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3 Jan. 1996
Unfair Advantage
Bailey is increasingly uncomfortable with Sarah's shameless credit-card overuse for her 16th birthday and tries to convince her there's no reason to question her adoptive parents' commitment after the Reeves' 16 year record. Her stubbornness makes her miss a grand surprise party. Charlie practically invites himself to join his restaurant staff going out after work. A clumsy waitress asks him for a private favour, but when she declines his advances, Charlie then discriminates against her at work, but eventually sees the light. Only Justin dares turn on their English ...
10 Jan. 1996
Hold on Tight
Bailey and Justin are almost amused to bump into each-other with their partners in the cellar. Julia complains over lack of privacy and wants to turn the attic into her room. Bailey however lays a separate claim, being older and having shared his room with Owen. Julia and Bailey fight, and Bailey tells Sarah about a band singer audition that he knew Julia hoped for which Sarah then wins. In revenge, Julie convinces soon less than amused Justin to successfully apply for the TV studio job Bailey that hoped would pay his college fees. Charlie cheerfully accepts helping ...
17 Jan. 1996
Poor Substitutes
After bumping into a woman who might be Sarah's birth mother, she wonders whether to look her up. Bailey does, but is told she's not in the least maternal, so he pretends the name Robin Merrin was adopted later. Charlie realizes Kirsten neglected to get Owen enrolled in a good pre-school, which is urgent now Bill can't help out whole days any more. His last chance depends on a rule children must be potty trained, and Charlie simply can't pull that off. Justin sort of expected Julia to be jealous when his parents accept to host his English friend Allison 'Allie', but ...
24 Jan. 1996
Strange Bedfellows
Bailey and Sara don't enjoy double dating with Will and his new girlfriend Gina, an opinionated, bossy type whose taste is opposite to theirs. This leads to Will dumping her after fights, but he's miserable, scolds 'wonder boy' Bailey and crawls back to her. Charlie offers Claudia a reasonable bribe after her teacher Emily Schrader, in detox herself, caught her. But she demands he doesn't date her, which goes wrong after he saves her from a Titanic-obsessed blind date at the restaurant. Justin finally confronts his father over his adultery after Julia happened to ...
31 Jan. 1996
Bailey is delighted that a Mr. Wiliams founded a college scholarship at his high-school and personally picked him as first benefactor a four time $10,000 annually. Yethe doesn't trust it, especially after elaborate questions about his mother during the dinner to meet his benefactor. Then he finds out Williams is an alias for his maternal grandfather Jack Gordon and confronts him. The man admits, but refuses to have anything to do with his four siblings. Catering for glamorous TV producer Kathleen Ishley's birthday party gets Charlie her generous favors, but he keeps ...
7 Feb. 1996
Comings and Goings
Now Bailey's attitude has convinced grandpa Jake to present himself to the five siblings, his New Hampshire scholarship is on again and Sarah feels betrayed when she finds out. Jake becomes a regular guest, mostly to Claudia's joy, but Julia is viciously hostile, claiming he betrayed mother unforgivably. Sarah's birth mother Robin Merrin suddenly turns up to meet her and seems her only interest now, but announces after a weekend she's off on tour for months. Only after Bailey offers to turn sown the scholarship for her she realizes his love is truly noble and gives ...
14 Feb. 1996
Valentine's Day
Bailey's idea for Valenetine's day, which he calls a commercial invention anyhow, a double date with Will to the Monster Truck show, doesn't register as romantic with the girls. When Sarah decides to instead spend the evening with her surprise-visiting, hunky old friend Sean, Bailey gets jealous and follows them, only to make a scene by using his fists when Sean publicly reads a romantic poem which turns out to be for his present girl, Clara.To Justin's horror, Julia agrees to give shelter to her unruly ex Griffin, who 'escaped' after his home visit for Louisiana ...
21 Feb. 1996
Before and After
Julia confirms she is pregnant, and Justin feels ignored while she torments herself over her options. Sarah declines giving her view, being adopted herself. Grandpa Jacob is left in the dark. Ultimately, Julia makes the decision, and nature ensuring it does not change that for her.
28 Feb. 1996
Altered States
Charlie reacts negatively when Kathleen decides on her own to enter the other half of his life, mainly the family, rejecting even a Hawaiian family holiday offer. When he declares he can't fully love her, that brings her close to suicide. Bailey can cope ever less with Sarah's flirtatious attitude on stage and with her band mates, increasing the strain on their relationship. Worried about Julia's despondence, Charlie sends her back to school. Justin drags her through classes, but she runs the last period, pretending to Justin she'll spend the weekend with Charlie at ...
