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13 Jan. 1999
Rings of Saturn
Daphne, upset with herself for ignoring baby Diana, pays a visit to a priest for answers when she sees her own sanity beginning to crack over her maternal responsibilities, while her puzzling behavior begins to worry Charlie. Meanwhile, Bailey tries to find common ground with Owen by taking him out on a camping trip which doesn't go well as all. Julia begins to see a new side of Ned when he begins acting moody and angry over his former girlfriend, Maggie, having a new boyfriend and starts taking it out on Julia. Also, Kirsten volunteers herself as a supervisor to the ...
20 Jan. 1999
Witness for the Persecution
Charlie must cope with the fact that he's now alone and raising baby Diana on his own after Daphne leaves. Meanwhile, Sarah becomes traumatized after being attacked at knife point by a robber at the restaurant which requires her to seek therapy and Bailey feels helpless about the incident and takes out his frustration by investing in high-tech security systems. Julia moves back into the Salinger house to escape from Ned's sudden outbursts. But a sudden visit from Ned, who appears very apologetic, makes Julia wondering if she really knows him. Paul tells Kirsten about ...
27 Jan. 1999
Fillmore Street
A courthouse confrontation between Sarah and her assailant spooks her, but it changes when decides not to testify much to Bailey's chagrin. Meanwhile, Julia decides to make up with Ned and tries to forget about his abuse. But Griffin gets bad vibes from Ned over Julia when he learns about Ned's short temper. Claudia decides to shed her naive image and walk on the wild side with some advice from Griffin's band mate Cody. Also, Charlie seems oblivious to his effect on women when three of them mistaken his kind gestures for advances. Paul's news to Kirsten about trying ...
3 Feb. 1999
Stand by Me
The arrival of Julia's former boyfriend, Justin, fuels Ned's jealousy and anger during an anniversary party for Justin's parents. Despite Bailey's objections, Sarah insists on seeking a bond with her attacker, and soon regrets it when the man robs several apartments in the building. Meanwhile, Kirsten makes a major decision in her life on ending her marriage with Paul, and turning to Charlie for help. Also, jealousy prompts a creative performance from Claudia during her first gig with Griffin's band when a new lead singer, named Melanie, turns out to be an old ...
10 Feb. 1999
Whatever Works
A recently rediscovered file on Daphne about her troubled childhood sends Charlie to Los Angeles to find her which arouses jealousy and fear in Kirsten. Meanwhile, Griffin gets no help at all from Bailey or Charlie who refuse to believe that Julia is being abused and controlled by Ned, especially when Julia convinces them that Griffin is the problem. So, Griffin takes matters into his own hands by beating up Ned and ends up in jail for it. Bailey considers a risky partnership concerning the restaurant with a sleazy entrepreneur who wants to open a chain of restaurants...
17 Feb. 1999
Party of Freud
Julia goes into therapy, with Ned in tow, after she vows to remain with him if he agrees to get help. But when the psychiatrist tries probing into the source of Ned's anger, he backs out while at the same time, he also manipulates Julia into moving with him into an apartment in order to keep his abuse a secret. Meanwhile, Owen's kindergarten teacher tells Bailey about a suspected learning disability Owen may have, which leads Bailey to consider raising Owen by himself. In Los Angeles, Charlie urges Daphne to return home with him to get psychiatric help to overcome ...
3 Mar. 1999
All of the Salingers come to mean frustration that threatens to tear the family apart starting when Bailey and Charlie begin to verbally quarrel over custody of Owen since both brothers do not want to back down on trying to raise Owen by themselves. Meanwhile, Julia feels left out when Bailey and Charlie take out their frustration on her. But due to Claudia's suspicious, and after a meeting with Maggie, both Bailey and Charlie confront Julia on an alarming truth about Ned's abuse. For Sarah, family means something new about which she doesn't see eye to eye with her ...
10 Mar. 1999
Driven to Extremes
With a little of Maggie's help, Griffin whisks Julia away to try to talk some sense into her about her relationship with the abusive Ned. Julia still won't listen to Griffin or anyone. But upon returning to San Francisco, Ned's words may later ring true for her. Meanwhile, Claudia feels pressured to take sides when Bailey tells her to support him in his custody battle for the dyslexic Owen, and Kirsten feels the same after a visit from Bailey. The events lead the family gathering under trouble circumstances at the hospital when Owen is admitted with a broken arm after...
