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  • A story of life on a First Nations reserve in Ontario: Silas and Frank are trying to get into college to train to be mechanics but they find themselves having to deal with girls, family ... and murder.


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  • This Canadian drama based on a book by W.P. Kinsella, examines the tension between Native Canadians and Anglos in Canada from a Native perspective. Silas Crow, who lives on a Northern Ontario reserve, wants to take a mechanic's course in Toronto with his friend Frank Fencepost. But before he can enroll, the teen must write a short narrative describing his home. The film is a series of alternatively poignant vignettes from Crow's narrative. For anyone who has never lived within the boundaries of a Native Reservation anywhere in America, life on a Reservation is quite different from a regular town or city anywhere else, and this superb film will give you a glimpse into "the life". The teenagers deal with everything from relationships to trying to find their place in this world today; but when you are from a Native Reservation, fitting in is harder than you may think. Life on the Reservation is pretty much private among its members, and when one of their own marries a white lawyer, tension is felt - for the pain of having your girlfriend get married to a white man while you were away in prison. As if spending time in prison wasn't bad enough, rumours about your criminal life as a con circulate among the Reservation's members and about the girl who decides not to wait for you. After coming back, he's trying to decide which way to go in life, all the while dealing with his pain and frustrations in his new life outside the prison's walls. I don't want to say any more about this. It's a film that touches real life, no matter what culture you may be from. But one should watch this film to see what life is like, coming from a Native Canadian in contemporary society.

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