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Cmon now
helll_razor28 September 2001
Stop the haterade...I understand that view point now(considering that you are older and chances are you don't watch silly stuff). But back in 94 as a young child or as a devout wrestling/Hulk Hogan fan living in the US...Thunder in Paradise was a pretty cool show to watch. I enjoyed Thunder in Paradise all 22(I think) episodes of it. I'm not going on a limb to proclaim it greatness...but the show gave me and my younger brother some good entertainment. Sure we recognized the fact that the "force field" around Thunder was incredibly poorly done, and that some...okay..many of he lines were very much corny. But dammit we got to see El Gigante aka Giant Gonzales Jorge Gonzales(who oddly made two appearances in the series as what I think are two different characters), we also got to see our guy Sting play the role of Hammerhead, and we got to see what was a pretty cool boat. At the time I kinda wish that there was a toy line fashioned after it. So in conclusion, the show had its faults, but I'm pretty sure that it was targeted to younger children who will readily take in the fantasy world. As I look back on the show...yeah its pretty bad...but at the same time if TNT decided to air reruns...I'd probably watch or tape them as a piece of my childhood memories.
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Surprisingly good action-adventure series!
Yokam8 July 2009
I first saw this not as a series, but as a movie in Italy. I was surprised because everything in Italy was dubbed, and this was not. Not even subtitles. But the audience didn't seem to mind. They loved it. Carol Alt (one of the regulars), was a huge star in Italy, and this was all about her. She gets kidnapped, and ends up in a "Morocco" type country, and has to be rescued. You get the picture. But I was surprised by the quality of the writing, directing, and especially the production values. Beautifully photographed, and just a delight. Clever. Yes, Hulk Hogan was even clever (well, the writer made him clever, and the director made him a good actor).

When I back home came to the States, I soon discovered that what I saw was once a two part episode, that had extra footage shot, and made into a feature for foreign distribution (though I think now you can get these on DVD). They did this for a few of the shows. The actual series was running on TV, and I watched them all with my kids. They got better and better. As I've read, they were all shot at Disney World, and Disney, (which was not the production company), opened up their doors. Literally. They even shot in Sleeping Beauty's Castle, and had their high-tech talking stealth boat in the moat! Jack Lemon's son, Chris was Hulk's sidekick, and showed both his father's humor, along with a new kind of intensity. Of course Carol Alt was wonderful, and my all time favorite, Patrick Macnee from the original "ADVENGERS" series gave it the foundation and roots you need. You know, like Leo G. Carroll in "The Man From "U.N.C.L.E.", or Edward Mulhare in "Knightrider". But Patrick is in a class all his own.

I'm sure TV budgets aren't that big, but every episode looked like a feature film. Lots of great guest stars, especially from the ranks of wrestling, when they had stars! Lots of original music too. This was produced, I've discovered by the same guys who brought you "Baywatch". This was so much better. Maybe because they were able to get off the hot sand! You can see a lot of the same formula, but this one actually had well written story's, good dialogue, and movie class action and special effects (the explosions were spellbinding!). In one episode I believe they blew up an entire school! And this is before CGI.

It's easy to put shows like this down. Especially when Hulk Hogan is in it. And this was long before his entire family went on TV, and then self-destructed. But really. It takes a special talent to pull something like this off… give you comedy, action, warmth, and even emotion and message! I wish they'd bring this back. I can't think of a show on TV these days that has such wonderful "escapism"! Ah, for the days of "Thunder In Paradise", and "Magnum PI"!
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One interesting thing for Disney fans . . .
DocEagle23 June 2003
This was a largely undistinguished show. The actors were likable enough but the scripts were pretty lame.

But one thing that makes this series of interest to Disney fans is that it was produced at the Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World and virtually all of their exterior locations were on property at Walt Disney World. Alert eyes familiar with WDW can spot a number of resorts and parks that were used. EPCOT Center provided international settings. Underwater scenes were shot at the Living Seas pavilion.

You won't see this very often. Disney has rarely allowed outside productions at their parks.
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Silly, Dumb and a Lot of Fun! A-Team meets Miami Vice meets Bay Watch
humbleradio26 July 2015
I don't care what anybody says, I think these were great fun! As I said in the title, it was A-Team meets Miami Vice meets Bay Watch.

