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nifabs22 June 2003
Agreed, the acting could have been a bit less melodramatic but the actresses concerned did a good job when they weren't looking like supermodels.

The trick about it was "they had to look good" and they did look good. Madeleine Stowe's "Cool Cody", Andie McDowell's Elegant Eileen, Mary Stuart Masterson's "Arch Anita", and Drew Barrymore's tomboyish "Li'l Lilly", were fetching and gave rise to Girl Power credence.

I couldn't take my eyes off Barrymore who had come a long since E.T. and her drug/alcohol fuelled periods of teen angst/pain.

The fight at the end in the corral blew me away, those girls proved they could outshoot anything on two legs!!!

There should be a sequel!!!

4 out of 5
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Cast off the shackles that bind women of the West
nguldner24 April 2006
Jonathan Kaplan's Bad Girls leaves an interesting taste in my mouth. It is an energetic and fun film, offset by its ridiculous characters and plot. The believability factor in this flick is low, which encourages its audience to view it as a swirling maelstrom of metaphor and symbol. Woman, as defined by the early 90's, can overcome any impediment and still be beautiful, no need to become manly (and lose her femininity) to assert herself. The Western genre serves as a perfect tableau for this discourse because it is one traditionally dominated by men. Likewise, the men in Bad Girls each represent an institution of American culture that is dominated by men and their mentality, conveniently dispatched by the bad girls.

Four whores raise hell by killing a Colonel and running out of town, complete with unnecessary slow motion of Drew Barrymore shouting "heeyah!" and the humiliation of every man who crosses their path. The military, traditional justice, and Christianity are trampled upon, left wondering how these motivated and hard working women could escape their clutches. The film from here takes some twists and turns, and several complete circles. In short, the whores chase a dream of establishing a home for themselves around a mill that Mary Stuart Masterson's late husbands owned, countering the murderous advances of men with their own sexual flaunting. Gunfights, smarmy dialogue, pseudo-lesbianic encounters, and female flesh fill the film to to a near bursting capacity, much like Barrymore's bosom.

