Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) Poster

Udo Kier: Ron Camp


  • Ronald Camp : Who is he, a friend?

    Melissa : No, this is my date. He's a lawyer.

    Ronald Camp : Well, does he have a name, or should I call him "lawyer?"

    Melissa : No, this is Ace... um, Tom Ace.

    Ace Ventura : Tom Ace. Pleasure to meet you Sir and may I congradulate you on all your success... you smell TEREFFIC! I was just telling Melissa that one of the first things we learned back at... Stanford Law... was the modern proliferation of food poisoning claims against wealthy, private homeowners. In fact, if one were so inclined, one could make quite a lucrative law practice on little else. How is everyone feeling tonight?

    Ronald Camp : [nervously]  Very, very well, thank you.

  • Ronald Camp : I'll have the plumbing checked immediately, Mr. Ace.

    Ace Ventura : See that you do. If I'd been drinking out of the toilet, I might've been killed.

  • Ronald Camp : [Ace emerges soaking wet]  I'm so Sorry Mr. Ace, I'll have the plumbing checked immediately.

    Ace Ventura : Well I hope so, had I been drinking out of the toilet, I might have been killed.

  • Ace Ventura : Excuse me, Ron, I need to use the bathroom.

    [whispering loudly] 

    Ace Ventura : I think it's the pâté.

    Ronald Camp : Sure, right over there.

    Ace Ventura : Thanks! Stuff probably looks better on the way out, huh?

  • Ronald Camp : [about his fish collection]  They're wonderful, aren't they?

    Melissa : Yes, they certainly are.

    Ronald Camp : No matter what's going on in my life, I can always watch them swim and be totally at peace.

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