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Season 6

8 Oct. 1999
Space Ghost tries a miracle shampoo that is supposed to both grow hair and improve his brain power. However, it's merely a placebo and it causes limbs to fall off. Bob Costas is interviewed.
15 Oct. 1999
Space Ghost interviews Steven Wright. He notices replicating pods have entered the studio, are copying their DNA, and will kill them if they go to sleep. After Space Ghost unsuccessfully tries to destroy the pods with his destructo ray, he, Zorak, and Moltar briefly leave the set. The abandoned Steven Wright is killed by the pods. Later, back on the set, Space Ghost tries various methods to kill the pods, but are unsuccessful in all plans. Eventually Space Ghost, Zorak, and Moltar fall asleep, and the three pods move in for the kill.
22 Oct. 1999
Girl Hair
Space Ghost interviews the pop group Hanson. He even takes them camping and for a ride in his Phantom Cruiser, but is distracted during the drive and hits the tooth fairy. In the aftermath of the collision, Space Ghost kills Hanson because they witnessed him hitting a pedestrian. Back at the studio, Santa Claus appears and transforms into Bizarro Santa, a hideous creature. The tooth fairy, whom Space Ghost hit with the Phantom Cruiser earlier, appears and reveals that Space Ghost actually hit a clone that looks just like her. Bizarro Santa and the tooth fairy fight.
29 Oct. 1999
In a follow-up to the episode "Lawsuit", Space Ghost is in jail for blasting Zorak, but escapes. Birdman has taken over Space Ghost's talk show; when Space Ghost returns to the set, the two fight until guests The Captain and Tennille calm everyone down by singing "Muskrat Love".
19 Nov. 1999
Curling Flower Space
Space Ghost finishes a particularly dull interview with Jerry Springer. He keeps thinking about how great last week's show was, when he interviewed Sarah Jessica Parker. A flashback to last week is shown, portraying Space Ghost as a smooth player who flirts with Parker. However, Zorak and Moltar have their own memories of how last week's show unfolded.
3 Dec. 1999
Table Read
Features a behind-the-scenes look at a table read of an upcoming Space Ghost episode, "Fire Ant".
10 Dec. 1999
Fire Ant
Space Ghost interviews Conan O'Brien, who is thoroughly unimpressed with Space Ghost's interviewing skills, particularly when Space Ghost decides he'd rather follow a fire ant (which bit him) back to its family than continue the interview.
17 Dec. 1999
King Dead
Space Ghost is locked out of the studio. Zorak and Moltar use the opportunity to escape and crash in Space Ghost's apartment, playing guitars and watching his TV. Space Ghost manages to get back into the studio and tries to interview guest H. Jon Benjamin, but is tricked into leaving the studio again by Zorak and Moltar. While he's gone, Zorak and Moltar return to the studio, kidnap Benjamin, and produce a ransom video for Space Ghost to get him back.

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