It is not what I would call a smart film, however it does present itself as an interesting fable about the empowerment of women by women who remain women. I would liken Bad Girls to that of the Freudian dreams of those who struggle against "the man." I feel that it deserves to be seen at least once.
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Top Notch
Buddy-525 April 2005
Best expression of women in westerns I have seen so far. This eclipses the Sharon Stone film The Quick and the Dead. The latter film softens the lead character by making her survival depend wholly on the Russel Crowe character. In Bad Girls Madeline Stowe eats up the dust on the west and shows a no nonsense gunslinger that has been rare since the Man With No Name hit his stride with a trilogy of spaghetti westerns that made Clint Eastwood a universal star. I can hardly ignore the great cinema style and the substance of this movie that transcends the gender of it's hero. Make no mistake about it this is Stowe's movie to win or lose and she comes away having broke the bank at Monte Carlo. See it with open eyes if you like westerns. If you don't see something else as this will surely disappoint. It is a western all the way.
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If you are a female and a horse lover, then you will like this movie!
lillisam24 April 2004
I really liked this movie because I love horses and I like the actors in this movie. The storyline is simple and it is a great action chick flick. It has humor, adventure and a great overall girl bonding feel to it. It is the story of four friends who work in a parlor house who find themselves getting into trouble and having to go on the run. It is a story of the depth of friendship, strength, starting over, finding love and fighting back. Who said women can't kick some butt. A real feel good movie that is great to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I would recommend adding this movie to one's movie collection. This is one movie where women are the heroes of the movie.
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A fun, fast paced movie for all
RCRGreenberet11 November 2005
When I pick a movie to watch there are four elements that draw me to it. The cast, the story line, excitement and most of all I want the movie to be fun to watch. Bad Girls incorporates all four of these elements. The story centers on four former saloon prostitutes who are on the run after one of them shoots and kills a prominent citizen of Echo City. The four girls, Cody Zamora played by Madeleine Stowe, Anita Crown, played by Mary Stewart Masterson, Eileen Spencer played by Andie MacDowell and Lilly Laronette played by Drew Barrymore are great together. The story line may not be totally accurate from a historical standpoint but the action and acting are good and more than make up for whatever may be wrong. For me the story was more about the relationship that existed between the four girls without going over the line and making it sexual. For me, Bad Girls was a winner.
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Silly but cute...
Cyk29 April 1999
This movie is pretty silly. The plot is laughably obvious, although there is a bit of interest at the end. It's cute though because the female outlaws are so perky. The leading ladies are ex-prostitutes who want to run their own ranch. One of them has a deed to some land, but en route to where they're going, they get involved accidentally with a robbery. The plot gets more unbelievable from there. This is a good movie if you're looking for a grin. Don't expect high action or compelling drama.
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Great Movie
davidjanuzbrown21 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It is strange how many people dislike this movie. It is a Western Classic that has a lot to offer. Great scenery and the ability to look at Lilly ( Drew Barrymore), Cody ( Madeleine Stowe) and Eileen ( Andie MacDowell); Mary Stuart Masterson ( Anita) was never much to look at. They are four prostitutes who have plenty of misadventures in the Old West. Three of the four suffer on screen physical abuse( only Eileen doesn't), and are accused of crimes they did not commit ( Cody killed in Self defense saving Anita from abuse), and allot them accused of a bank robbery they did not do. The men in this movie do not look very good: They were all criminals and ( or) fake, except William ( James LeGros) who is the naive good guy rancher who is dismissed by everyone in the movie except Eileen. The two main characters are Cody, a former outlaw who ran with Kid Jarrett a really nasty outlaw, and Eileen who was a ranchers daughter. Those two were the nicest of the Bad Girls. Lilly. ( a former rodeo star) was mean, Anita ( a pioneer woman ) was hard, while Cody ( although a former outlaw) was the leader who cared about the girls and about a man named Josh McCoy who was spoilers ahead; Murdered by Kid Jarrett. Eileen was actually a good girl gone wrong. One of the most interesting lines of the movie happened between Eileen and Lilly when they went to William's Ranch and Eileen said "My daddy said it was not the railroad but barbed wire that tamed the ranch." Lilly said "You knows lot about Grub Ranches for someone from New Orleans." She told her " I grew up on a ranch not much different then this before the bank took it away." She then said to herself "It has possibilities." Spoilers: At the end all of the girls are going to go to the Klindike to dig for gold ( Cody had Josh's claim), but Eileen did not want to go. She was happy that William offered her the opportunity to share this place with him. She told him the truth about her but said "It's all I the past." And said all I ever wanted was to get off of this diary pile ( the ranch) and all I got was a few fancy dresses and a broken heart. He said I have this land I got no money but I swear I will never break your heart. Since the girls were able to recover the money from the bank robbery Eileen and William will get the reward and will be okay. It is interesting that the other girls would rather go dig for gold then remain behind and be heroes. Everyone in this movie really pays a severe price for their actions except Eileen ( who is lucky to have a man like William who takes ( and loves her) for who she is). 10/10 Stars
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Gunslingerettes line up for the atrocity exhibition.
Spikeopath11 November 2010
Bad Girls is directed by Jonathan Kaplan from a screenplay by Ken Friedman and Yolande Turner. It stars Madeleine Stowe, Mary Stuart Masterson, Andie MacDowell and Drew Barrymore. The plot sees the four girl actors playing prostitutes on the run following a justifiable homicide and a hanging escape. Suffice to say that they get into scrapes & double crosses whilst being pursued by the Pinkerton's.

Being asked to suspend disbelief is one thing, being force fed drivel masquerading as pro-feminism is entirely another. Bad Girls is a mess of a movie, an insult to the Western genre, the fans of the lady actors, to the lady actors themselves; who simply deserve much much better and arguably worst of all; to women in general. The script is laughable, serving only as an excuse for the gals to sling those guns and hips when possible, and be abused and saved by "men", while the plotting is by the numbers as everything falls into place readily. There's even slow-mo shots where they serve no purpose of enhancement. Throw into the mix that three of ladies look nothing like on the run outlaws, all shine and span and make up with nice hair (Masterson the exception as she has a modicum of believability about her), well it's rather a depressing experience all told. Sure, as a red blooded guy I'm not going to be turned off by Barrymore's shapely thighs adorned in white stockings, or Stowe's truly gorgeous face, but when the highlights of a "girl" Western is something that's only aesthetically sexy for men, then they clearly have got it wrong.

