: Rob and Lucy's relationship. Of course if people involved with the series get into relationships, things start to favor those people regardless of intentions. So it might be that the producer Rob Tapert might have put a lot of effort into the series featuring Lucy Lawless, while Hercules got the lesser treatment. That's just me though, because there is no other explanation. If same people are involved in both series, how can one be worse than the other? Why not put same amount of effort into both? And the answer to that is what I said before, when cast and crew get into a relationship things might take a more favorable turn.

No offense to Xena fans but that's more plausible explanation than just that Hercules was a lesser show for no reason at all. But that doesn't mean I hate the character of Xena, except for her battle cry, she has always proved to be trustworthy ally for Hercules and her episodes within Hercules' series are always top-notch. And I personally think Xena is better female hero than Wonder-Woman.

The music by Lo Duca is truly epic, I can never get enough of the title theme. All in all, a great series. Highly recommended.
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Pure Saturday evening entertainment
sherofkings4 February 2020
Kevin Sorbo was the perfect man to play Hercules in this TV adaptation. Plenty of action, laughs, monsters and entertainment. It was something I looked forward too every Saturday. Why oh why have the movie company not released these episodes on DVD in the UK. It was a hit show.
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Chicken soup for the soul
McKealty19 September 2019
Setting onto the couch for an episode or two of this show will make all your troubles seem miles away.

Unpretentious and never taking itself too seriously, Hercules is fun from top to bottom, start to finish. But that doesn't mean the show is shallow or meaningless. It deals with all sorts of great topics like friendship, love, loss, growth and many other of life's concerns. But most of all it's about adventure.

However it isn't weighed down with cynicism and nihilism like many of today's shows are. It's got an uplifting and positive feel to it that can't help but put a smile on your face.
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All powerful show!
OllieSuave-0076 March 2017
As having an interest in Greek mythology, it was great seeing some of the Greek Gods come to life in this action-packed TV series, starring Kevin Sorbo as Hercules.

The New Zealand countryside setting is refreshing and the costumes are colorful and vibrantly done. The music score by Joseph LoDuca is very catchy and the acting is pretty spot-on, with a good mixture of humor and drama. The action scenes were choreographed well and the writing for each episode was appealing. I enjoyed how each Greek god was portrayed, from the strong and powerful Hercules to the sinister and cunning Aries, and from the sassy and beautiful Aphrodite to the mean-spirited Hera.

It's a treat seeing Hercules and sidekick Iolaus go on their many adventures in each episode, helping people and taking on monsters, warlords, gods and demigods. Great fun - one of the best shows of the 1990s.

Grade A-
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Fake, bad, campy, spectacular, hilarious, amazing
LumosX3 January 2014
You may think I'm contradicting myself in the summary up there, right by my eight-star rating. Maybe I am.

Truth be told this series is bad. The stories are screwed up beyond recognition, count Dracula sometimes appears, the sets, clothes and scenes depicted are full of so many factual errors that my head is willing to explode only by looking at them.

And that, as weird as it may be, is the best part of the show. Just so you know, I love watching bad films like Paul Ziller's plethora of B-grade apocalyptic films - I enjoy laughing my arse off while nothing on the screen makes sense.

I guess I get a similar feeling while watching Sorbo as Hercules with crocodile skin camo pants treading about in the Bronze Age helping Antigone(!) the warrior-princess(!!) avenge her brother(!!!) by murdering(!!!!) the evil (or simply constipated, judging by his looks) Creon by chucking explosive bombs and avoiding land mines(!!!!!)... I daresay that's enough exclamation marks.

However, this whole concoction of nonsense is hilarious at least. That's why it gets a solid eight stars from me.

P.S.: I like "Andromeda" more. ;)
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Chalk Full of Adventure, Mythology, Action, and Fun
reb-warrior20 March 2012
Hercules The Legendary Journeys was chalk full of adventure, mythology, and action. Lots of slapstick. Muscle bound Kevin Sorbo did a decent job of playing Hercules. Tho, he was mostly wooden in his acting. He was surrounded by great actors, Michael Hurst, Robert Trebor, Bruce Campbell, Kevin Smith, Alexander Tydings, just to name a few. Michael Hurst in particular brought a lot of fun and humour to the show.

Mostly different writers/producers from Xena, quantitative-wise. Xena never took away anything from it. If anything it added to it as a companion show. The complaints to this are usually from a few fans of a certain actor, and by this actor himself as an excuse to explain why Hercules wasn't more popular than Xena. As though saying: "There must be a reason. It can't be that Xena was simply liked better by more people." The ego can't handle that thought I suppose. The irony being that they are the ones that point out that Xena was better then Hercules more then anyone else. Always whining that Hercules was a "lesser" show because "Xena took away."

A half empty glass.........

Propping by dissing never works.