Guns, Girls, Gangsters, Gadgets and Good old fashioned fun with a capital Thunder which starts with T and rhymes with P and stands for Pool, swimming pool, that is. This is an action adventure fantasy show full of explosions, machine guns, girls in bikinis, guys in, well, swimming trunks and heaps of ham acting. And nobody dies, either! That's right, not one person is killed-to-death on this show. Nobody. Nor is there even any blood in sight, well real sickening blood, that is. Sure, the cuts and scrapes that any action hero gets in a normal day on the job are there to be seen, but nothing like you'd witness even on the tamest action flick (or computer game) nowadays. So, for me, Thunder in Paradise is sort of like Scooby Doo, only LIVE action.

It's all good formula stuff: The good guys, ex-Navy SEALs, invariably get into some kind of mess and try to find a way out of it which undoubtedly complicates things into an even bigger mess. Along the way they save the girl (or girls!), save the beach, save the hotel, save the kind old man or anyone else who needs help, and put the bad guys away - for good! Not to mention, they always get the girl in the end. Well, almost always. Oh, did I mention the huge amount of gorgeous bodies in the background of almost every beach scene? I think this show might hold the record. Carol Alt, who co-starred in it, is no slouch either. But the reigning star of the show is 'Thunder' the scarab experimental one-off water weapon that 'Spence' has built for the Navy. Hi partner 'Bru', and buddy for life pilots the hi-tech craft through calm harbors, rough seas or bullet-riddled jungle lagoons. This thing goes anywhere. And so does the plot for that matter! But you can be sure, by the story's end our heroes will be banged-up, bruised and aching, but also smiling ear to ear back at their favorite beach watering hole, the Scuttlebutt Bar N' Grill, run by Carol Alt's character 'Kelly LaRue'.

The jokes and fun, action and fights between our heroes played by Hulk Hogan and Chris Lemon (yes, Jack's son), and whatever bad guys come along, is nothing short of fantastic mediocrity! And that's why I love it. It doesn't try to be perfect or even high brow. This is simply a fun, B-movie ride of adventure and melodrama in the same way the old serials used to be - you know, those shorts that inspired "Raiders of the Lost Ark"?

Anyway, I loved it. When TV was like this, (A-Team, etc.) when there were limits as to how serious a show could get or how much gore could be shown (or inferred) for general audiences to ingest we had a lot less problems occurring in society, didn't we? A connection? Cause and effect? Does media influence society? You decide. As for me, I've already decided. Besides, I don't want to turn this review into a Marshall McCluhan seminar. All I know is, innocent, good-natured fun like this wasn't influencing young minds and inspiring disturbing behavior in real life to go out and do nasty things, or worse yet, be immune and sensitized when someone else does. Can you say the same about today's TV shows, usually glorifying a sadistic serial killer, or having us see up-close the gruesome details of a crime scene investigation which spares no blood, guts, organs and sickening details of torture for our viewing pleasure? All that stuff is child's play for most children nowadays who can recite from memory how to cut up a body for disposal, use bleach to remove DNA from a crime scene or how a month-old corpse looks when dredged up from a river. Well, that may be your cup of tea, but I believe in garbage in / garbage out. And thankfully, we get to choose our own garbage.

You can have your torture and stylish autopsies. I'll take fun in the sun and silly paradise any day.
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that show was cool back in the day
sarena2000114 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
i never missed an episode yes it was a bit corny but not back then ! i have been a wresting fan since i was 4 i love hulk hogan and never missed any of his movies or the Saturday morning cartoon when i was younger. when i herd he was coming out with a TV show i didn't care what people said. watching thunder took me to a place where i had no worries and i never miss my hottie sting i was and still am his #1 fan. so what the line were corning and a boat that could talk, what about a talking car every one thought that was cool!

come on now the people who said the show wasn't cool, i bet they run home just like the rest of us , sat down with a cold drink and some popcorn and watched the show, you know who you are :) if it was still on yes i would watch it i would even tape it hey I'm even looking for all episode's on DVD i would love to watch hogan trying to escape from anther one of hammer heads (a.k.a sting)traps!as carrlito cool says "that was cool"
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Unintentionally funny... the runt of the litter!
SwatchDog13 January 2001
Warning: Spoilers
1994 saw a variety of original, inspired and entertaining television programmes coming to air, such as Margaret Cho's shortlived but acclaimed "All-American Girl", Australia's popular "Blue Heelers" and "Heartbreak High", cult sci-fi series "Babylon 5", medical drama "E.R.", shortlived prime-time drama "Models Inc" and of course the sitcom "Friends". However, with all things good, there must be at least one bad! 1994 also saw the introduction of quite a few barrel-rotting apples but thankfully in most cases their respective networks killed them off before any serious damage was caused.