So what's the justification for it being so bad? Well the back story offers up the answer. Film was meant to be directed by a woman, Tamra Davis (erm-Billy Madison & Crossroads), but she was jettisoned a couple of weeks into production. The plan with Davis at the helm was for it to be a Western told from a female point of view. However, Kaplan (The Accused/Unlawful Entry) was brought in quickly and the screenplay rewritten in a hurry. And boy does it show. Technically it's a duffer too, Jerry Goldsmith's score is cheap in texture and Jane Kurson's editing is choppy to say the least. There's no eye catching cinematography (Ralf D. Bode), while the acting away from the script hindered girls (ie: the men), is either a waste of time them being in it (Nick Chinlund) or badly directed (James Russo). While Dermot Mulroney seems only to exist as being a link to Young Guns; the "boy" version that this is clearly trying to ride the coat tails in on. If you want a good Western about the girls fighting the good fight then seek out George Marshall's 1957 film The Guns Of Fort Petticoat. It's a fun movie that at least has believable women fighting back under duress. Bad Girls, tho, is just bad in every department. 2/10
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Bad Girls Do...
bard-328 February 2009
....have more fun. Bad Girls is about four "soiled doves," Cody Zamora, (Madeline Stowe,) Anita Crown, (Mary Stuart Masterson,) Eileen Spenser, (Andie McDowell,) and Lily Laronette, (Drew Barrymore. Anita's abused by a client, and her friends promptly shoot him. Cody's almost lynched but they make good their escape, and meet up with Josh, a prospector on his way to Oregon to stake his claim. Meanwhile, the Pinkertons, in the form of detectives O'Brady, and Graves, are hired by Colonel Clayborne's widow to find them because she has a very low opinion of the law in the town. Cody, Anita, Eileen, and Lily, are in another town, where Cody tries to withdraw her money from the bank. Kid Jarret, an outlaw, and his gang, rob the bank, taking Cody's money, which totals over $12,000. Cody goes after Kid and finds his hideout. She meets Kid's father, who stole Josh's father's claim, and whom Josh wants did. Cody's beaten by Kid, and brought back to town. Will, a poor rancher, is deputized, by the town marshal, and is taken in by Eileen, who was left behind by Cody, Anita, and Lily, when she couldn't mount her horse. Lily's taken by Kid and held hostage. Kid plans to steal a shipment of Army rifles, and a Gatling gun. Anita, who's a widow, has a homesteading claim in Oregon, but can't make good on it because her husband's dead. Kid wants to have Lily as the gang's personal whore. Kid and his gang steal the shipment of Army rifles, and the Gatling gun, and Cody, Anita, and Eileen, steal the Army rifles and Gatling gun, from Kid and his gang. They also take Kid's father, whom they plan to trade for Lily. Josh kills Kid's father and they go to Kid's hideout to rescue Lily. Cody, Anita, and Eileen, rescue Lily and shoot up Kid's hideout. Kid's out of ammunition so Cody takes a bullet from her Winchester rifle, gives it to him, and tells him to shoot and die like a man. OUCH! THAT WAS COLD! I've always wanted to say this so here goes, Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Eileen helps Will pitch hay to his stock, and confesses to him that she's not from New Orleans. Her father was a dirt rancher from East Texas and she wanted to marry a rich man but all she ended up with was a broken heart. Cody gives Will some of her money so he can pay the mortgage on the ranch. Then Cody, Anita, and Lily, head for the Klondike. In Oklahoma, Graves asks a homesteader if he's seen her, and he says no. She's probably far away by now. This, as she and her two friends, are riding north. A good movie.
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Four amazing women
fiona200623 August 2001
Every time I watch Bad Girls it's like the first time, that's what I like of a movie and that's what this one has. Four amazing women interpret to another four amazing women, that show in the screen that toughness mixed with softness that most of the members of the so called weak sex have. I think women are very good represented for these experimented actresses that give to their roles what they need and the audience expect, credibility.

Madeleine Stowe, always dignified, plays Cody Zamora in an amazing way but never diminish her fellows because they shine on their own.

Even when this movie is not one of the most seen ones, I have to say that it is one of the films you must see, dialogues to die and will be in my memory for ever, beautiful landscapes and great performances.

