The Pagemaster (1994) Poster

Ed Begley Jr.: Alan Tyler



  • Alan Tyler : He's afraid of tuna-fish sandwiches.

    Claire Tyler : Mercury levels in the tuna-fish sandwiches.

  • [First lines during the opening scene] 

    Claire Tyler : [offscreen; in bed]  Alan, every ten-year-old is afraid of something.

    Alan Tyler : [offscreen; in bed]  The kid's afraid of tuna-fish sandwitches.

    Claire Tyler : Mercury levels in the tuna.

    Alan Tyler : Whatever.

    Claire Tyler : Alan, the world is a frightening place to him right now. I think we could be a little more supportive.

    Alan Tyler : Supportive? I'm the most supportive father on earth, but I'm running out of supportive things to do. I signed him up for Little League, he drove everybody crazy with statistics about how you can develop tumors from being hit in the head with a ball.

    Alan Tyler : [offscreen]  Did you know that shin splints can leadto blood clots in the legs?

    Alan Tyler : Claire, he brought in a medical journal. Nobody wanted to play after that. And now I'm building him a tree house, in a tree he refuses to climb.

    [while Alan says the last sentence above, Claire turns on a light and he looks at the treehouse on a dark and stormy night] 

    Claire Tyler : You know he hates heights.

    Alan Tyler : I don't know. I just want to be a good father.

    Claire Tyler : But you are a good father.

  • Richard Tyler : Can't argue with statistics, Dad.

    Alan Tyler : Statistics. Here's something you can do: go down to Gutman's Hardware Store, buy a pound of these.

    Richard Tyler : But, Dad...

    Alan Tyler : Son, you can't live your life based on statistics. You've gotta take some chances. Now come on, Buddy.

    Alan Tyler : [with a five-dollar-bill]  You can do this.

    [Alan gives money to Richard. His mother Claire releases him and joins her father in unison] 

    Richard Tyler : [Leaving his parents behind]  This is not good. Definately not good.

  • [At night, the Tyler's parent car arrives home] 

    Claire Tyler : [In car]  I can't imagine where he could be. Maybe we should call the police.

    Claire Tyler : [Gasps as the car parks in front of Richard's bicycle, lying down]  Alan!

    [the car stops] 

    Claire Tyler : [Gets out]  He's home!

    [Alan gets out] 

    Claire Tyler : Alan.

    Alan Tyler : [sees Richard in the treehouse]  It's impossible.

    [Alan goes up into the treehouse] 

    Alan Tyler : Rich?

    Claire Tyler : [Goes up into the treehouse and takes Richard's signature glasses]  We probably should put him in his bed.

    Alan Tyler : Let's let him bsleep up here tonight.

    [Claire goes down, as Alan uses the coat as a blanket for Richard] 

    Alan Tyler : [turning off a lantern]  Love you, Richie.

    [Alan goes down the treehouse. Alan & Claire goes inside the house] 

    Alan Tyler : Good night, son.

    [Alan closes the door, leaves, and the living room lightd turn off] 

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