I'm talking about Thunder in Paradise here. A show with horrible production values, cheesy music of a vomitus nature, unintentionally funny dialogue, and to top it off Hulk Hogan.

Seven years after it's US debut, THUNDER IN PARADISE made it's premiere in Australia last night at 2:30 am with the two-part pilot episode. For some strange reason I lasted the whole two-hours, laughing at the ridiculous submarine, the trashy actors, the corny one-liners and misadventures of Hogan's characters.

In the first part Hulk and his partner save two people from a Cuban village via the use of a remote controlled jet-ski. Hilarious, but not as funny as the happy (and somewhat constipated) expression on the faces of these poor escapees when they're supposed to be afraid. Part 2 concerns Hulk getting married (yes, the show is unrealistic if you hadn't figured it out yet). Robin Weisman (whom you may recognize as the "little lady" from Three Men and a Little Lady) stars in this episode as Hogan's stepdaughter. There was one scene where Hogan kills a shark and makes sick jokes about it to her (using it like a puppet and saying things that could seriously inspire years of nightmares). I don't find anything funny about finding a license plate inside the stomach of a shark and making sick jokes about it (Hogan: "Must've been a small car! HAHA"). The pilot hits it's ultimate low when Hogan finds a valuable necklace inside the shark and places it around his stepdaughter's neck (without washing it or anything). Then we meet some goofy jewel thieves who are after the necklace. There's a ridiculous kidnapping, funny scene involving Hogan climbing a palm tree and of course true love. So very cheesy. Carol Alt (Amazon) also co-stars as a scantily-clad female bartender. She can certainly do better than this.

So far I've only seen the first two episodes of this clunker and I'm ashamed to say I probably will tune into the rest if they air. Thunder in Paradise is another one of those guilty pleasures taken away in the prime of it's youth to prevent serious damage (especially to the actor's careers).
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Not My Favourite Show
Big Movie Fan17 August 2002
If Hulk Hogan hadn't been in this show, I would not have watched it. It was only the appearance of Hogan that attracted me to this show in the first place.

I always loved shows about super vehicles. In the 80's we had Airwolf (a helicopter), Knight Rider (a talking car) and Street Hawk (a motorcycle). Thunder in Paradise was about a super boat far superior to any normal boat.

I quite like Hogan's appearances in films but Thunder in Paradise was pretty unspectacular. There was one good episode where WCW wrestler Sting appeared but the rest of the series was pretty average.

This show is only really suitable for Hulk Hogan fans who can't get enough of the man (like me).
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Colorful TV vacation
JaydoDre5 September 2014
I really liked this show as a kid. You have to understand the context. Thunder in Paradise was not about the acting. Hulk Hogan can't act very well. He is not terrible, since all wrestlers get experience in acting, but Hulk has never risen above the wrestling-level of acting.

However, this show did combine a number of things that could really appeal to a boy living in the cold North:

1. The paradise. The blue water and palms sent you away from your rainy hometown on a little vacation. It's similar in effect to reading travel magazines or watching travel shows.

2. The boat, Thunder. It is awesome! It looked like a cooler version of the F117 stealth bomber. It had mini-guns and missiles and other spaceship tech. The show used computer generated effects for the boat transformations that even today look kind of OK. This thing was the true star of the show that kept me hooked.

3. The theme song. This has a lot to do with point 1 on this list. The holiday-themed song just helped transfer you to that vacation setting.

Thunder in Paradise was a colorful show. Blue water, green palms, orange explosions, etcetera. It was not about the acting or camera work or plot. The fact that it was silly only underlined the happy attitude it was going for.