The two shows were very very different even though both take place in the mythological genre. While both may have common fans, it's only logical that each would also appeal to different masses of fans. One was simply going to do better. It only makes sense. There's no way these shows would perform equally. Look at the CSI's for example, they all have different respective ratings. Not equal performance.

I might add that Lucy Lawless was a huge factor. There is just something about her. Something special. Furthermore, where there have been countless male heroes on the screen there have been relatively very few female heroes. Thus adding a curiosity factor, an uniqueness, and just plain awesomeness of it all, which helped propel Xena to cult status. Not to mention that Xena is an absolutely wonderful show that has captured the hearts and imaginations of many.

Got off track. Sorry. Needless to say, I for one prefer my glass half full. I enjoyed watching this show. Although I found the Hercules character too good to be true. Mr Perfect! Not much depth where he was concerned. He was always right. He never made mistakes. Personally, I prefer shades of grey in my heroes. The stories were too simple. There were never any complex nor thought-provoking stories. It's great for little kids though, and shallow loving people. If you want to see a superior quality show, watch Xena Warrior Princess. 5/10
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Excellent show that suffered from lack of interest.
eqmidnite3 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Hercules was, and is, probably one of my top 10 favorite TV series of all time. The offbeat acting, the sly humor, and the gorgeous scenery all played well as a backdrop to the Americanized (some say bastardized) version of the Hercules myths.

Seasons 1 through 3 are fantastic. Seasons 4-6 steadily lost the flair that the previous seasons exuded, but they are not without charm. Friday nights at 8pm was the prime watching hour for Herc; unfortunately, the show lost this time slot and was delegated to mid-afternoon on Saturdays. It is readily apparent that the show's writers/producers knew that Hercules was destined to end and you can really see that with seasons 5 and 6. They introduce many more 'goofy' themes (the Nordic myths, the Irish druid myths, King Arthur, the odd "modern" episodes) in these seasons. It was around this time that Xena also got a bit odd with Xena killing the Gods and whatnot (and a sudden leap into the future with Gabrielle). But, for my money, you can't beat the Herc/Xena combo from 1995-1997/1998 (or so).
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graywolf763 March 2004
This is a pretty good show. Of course, I am a little prejudiced towards it, since Hercules was my boyhood hero. It is good, plenty of action and special effects, though sometimes a few episodes became somewhat childish. The acting is good all around, especially Kevin Sorbo, though he makes Hercules look more of a boy scout than he really was according to the myths.

I only have two other complaints. The first is the writers give Hera waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much power. I mean, I know she was queen of the gods, but she goes off and does all these things, conjuring and creating all these monsters constantly and doing other things. For example in one episode she turned Nemesis (the demigod the gods would send to execute their retribution) into a mortal. What? She can just do that without any consent from the other Olympians? Come on.

My other complaint is making Zeus look like a coward and a wimp. Good grief, they make it look like he's incapable of reigning in the other Olympians. He was their king, they all answered to him. In the myths, when Hercules needed help, Zeus would either give it himself or send another god to do so. But in the series he's reluctant to help Hercules, lest he anger the other gods. Hello, people? When Hera tried to usurp Zeus, he broke free and bound her with golden chains, held her up over a cliff, her in one hand and a thunderbolt in the other, ready to send her down to Tartarus. But in the series, Zeus makes Hercules a god because he can't face Hera alone. Ugh.

That's all the bad stuff. The rest of the series is good. Personally my favorite episodes are the ones where the late Kevin Smith guess stars as Ares, a role he fills quite well. It's also an interesting rivalry, I'm glad the writers thought of it. Hercules is the illegitimate son of Zeus, but he's a great hero, while Ares is the legitimate son of Zeus, but he's a scheming, treacherous warmonger. Ironic, no?

Anyway, overall it's good. And I hope SciFi will continue showing reruns for a long time.
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better than Xena
Freylekh7 June 1999
Xena has her moments. Sadly, the show is mired in telling similar stories over and over again. More than not, Xena gets into a big fight, worries about Gabriel, and espouses some platitudes about giving up fighting and finding her true path through life. Hercules has been very inventive about killing off loved characters and exposing a mostly lay audience to different myths. While his solutions to most dramatic situations seem trite from time to time, it is important to keep one thing in mind: the show is camp and it doesn't have any pretentions about being something it's not. Cartoony sounds are par for the course, if you ask me.
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It's a shame it became so childish
rcuppen792 November 2001
After five successful tv-movies it was just a matter of time before there would come a tv-show. And it didn't take long for that to happen. In 1995 the show aired in America and at December 8th the show aired in Germany (where it was of course dubbed in German, but it was a very good dubbing). I was a big fan of the five tv-movies so I expected that the tv-show would also be very good. In the beginning it was, but the longer the show ran, the more boring and childish it became. The tv-movies were made for people older than 16 years.The tv-show looked to be made for people younger than 16. The acting was not as good as in the tv-movies as well as the action sequences. In my opinion there has never been an episode that could match the tv-movies. And in my opinion that's a shame.
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