17 Mar. 1999
Judgment Day
The Salingers become more anxious than ever to end the dispute between Charlie and Bailey over proper care for Owen. But Bailey remains a holdout when Charlie refuses to hand over Owen's guardianship to him which takes them to verbally fighting in a family court with everyone in their lives testifying for and against them. Meanwhile, Julia makes yet another telling observation about Ned when he begins stalking her after she moves out of his place. Also, both Kirsten and Griffin try to make a clean break from the Salingers and they accidentally lease an apartment that ...
14 Apr. 1999
The Wish
A city-wide power failure traps Julia and Griffin alone in an elevator where feelings for each other resurface. At the same time, Charlie goes to the hospital to help baby Diana where he has a chance meeting with Kirsten's husband Paul. The blackout increases tension between Bailey and his new restaurant manager, Lauren, over how to manage Salingers due to the blackout and Lauren's domineering management techniques. Meanwhile, Claudia frets about some of the boys at her 16th birthday party that Sarah throws for her at the loft while she also tries to calm Claudia down...
21 Apr. 1999
Get Back
Both Charlie and Julia express different thoughts on a second chance with their former mates, Kirsten and Griffin respectively: whereas Julia wants to keep her relationship with Griffin a secret, Charlie has conflicts about staring over with Kirsten. Meanwhile, Bailey senses unrest in Owen over living conditions at the loft, and may even have some within himself stemming from Lauren over feelings towards her. Charlie makes some confusing moves around Kirsten which takes a sudden turn when he finds out she is likely to be accepted into a foreign study program in Tonga ...
28 Apr. 1999
Bailey rejects Lauren's resignation as restaurant manager and asks her to stay, while continuing to avoid her. Sarah takes a nervous Claudia for her first visit to a gynecologist. Afterwards, Claudia's band mate, Melanie, tries to reunite her with Cody at a concert where the band R.E.M. is performing. Meanwhile, Perry Marks, a visiting English professor and well noted alumna of Julia's writing class, critiques her work as well as comforts and quarrels with Julia about her own writing. While Bailey and Sarah move back into the Salinger house, Charlie sees a gift for ...
5 May 1999
I'll Show You Mine
Bailey asks Sarah to co-host a formal dinner party to promote the restaurant while she tries balancing her time with her human rights activist group planning to stage a campus protest on that day. Meanwhile, Perry and Julia exchange favors of going to social parties as well as helping each other with their literary work, which takes a sudden turn when an intimate moment happens between them. Claudia begins to avoid being alone with Cody fearing that he wants something more, which leads her to throwing a house party for her friends. Also, Charlie hesitates to stay with...
12 May 1999
Charlie's romance and possible future with Kirsten is put in a dilemma when Daphne suddenly returns to town after the death of her mother and wants to see baby Diana. Meanwhile, Claudia adopts a new look to shed her good girl image to fit more in with Cody, much to Bailey's chagrin. Bailey is left by himself when Sarah goes away to write an introspective essay, but cannot get away from the stress and worry of her daily life. Julia, seeking to reevaluate her life, goes on a date with Josh, which gets disrupted when Julia lets a comment from Perry about her status ...
19 May 1999
Otherwise Engaged
Both Charlie and Bailey make plans to propose marriage to Kirsten and Sarah respectively. But with Kirsten still wary over Daphne's return, and Sarah coping with schoolwork and scholarship pressures, only Bailey finds the right time to propose, but when it comes to the decision, only Kirsten says "yes." Time with baby Diana makes Daphne think about demanding custody of her baby. Meanwhile, a final biochemistry exam that's critical to her scholarship chances weighs heavily on Julia, who rejects her visiting former boyfriend Justin's tempting offer of help because she's...
5 Oct. 1999
Don't Let Go
Charlie and Kirsten hit a snag involving the site for their coming wedding which throws planner (and control-freak) Bailey into overdrive. Sarah, who turned down Bailey's own marriage proposal, can't say anything without getting a snappish response from him. A modicum of support comes from Kirsten's visiting parents, with her mother playing the peacemaker as her father does little to mask his disapproval of the event knowing of the first fiasco marriage attempt years before. Meanwhile, Julia is offered a great opportunity to write a book by her academic editor Evan. ...