If you were an adult when this show started playing, and especially if you were an adult living in a warm country, then I can see how you would not enjoy this show because it is not of the highest quality.
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Funny TV show
oczhaal12 May 2006
Thunder in paradise must be watched as an entertaining series. You certainly must not watch it as a serious one or you'll easily be disappointed. The characters are caricatures, the situations are simple, the background looks like heaven. More, you'll appreciate the presence of Carol Alt who has since disappeared from our TV screens... I appreciated that show, it changes from all the CSI series we have now. The boat is a marine version of Viper, but convertible vehicles had some success at that time. Thunder in paradise is not worse than the A-Team for example, and it has at least as much action. The design of Thunder is rather interesting and the special effects are OK.
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Pygmy Rhino Rides Unicorn Machine to Victory
thebenzburton2 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This wonderful piece of recent theater is an American powerhouse of powerful storytelling, and moral lessons. Hulk Hogan a.k.a. Gilhooley Falkencrack plays a skirt chasing x-con who delivers powerful pheromones just by flexing his mind brain. His quick thinking, robotic muscle response, and additional ability to shape shift aid in his crime fighting styles.

Falkencrack, or Crack for short, builds a boat, because his Pygmy God told him to which is enhanced with his x-girlfriend's brain. Spoiler **** she died due to complications birthing Crack's mutant son turned crime fighting partner. This boat, he eloquently refers to as Thunder, has a mind of its own and is able to turn into an invisible flying carpet. Thunder's main weapons include oil slick, methane gas, and the ability to fire undercooked Mad Cow Disease infected meat.

Overall I give this wonderful series 2 thumbs up for its ability to create a connection with its characters, and an additional 2 thumbs up for its throwback color schemes.
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It has Hulk Hogan in it, what do you expect?
Aaron13759 September 2010
This show was not good in the least, but it made up for it by being so incredibly corny that at least you could watch it without being bored. I think at this point in Hogan's career he was trying to wrestle very minimally and wanted to work more on his acting. Well we all know that most of his credits are very horrid, in this show it is the so bad it is kind of good category. This show would quickly run its course and he would once again wrestle quite a bit, but for what it was worth it is probably the most successful endeavor he had as an actor. The show featured him and this other dude as they used this super boat to take down criminals and strange things that borderlined on copyright infringement laws. The boat was a bit absurd as it looked like a normal speed boat on the outside, but then they go below decks and the thing looks like it is the size of a small yacht. Of course, with Hulk Hogan being the star of the show, other wrestlers made appearances which I am sure made the show seem cheap to the casual viewer, but excited young children who enjoyed wrestling back in the day. The one I remember the most is Sting. I can not say that I have seen all the episodes, in fact my best is I have seen perhaps ten or so of the shows. I usually caught it on late at night when I had nothing else to do. Was entertaining for what it was, made me chuckle at the badness of it all.
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It's got Hulk Hogan in....Good enough...
Angelus217 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm writing this review based on the feelings and the point of view of a child; the child I once was when I loved this show. Saturday afternoons were dedicated to this show, I loved seeing the intro; listening to the music and seeing Hulk Hogan and his partner get on their cool boat and ride into the ocean, beating the bad guys up and coming home.

Sure, there was a little bit of me that was also interested in seeing the beautiful women prancing around in their colourful bikinis...But all in all it was a great show that made a child Saturday afternoon more fun. Now, I'm a lot older...And looking back the intro is still cool and brings back memories of me jumping up and down excited that Hulk Hogan was coming....But, I've just seen a clip of the show...Bad acting and overall a plot that doesn't really work...But in the mind of the child in me...It's fantastic!
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Blunderf in Paradise
FLGoatman15 September 2017
I saw a few episodes of this series back in '94;I said it then, I'll say it again- this is the first time I've seen a boat out-act the two leads!

Corny dialogue, clunky set ups (I guess they were trying to get a hit series ala Knight Rider), preposterous plots- yep, this series has it all. If you're trying to watch this as a so-bad-it's-good series (like Baywatch Nights), you will come up sadly short in this arena as well. Look elsewhere for guilty pleasures.
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darkangel20038 August 2003
Thuuuuuuuuuunder, thunder in paradise. There's a hurricane a blowing near over the water. Waiting in anticipation for the action to begin.

I still remember the theme tune from when I used to watch it as a teenage. I used to like the boat and the nice location, it's kinda like poor mans Airwolf or Knight Rider (Or Knight Boat from The Simpsons.) I used to like it as a kid but i'll probably hate it now.
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