The War (1994) Poster


Leon Sills: Leo Lipnicki


  • Arliss Lipnicki : Where'd you get all them ice creams from, anyhow?

    Billy Lipnicki : A big airplane just dropped 'em outta tha sky!

    Ebb Lipnicki : If you don't honest up, Billy, we're gonna scrub you down with lipstick so everyone thinks you got diaper rash, how 'bout it?

    Billy Lipnicki : Nuh-uh!

    Leo Lipnicki : Yes-huh! And after that, we're gonna shave your head bald as a witch's tit!

    Billy Lipnicki : I ain't gonna look like no witch's tit!

    Leo Lipnicki : Yes you will if you don't hurry up and tell us.

    Billy Lipnicki : Well you can cut off every hair on my head, but I ain't tellin' you ding-diddly-ding-diddly-ding-dang-dong!

  • Stu : Hey, why don't you leave him alone? Pick on somebody your own size. What's the matter, you guys afraid of a fair fight, one on one?

    Leo Lipnicki : Maybe you git a point. Ebb...

    Marsh : Stu... Stu... don't get yourself killed Stu.

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