12 Oct. 1999
Julia hits writers block while trying to meet a deadline for her book and none of her friends, nor her editor Evan, are willing or able to help her. Meanwhile, Claudia gets support from Alexia, a cheerleader classmate and leader of Grant's High School elite clique, in rejecting Cody who does not take rejection lightly. While on their honeymoon in Mexico, Kirsten and Charlie can't compete with their neighbors' passion in the suite next door when Kirsten gets food poisoning and Charlie gets sunburned. Back in San Francisco, Bailey balks at sharing his feelings with ...
19 Oct. 1999
Bye, Bye, Love
Sarah meets a former friend of her birth mother who tells her that her natural birth father, whom was in fact briefly married to her mother, lives in New York City, which prompts the troubled Sarah to consider traveling to New York to find him, and leaving Bailey. Meanwhile, Claudia's new clique of friends is criticized on a on-line web page, and Claudia suspects the school's disgruntled star basketball player and Alexa's boyfriend, Cameron, is the culprit. At her editor Evan's advice, Julia looks for her present place now in her late parents past as part of a chapter...
26 Oct. 1999
Wrestling Demons
Bailey is reunited with his old friend, Will McCorkle, and accompanies him on Will's job assignment as a chauffeur of a pro wrestler which turns into a comedy of epic proportions when the wrestler forces the guys to drive to his estranged wife's house. Meanwhile, Julia hears rumors about her and Evan being romantically involved as a result of their spending time together. But during a Halloween costume party, Julia thinks that her feelings for Evan run deeper than she thought especially when she sees her friend, Isabella, trying to get chummy with him. Charlie and ...
2 Nov. 1999
The Shortest Distance
Cameron's covert kisses confuse Claudia who thinks that getting involved with him may not be right while she deals with a clueless Alexia. Meanwhile, Evan becomes more mindful of Julia who tries to set some ground rules to their newfound romance. The fertility changes dictates life for both Charlie and Kirsten when she has to take fertility injections with her lithium, and he has to take a second job to pay for the medical costs. Griffin and Will accompany Bailey on a 3,000-mile drive to New York in an old truck to drop off some of Sarah's belongings. When the guys ...
9 Nov. 1999
Too Close
Myra turns to Charlie instead of her oblivious mother for help in her troubled, neglected home life. After Myra gets arrested for being drunk and disorderly, Charlie intervenes by reporting her to Social Services and the angry Myra decides to seek revenge. Kirsten begins seeing another fertility doctor to get pregnant. Meanwhile, Julia wants to introduce a reluctant Evan to the rest of the family as her new boyfriend. Bailey, feeling that he has lost Sarah for good, meets a sexually aggressive, fun-loving woman, named Tracy, in a bar while he fights his sudden urge to...
16 Nov. 1999
We Gather Together
After Myra's mother accuses Charlie of abusing her daughter, he is given the offer to resign from the school, quietly. Charlie decides to quit, but an encouragement from Kirsten convinces him to make a stand. Meanwhile, Julia meets Evan's angry and rebellious teenage son, Brian, while at the same time, she also encourages Claudia to report Derek after she confides in her about the incident. Bailey ponders a future with the married Tracy, while Joe, Victor, and Will help plan a Thanksgiving dinner at the house. Also, Griffin and Daphne have a lot to be thankful for ...
30 Nov. 1999
Fate, Hope and Charity
Julia reacts to Evan's lack of reaction when he hears about Brian's kiss with her. Meanwhile, Claudia has a little too much tequila to drink at Grant High's Homecoming dance and it makes her give the slip about Derek and her contempt for the clique. Bailey believes it's fate when an attractive British immigrant and struggling medical intern, named Holly, rings his doorbell by accident and he becomes stricken with her almost immediately. Charlie thinks about his future as he prepares to celebrate his 30th birthday. Also, Daphne and Griffin have an auto accident when he...
7 Dec. 1999
Ties That Bind
Charlie and Kirsten cut corners in cutting back electricity, heating and other utilities while seeking more fertility drugs as they and the rest of the family pitches in to help pay for Griffin's hospital costs from the motorcycle accident. But things get only worse when a tip leads them to a shady man who claims to have cheap drugs for them to buy. Meanwhile, Bailey doesn't waste another chance to be with Holly by setting up a picnic in the 49ers stadium which leads to a heated meeting. Seeking to relive her childhood days, Claudia enters a violin competition with ...

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