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This, the debut feature from acclaimed TV director Danny Boyle, is the best British thriller for years, a chilling and claustrophobic heart-stopper centring on a moral dilemma destined to fuel many a dinner party conversation.
In his big-screen directing debut, British film maker Danny Boyle demonstrates wit, intelligence and economy of style.
Chicago Reader
This is a fairly accomplished first feature -perky, visually inventive, and unusually nast
Boyle, MacDonald, and Hodge honed this wonderful coupling of music, visuals, and clever words, as well as a strange affection for toy babies, in their first film.
Taken as a whole, Shallow Grave is a reasonably enjoyable (for those captivated by this sort of thing) black comedy/noir thriller that justifies at least a portion of the praise being heaped upon it from overseas.
Danny Boyle's glittering, deadpan, nihilistic little thriller.
Smart and unsentimental as it is, Shallow Grave is more than a little forbidding.
All of the materials are in place for a film that might have pleased Orwell. But somehow they never come together.
This pitch-black comedy is less lurid than its title, but director Danny Boyle ultimately fritters away his psychologically rich story in a horror-flick finale.
Washington Post
Boyle's characters, too, are young and fresh and promisingly rude - especially McGregor's Alex - but they become less and less interesting as the movie progresses.

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