The film is very fast, but with content, what makes it not boring and makes you be willing to see it to the end.
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Sexy western!!
elo-equipamentos16 January 2018
This silly story of four sexy hookers on western take a ride in "the Quick and the Dead" which had more best reviews,Bad Girls use a sexual oriented direction,but not too seriously,surviving on this sexploitation kind,one best scenes when Drew Barrymore as Lilly try seduce the Deputy to distract him to your mates have enough time to set free Eileen from the scene of the picture,the bad guy played by James Russo is a crap with all gang members,anyway the movie summarize on sexual appeal from the four bad girls!!


First watch: 1996 / How many: 2 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 6.25
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jifs3212 April 2004
I thought it was great and i thought Drew looked awsome. Maybe you needed to see the movie from a womens point of view. Although most people who are critical like movies i think suck, like American Beauty, I thought that was the dumbest movie i've ever seen. I will not say all of drew's films are great i was not overly impressed with poison ivy but it was ok. Also from the looks of the list on the other page there are a few of drew's movies i haven't seen. But this one is AWSOME wheather you think so or not.
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Opportunistic, meretricious, girl-power nonsense
midfieldgeneral15 July 2003
A girl-power western for the MTV generation, Bad Girls blatantly rehashes plot elements from The Wild Bunch and Unforgiven but lacks the depth of characterisation, the moral seriousness and the real feeling for the Western's history that made those films such outstanding examples of the genre. Director Kaplan seems to think he's pulling off some revisionist coup by putting women in the central roles, but he offers only lame stereotypes which combine the hoariest of old Western cliches (they're prostitutes!) with the emptiest of post-feminist attitude-striking (they're the Spice Girls on horseback!). The real offence of the film, though, is its opportunism and dishonesty. These foxy chicks are ostensibly rebelling against the oppression of women, specifically their objectification as sexual objects. But as they kick ass Buffy- or Xena-style, the camera lingers on thier hot bods as it would in any soft porn exploitation flick. There's even a lesbian subtext to titillate the most jaded of gentlemen's palates. What purports to be some kind of feminist fable in fact has the sexual politics of your average issue of Loaded magazine. Better seek out the surreal Freudian poetry of Nicholas Ray's Johnny Guitar (1954) or the down and dirty realism of Maggie Greenwald's The Ballad of Little Jo (1993) for Westerns that have something substantial to say about sex and gender.
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Seen worse by far.
Stoli_Raz_N_730 January 2005
Bad Girls was a Young Guns wannabe with women. The actresses gave fair performances with the roles they were given, though those roles were clichéd and one-dimensional. The film was meant to show the struggles and hardships of women in the old west, yet the film failed on many levels. Rather than turning the women into gunslingers, they should've played more on the Thelma-and-Louise-of-the-old-west routine. What was worse was the whole "we don't need you men, but we love you" attitude. Overall, it could have been better, but then again, it could've been worse. It could've been "Catwoman in the Old West". As crappy as it was, they should've had some T&A in the film, just for redeeming value. It would've made the show more watchable, at least. Feminists probably loved the film. At least it has a niche audience.
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You have already seen it.
rmax30482331 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Madeleine Stowe, as Cody Zamora, is a hooker who shoots a man in self defense. Being what she is, that is to say, not being Mother Teresa, she doesn't generate much sympathy in this rough-riding town and the good citizens decide to hang her. "Get on with it," she tells them with Promethean contempt. They're about to do just that when three other young women of dubious repute rescue her at the last minute and ride off. In pursuit are a variety of justice seekers, including Pinkertons and other law types, one or two of them, such as Dermot Mulroney and James LeGros aren't too bad. On the trail they run into the Jarrett Gang. Some of the bad girls, and some of the pursuers as well, carry baggage with them related to the Jarrett Gang. There is a violent shoot out.

Now, we must note here that the writers weren't reaching too far for original character names. The leader of the girls is Cody Zamora, whereas the leader of the Gang is Kid Jarrett. I'd be surprised if the writers hadn't seen James Cagney in "White Heat" as a gang leader named Cody Jarrett. At least there were no Wades or Coles or Lukes or Matts, although there was a bad guy named Yuma, which is pretty bad.

