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7 Jan. 1996
The Big Apple Can Bite Me
The ladies whisk Cybill off to New York for her birthday, leaving the guys alone with the babies.
14 Jan. 1996
Educating Zoey
Cybill and Ira attend career day at Zoey's school. Meanwhile, Maryann buys a pro-boxer.
4 Feb. 1996
Where's Zoey?
Zoey rebels by vanishing, sending Cybill and Maryann on a wild goose chase to find her. Meanwhile, Ira tries to pass off a prostitute as his new love interest, and Cybill stars in a corny superhero show.
11 Feb. 1996
Lowenstein's Lament
When Ira's book gets made into a film, Paula Abdul is cast and the story is drastically altered. Meanwhile, Zoey gets a job working in an art gallery.
18 Feb. 1996
A Who's Who for What's His Name
After Cybill fires her agent, he drops dead, so she reluctantly agrees to make his funeral arrangements. Meanwhile, Maryann attempts to seduce Ira.
25 Feb. 1996
Wedding Bell Blues
Cybill and Maryann decide to sabotage Dr. Dick's wedding to Cybill's nemesis, Andrea.
10 Mar. 1996
Romancing the Crone
Cybill opens up her home to an eccentric old Hollywood actress; Zoey discovers the guy she's been cyber-taunting is Kevin; Ira works as a garbage man to research his latest novel; Maryann schemes to destroy Dr. Dick's new marriage.
17 Mar. 1996
An Officer and a Thespian
Cybill steals a squad car and impersonates a cop. Meanwhile, Kevin hosts a party for his colleagues and Zoey tries to fix up Ira.
22 Apr. 1996
Virgin, Mother, Cheater
Convinced that Kevin is having an affair, Rachel contemplates cheating on him with her mechanic. Cybill and Maryann arrive at the motel in time to prevent a disastrous misunderstanding - Kevin is actually distracted by his failure to gain tenure - but discover Sean, Zoey's boyfriend, getting ice for the girl he's cheating with. Kevin and Rachel agree to work on saving their relationship; Zoey tells Sean to get out of her life.
29 Apr. 1996
When You're Hot, You're Hot
Cybill begins experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms. Meanwhile Ira's mother comes to visit and he soon realizes she's become a different person; and a horse wanders into Cybill's back yard.
6 May 1996
Pal Zoey
Following her breakup, Zoey bonds with Cybill. Meanwhile, Maryann tries to make Ira jealous by leading him to believe she's having a fling with Cybill's visiting redneck cousin Lyle.
13 May 1996
Three Women and a Dummy
Maryann and Ira have a disastrous first date; Zoey goes to prom with the most popular guy in school; Cybill hangs out with her favorite waiter.
20 May 1996
Going Out with a Bang
Cybill gets a job as a clown on The Major Milo Show and has to fend off the advances of the star. Meanwhile Zoey graduates, Rachel tries to relive her childhood and Maryann and Ira attempt to have sex.
16 Sep. 1996
Bringing Home the Bacon
Cybill steals a pig from her TV show. Meanwhile, Ira and Maryann have an awkward sexual encounter, Kevin loses his job and Zoey returns from Europe and announces she's moving out.
23 Sep. 1996
Venice or Bust
Cybill takes a sculpting class; Maryann and Ira realize they're incompatible, Zoey moves out; Rachel and Kevin move in.
30 Sep. 1996
Cybill and Maryann Go to Japan
On their trip to Japan, Cybill and Maryann liberate an oppressed Japanese woman. Meanwhile, Ira tries to get Sean and Zoey back together.
7 Oct. 1996
It's for You, Mrs. Lincoln
Cybill's debut as an understudy doesn't go off without a hitch. Meanwhile, Maryann and Ira have trouble being hospitable after their breakup; Kevin and Rachel continue to quarrel and Zoey's roommate moves out.
14 Oct. 1996
Cybill, Get Your Gun
After Cybill's home is burglarized she turns to Vicki Lawrence for self defense tips. Meanwhile, Maryann is a prime suspect when Dr. Dick goes missing; and Jeff drags Ira to an AA meeting to pick up women.
21 Oct. 1996
Cybill Does Diary
Stunned to see her own face transposed onto another actress' body for the cover of a porn video - The Last Picture Ho - Cybill marches off to complain to the distributor, only for her and Maryann to be challenged to produce their own erotic script within one week. Unfortunately, Ira e-mails the wrong file - and Zoey's memoir of losing her virginity in Italy nearly hits the screen.
4 Nov. 1996
Sex, Drugs and Catholicism
Ira asks Holly to marry him. Maryann revisits her Catholic upbringing. Cybill blows a fuse when Holly suggests Zoey should underplay her own intelligence rather than break up with the co-worker she's just started dating.
11 Nov. 1996
Going to Hell in a Limo: Part 1
Cybill gets cast on a new sci-fi show, but her smug costar plots to push her out of the picture. Meanwhile, Zoey hosts a bridal shower for Ira's fiancée.
18 Nov. 1996
Going to Hell in a Limo: Part 2
Cybill tries to find an angle when her costar fires the show's chauvinistic head writer. Meanwhile Zoey decides she doesn't want to be in Ira's wedding.
25 Nov. 1996
Buffalo Gals
Maryann goes to Buffalo for her high school reunion and discovers her son's been living with her parents.
9 Dec. 1996
A Hell of a Christmas
Cybill's mother comes for a visit and accuses her of favoring Zoey over Rachel.
16 Dec. 1996
The Little Drummer Girls
The ladies indulge in a full moon cleansing ritual. Meanwhile Ira discovers Sean cheated on Zoey.

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