Safe Passage (1994) Poster


Sam Shepard: Patrick



  • Patrick Singer : This is sort of the reason I left.

    Mag Singer : You left because I told you to leave.

    Patrick Singer : No... no, no, no, no. I left 'cause I figured if I was gonna be alone, I could do that by myself.

  • Mag Singer : Patrick, for 25 years you have been dunking your tea bag exactly 7 times and throwing it in the sink. Who do you think throws that tea bag in the garbage?

    Patrick Singer : Where's the garbage?

  • Izzy Singer : I think the blindness is an allergic reaction to the cat and all the tea you've been drinking... Dad, go with me on this, okay? The first day I got here you were blind. Did you drink any tea that morning?

    Patrick Singer : No.

    [Izzy takes his tea] 

    Patrick Singer : What is this? Gimme my tea!... Jesus!

    Izzy Singer : I saw Mom throw Lucy out and then minutes later, after you talked to Gideon, you're sight started coming back, remember? And yesterday, the cat was around and at first you were all right but then you drank tea and you looked at the paper and you went blind. Later you went upstairs to take a shower, which probably washed some of the dander off and you could see again. I was right there. Dad think about it - what's the first thing you do in the morning? You drink tea! And you drank a cup of tea last night right before you went to bed, do you remember? You said "I'm allergic to liquor and I should probably stick to tea. Then you spent the night with the cat and here you are!

    Patrick Singer : HAVE YOU LOST Your Mind? Huh?

    Izzy Singer : Did you even have ONE allergic blind attack when you were sleeping at your office? Your office without the cat?... Huh?

    Patrick Singer : I don't know. I don't know, maybe not.

    Darren Singer : Wow.

    Merle Singer : But if it's so simple, how come the doctors missed it?

    Izzy Singer : They missed it because it takes both components to trigger the reaction. Look, I must have read seven thousand articles about allergies this past year, all right? I probably know more about allergies than anyone else in the country and I'm tellin' ya -

    Patrick Singer : [cutting in]  An allergy expert!

    Izzy Singer : - I mean it could be totally bizarre! There was a case of guy who broke out in hives if he was around dogs but only if he ate tuna fish first!

    Patrick Singer : [cutting in]  Aha! Tuna fish! Tuna fish!

    Izzy Singer : Dad, people can be allergic to each other.

    Patrick Singer : That's for sure.

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