In fact, though, all four of the bad girls could as easily have been men, or more easily. They WOULD have been men back in the 1950s or 1960s. But then I suppose the Jarrett Gang wouldn't have had an opportunity to treat Drew Barrymore to a lesson in Tough Love. At that, though, this is a BIG improvement over "Westward the Women," with Robert Taylor as a sadistic wagonmaster hired to cart a caravan of would-be wives out to a female-starved Western outpost. Taylor consistently treats his wards like dirt and actually whips some of them when they don't work hard enough.

There's nothing original here except the gender of the four leads. There is some suggested nudity but no simulated sex or anything else to pique one's interest. They just seem to have rounded up four popular actresses and thrown them into a well-worn dusty rut. The climactic gunplay is lifted straight out of "The Wild Bunch", as are a couple of slow-motion gunshots. No reason for it, except that it had been done before.

I thank the whole tenor of the pitcher is captured when there is a scene of them four hoorah gals a-settin' around the camp fire and a-havin' a peaceful chat. All four of them is exquisitely dressed and unimpeachably groomed with modern hair styles and make up in full panoply. Not a hair out of place, y'know? But the make up department has very carefully brushed a comely taupe area on one cheek or a smear of raw sienna across some otherwise impeccable forehead. That's dust and dirt from the road. They been on the trail fer quite a spell. And they talk like they just graduated from Wellesley. (That's this here classy college back East, kids.) Not a single "g" is dropped at the end of a word like "nothing," or -- as we rawboned cowboys like to call it -- "NUTHIN." How can writers and directors be so careless, so contemptuous of viewers? Or maybe I'm mistaken. Maybe they have a different audience in mind. But if so, what is it?
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Nothing special
80710 August 2009
When the prostitute Cody Zamora (Madeleine Stowe) shoots a military man in self defense and is about to be hanged, she is rescued by her three companions (Masterson, Barrymore, MacDowell). They want to leave for Oregon, but are pursued by Pinkerton agents and their paths cross with Kid Jarrett, the local thug, and his mob.

The movie itself is pretty fine; the problem is that it appeared too late. After such landmarks as "Unforgiven", or even "Dances With Wolves" - not to mention the classic antiwesterns of the 1960s and 1970s - a western which is nothing more but a pure entertainment appears somewhat empty and unfocused. Also, it is somewhat underwritten: the good chicks are individualised, clean and smart, the bad guys are a mass of dirty, drunken, constanly sinisterly laughing, idiotically-behaving, stereotypical villains. In the 90s? please! The movie could have worked as a tribute to classic old westerns, but what worked fine in the case of "Silverado" is here neglected - sadly, because this would significantly improve the picture. All in all, not a bad movie - just nothing new and original. 5/10
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More than merely Hollywood production line pap
AnusPresley13 October 2006
This film could easily be dismissed (deservedly) as yet another McMovie off the assembly line, but for one thing - it appears to be a really lame homage (as opposed to blatant rip off) to the mother of all westerns, _The Wild Bunch_ ( The opening features a Temperance Union march and the ending with a (lame and bloodless) shootout, complete with gattling gun - from which the heroines walk away unscathed and without a hair out of place. Everything in between is peppered with stuff lifted from _Wild Bunch_ - bandits robbing a US army arms shipment to sell in Mexico most prominent, and the lead up to the finale of the 4 gals on horseback riding into bandido town to rescue a compatriate is a carbon copy. Even chunks of dialog are lifted - "Well why dontcha all kiss my sister's black cat's ass"...

This is more than simply bad - its insulting. Peckinpah must be spinning in his grave.
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Wretched post-feminist western
JohnSeal21 April 2000
It's a tough choice: who's the worst empowered ex-prostitute in this movie? I had to settle on Drew Barrymore, who looks (and acts) totally out of place in the Old West. Consign this one to the dumpster and watch Johnny Guitar instead.
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Rubbish plot, Poor Script and REALLY Bad Acting
Sheamus-228 January 2000
The plot of this film is simple. Some prostitutes get blamed for killing a man in self defence, and the town wants to string em up. So the girls escape and go on a rampage.

I don't know what happens next, because the opening 30 minutes was so bad that i switched off my video and watched the news instead (Thats REALLY bad!!!).

With the cast, the films should have been able to be carried on their star qualities alone... if the main players had chosen to attempt to act the film. But they didn't...

