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13 Jan. 1997
The Lady and the Dragon
Cynea uses her beauty to lure men to fight the dragon Braxus for her, not knowing Braxus is serving Cynea's lover Adamis, and her next chosen champion is Iolaus.
20 Jan. 1997
Long Live the King
Iolaus' cousin King Orestes, who is trying to promote peace between the kingdoms, is in danger because of his naiveté, and Iolaus wants to protect him.
27 Jan. 1997
Hercules finds his family and other birthday party guests poisoned with a fatal drug that also induces violent phantasms, making them turn on each-other. To save them, Hercules's only hope is to help Callisto, Xena's evil arch-enemy, in exchange for the antidote, collect a panacea, apples from the tree of life, which grows in the hellish underworld Tartarus. Only there he discovers, once trapped, it was all another lethal ploy from Hera.
3 Feb. 1997
Part 1 of 3. Villager Hemnor recruits Hercules to save the last golden hind from Prince Nestor. When a young boy is critically injured in one of Nestor's traps, Serena appears and heals him, then disappears. Iolaus, meanwhile, is shot by the hind. Hercules hunts Serena to save Iolaus before it's too late. Ares traps Serena in a thorny hedge, from which Hercules frees her -- but the thorns have caught her blood.
10 Feb. 1997
When a Man Loves a Woman
Part 2 of 3. Hercules asks Serena to marry him. When Serena comes to tell him yes, a mortal touches her and she turns to the Golden Hind in front of all the villagers. Iolaus has a bad feeling about Hercules' proposed marriage and decides to leave town. Hercules goes to the Other Side to tell Deianeira he is getting remarried, and she does not take the news well. The gods decide that in order to marry, Hercules and Serena must become fully mortal.
17 Feb. 1997
Judgment Day
Part 3 of 3. Now mortal, Hercules is both jealous of Serena and touchy about his ability to protect her. He wakes up to find Serena dead. The townspeople are convinced Hercules killed Serena and he's not sure they are wrong. Hercules must evade capture while he tries to figure out who did kill Serena, with the help of an old friend.
24 Feb. 1997
The Lost City
Iolaus is trying to find his cousin who disappeared from her village; Moria is reporting his search for a Greek-era tabloid. They fall through a trap door in an abandoned temple and find themselves in a hippie-type commune run by Kamaros as the interpreter of their god, Lorel. Iolaus figures out that the community is kept happy by being fed drugs and tries to free them.
7 Apr. 1997
Les Contemptibles
France, 1789. An anonymous hero known as the Chartreuse Fox fights for revolution. Meanwhile, a noble woman, Lady Marie DeValle helps François Demarigny to teach two outlaw men using the example of the Greek hero Hercules. However, nothing is what it seems, and who's actually cheating whom?
14 Apr. 1997
Reign of Terror
King Augeus thinks he's Zeus, throws rocks painted with lightning bolts, and has rededicated Aphrodite's temple to Hera. Hercules wants to set the kingdom up to be well-ruled again.
21 Apr. 1997
The End of the Beginning
When Hercules visits kingdom Cyrenia, where he spent his short-cut honeymoon with golden hind Serena, thieves king Autolycus manages to steal Chronos's time crystal from the royal palace's museum. Failing to decipher the instructions, he causes a time warp with Hercules to when Ares and Strife killed all other hinds and worked on Serena. While Autolycus and his persona from the past meet and team up to steal the crystal again, Hercules also risks messing up history when interacting with Ares, who realizes what happens, with multiple consequences.
28 Apr. 1997
War Bride
When Princess Melissa is kidnapped on the eve of her wedding to Prince Gordius, Hercules must rescue her and prevent a war.
5 May 1997
A Rock and a Hard Place
Suspected murderer Cassus, running from Hercules and the townspeople, takes refuge in an abandoned mine and triggers a cave-in. Trapped and severely injured, Cassus tells several different versions of the murder, as Hercules tries to help Cassus admit the truth and reconcile with his son. Meanwhile, the villagers turn the wait for Cassus to die into a party.
12 May 1997
Cassandra, a resident of Atlantis, has dreams of it being destroyed and a mysterious man saving her. When she finds a shipwrecked Hercules on the beach, she recognizes him as the man from her dreams. Hercules convinces her to warn the other Atlanteans of impending disaster, but they refuse to believe her; Hercules is sent to be killed while the king tries to force Cassandra to tell him how Atlantis will be destroyed. Hercules escapes (of course), frees his captured shipmates, and hunts for Cassandra.
29 Sep. 1997
Beanstalks and Bad Eggs
Hercules promises a dying old woman to find out what happened to her mother, Lianna. After stealing a magic bean from a warlord with Autolycus' help -- well, participation, they climb the resulting beanstalk and find a castle in the clouds. A still-young Lianna is there, along with the cranky giant Typhoon (Typhon's brother), commanded by Hades to guard the last harpy eggs.
6 Oct. 1997
Hero's Heart
Iolaus' self-esteem is shattered when he is unable to save a woman. He leaves Hercules and lets himself be flattered into serving an evil warlord. But when Hercules faces the warlord's men, will Iolaus sink forever into evil, or will his hero's heart make him fight for right again?
13 Oct. 1997
Regrets... I've Had a Few
When Hercules begs an extra day of life for his friend Jaris before Celesta takes him to the Other Side, Jaris kills the town thug he hasn't been able to convict in court and Hercules must stop him before the accumulated evil of killing keeps him out of the Elysian Fields.
20 Oct. 1997
Web of Desire
Forced ashore in a storm, Hercules and Iolaus and the crew of the ship they were sailing on become prey of a giant arachnid.
27 Oct. 1997
Stranger in a Strange World
Iolaus is exchanged with another Iolaus from an alternate universe. Hercules tries to teach the clown-Iolaus to be a man while fighter-Iolaus tries to fight 'the Sovereign,' a tyrant who happens to look just like Hercules.
3 Nov. 1997
Two Men and a Baby
When Hercules and Iolaus find a baby floating in the river, now-mortal Nemesis is not far behind, and surprised Hercules with the news that this is his son Evander -- but where do Evander's powers come from and why is Ares hunting the baby?
10 Nov. 1997
Prodigal Sister
Thirteen years after a raid by a group of renegade Amazons blinded Ruun, killed his parents, and kidnapped his sister, he still wants to rescue her and kill all Amazons -- but she may have become one.
17 Nov. 1997
...And Fancy Free
In order to help a village girl, Althea, Hercules accepts to be her partner in a dance contest. They both attend the dance classes of a very extravagant teacher, the Widow Twanky.

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