Suffice to say, in a recent poll for the worst film of all time, I voted for Bad Girls.
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Beautiful film that leaves you feeling nostalgic-not advised for emotionally low IQ males.Thanks
mikewilson762-441-87136528 February 2014
Beautifully underrated film. Maybe that's a good thing, keeps it a hidden gem. This film portrays rich sensitivity and human relations told through the story of woman as protagonists who have gone' bad'. You really feel for the main characters and want them to succeed. The men play as side lines to the women but the 2 male characters are portrayed as sensitive and caring even though they are masculine and rugged.

The actors and actresses are beautiful to look at, aesthetically pleasing to the eye especially the guy who plays Josh and drew Barrymore. The acting is excellent and believable. The characters make you cry and really connect with them. A true test of good quality acting. It made me cry in the end and left me feeling nostalgic. The cinematography is stunning too and the sound track matches the films emotional tone. It's amazing how great films get underrated and poorly rated, yet mind numbingly stupid violent films for the sake of violence and sex, get very highly rated on IMDb and elsewhere. Similar to the trash churned out in the music industry that gets all the air play, but the quality artists get pushed to the back. That's fine, it leaves them for the highly intelligent and highly evolved humans to enjoy like rare fruits.
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real good western like movie. Drew couldn't be cuter
zombie-2228 March 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Cool western that tells about 4 women who are best friends on the run after one of them kills the sherriff. They had plans to start a sawmill in Oregon which go bad but everything ends happily. Drew Barrymore was excellent and smoking!!
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fun entertainment...beautiful ladies
wyatte-18 October 2005
I think I could have enjoyed Bad Girls a little better if I felt that ladies, particularly in the west were pathetic, helpless victims of the boorish, stupid, chauvinistic men.

Oh well, I really enjoyed the fairly realistic town scenes and particularly the talent of the ladies....

Drew Barrymore was quite fetching if not (like the rest of the movie).. even remotely....believable.

I'd watch these ladies do just about anything....but riding horses, shooting guns, in bawdy western wear, corsets.... was pure entertainment "on the hoof".

The gritty lines were as good as I've ever heard...even the old widow of the dead officer whore monger...."bag of manure"...good stuff.

Beautiful scenery....human AND location.
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Start with a ridiculous premise, add a cliché-ridden script and bad acting,
Captain_Augustus_McCrae19 January 2008
And you will end up with this nonsensical mish-mash excuse for a film. Individually, I like the actresses who portray the "Bad Girls", but they are totally wasted in this steaming pile of horse $**t. The concept of making a western that expands and amplifies the contributions of women in the Old West has merit, but this kind of "girl-power" fantasy is a disservice to that concept. "Sarah, Plain and Tall", "Thousand Pieces of Gold" or even the classic "Stagecoach" (1939 version) take that concept and run with it, but this so-called movie instead erects a totally fictitious framework of... empowering prostitutes(?) to try and make some kind of bogus feminist point (whoring for success, I guess). Avoid this film. There are better films for those who like eye candy, better feminist/oppressive men movies (try "Thelma and Louise), and Heaven knows, better Westerns. I liked "The Daughters of Joshua Cabe" a hundred times more than this road muffin.
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Andie kicks ass!!!!!
jeff-8914 October 1998
The reason why this movie is great is because it shows that girls can kick ass!! Andie was fine as the southern lady. Drew was great as the trick rider. This movie also has a good soundtrack!! My favorite scene is where the girls attack kid jarrett at the end! If you have not seen it rent it!
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Not so much Wild West as rather genteel
neil-47612 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is actually a fairly handsomely mounted and rather traditional western, if it wasn't for the unrelenting glamorousness of the protagonists. Even when they are dirty, you get the impression that it's designer dirt.

But that's OK, because the glam factor is one of the things which sells this western.

It sure isn't the story, because there are few surprises (although, to be fair, there are a couple of moments which aren't entirely expected).

The confusing thing is that the movie is resolutely feminist, yet trades on the very un-feminist element of hot chicks. I suppose this enables it to appeal to two apparently contradictory demographics.

The movie is a romp, which makes it a touch puzzling that Madelyn Stowe plays it very straight and serious.

But, taking everything into consideration, it is entertaining, undemanding, and easy on the eyes.
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