20 Mar. 1996
Happily Ever After
Bailey discovers that grandpa Jake, one of whose mysterious Arizona trips was extended for days, has another family, yet his graduating daughter Lauren is as unsure about him, so he decides such an unreliable element doesn't belong in the close Salinger family, and asks him to move out, yet not break up completely. Unable to commit to Kathleen, Charlie intends to let her off easily by pretending Kirsten wants him back, but she finds out and bitterly threatens to wreck the restaurant. A writing assignment about relationships starts Justin romanticizing, only to find ...
27 Mar. 1996
Spring Breaks: Part 1
After a minor incident with Sara's band, Bailey comes up with excessive precautions, which she rudely calls meddling, claiming she needs to become independent before he goes to college. Only after band singer Matt steals a kiss, Sara remembers loving only Bailey. Joe is back in Frisco and bitterly blames Charlie, soon followed by his siblings, for wrecking the restaurant's future by his Kathleen adventure so badly, it must close next month. Ignoring Justin's long-announced plans, Julia joins alone a photography course she hoped could bring them closer together. She ...
27 Mar. 1996
Spring Breaks: Part 2
Bailey tells Sarah he doesn't feel their relationship satisfies either of them truly, yet she pleads it's true love. The siblings prepare gloomily for Salinger's farewell dinner. Against hope, Charlie asks grandfather Jake if his experienced business eye still sees a way out. He does, but only if Bailey forsakes his college fund for the cause. Justin refuses to stay with Julia after their mutual infidelity and without true love just because parting feels so hard. With Kirsten's wedding to Michael impending, Charlie not only declares his love and readiness to commit ...
21 Aug. 1996
Summer Fun, Summer Not
Charlie, now back together with Kirsten, is trying to get on with his life until Kirsten's mother unexpectedly shows up and tells them that she has left her husband. Meanwhile, Claudia returns from summer camp with stories about meeting a boy named Byron, whom everyone thinks she made up. Julia's ex-flame, Griffin Holbrook, having graduated from high school, arrives in town during a leave he has with the merchant marines to try to reconcile with her. Also, Bailey and Will decide to take an end-of-the-summer road trip to Mexico. But Sarah and Will's girlfriend, Gina, ...
28 Aug. 1996
Going, Going, Gone
Kirsten gets a teaching job at California State Monterey. But the commute and long hours begin to take its toll on her and Charlie's relationship. As Julia takes a stressful receptionist job in a busy law firm, Griffin, temporarily living at the house until he finds an apartment, doesn't measure up to Julia's expectation of responsibility, forcing him to leave. Meanwhile, Claudia becomes angry and jealous when Byron apparently develops a crush on Julia. Bailey fears his friendship with Will is ending as Will prepares to leave town to go to college back east with his ...
4 Sep. 1996
Short Cuts
Bailey starts college at San Francisco State University and meets a new friend, named Cooper, who already has him taking not-so-ethical short cuts his first few days on campus. Meanwhile, Julia, Justin, and Sarah are grouped together when they enter an essay contest hoping that by winning the prize they will boost their chances of getting into a good college next year. Also, Kirsten's professor discovers that she has unintentionally plagiarized part of her dissertation, and risks losing her teaching position and everything else.
11 Sep. 1996
Deal with It
Bailey's friend, Cooper, and Julia are attracted to each other, but Bailey forbids them to date. Bailey then moves out of the Salinger household and into an apartment with a new attractive roommate named Callie Martel, an older woman whom Sarah doesn't approve of. Meanwhile, Claudia takes over the household repairs herself and must deal with leaky pipes. Also, Charlie realizes that Kirsten's depression over losing her job is much serious than he thought.
18 Sep. 1996
Mixed Signals
Bailey finds himself playing rescuer for Callie who has gotten herself in a mess with a boyfriend wanting her, and who turns out to be one of his college professors. Meanwhile, Cooper wants his relationship with Julia to become more intimate, but Julia apparently isn't ready to sleep with anyone yet for she is still affected by her recent miscarriage, which leads to their breakup. As Claudia moves into Julia's old bedroom, Jody confides in her about her troubled home life that her mother's new boyfriend has made sexual advances towards her. When Kirsten tries a new ...
25 Sep. 1996
Going Home
Kirsten's parents arrive in town after Claudia had told them about Kirsten's worsened mental condition and they immediately quarrel with Charlie after they decide to take her back to Chicago to have her committed to a mental hospital, with a court order if possible. Meanwhile, Bailey and Callie start to confide in each other about their past history; Callie about her relationship with her distant father who is having a 60th birthday party this weekend, and Bailey about his strained relationship with Charlie. Also, Julia and Sarah fly east to interview at Dartmouth in ...
30 Oct. 1996
Personal Demons
As Halloween approaches, Claudia is convinced that a curse is the cause of all the bad things that have happened to the family over the past few years. So, she hires an exorcist to "cleanse" the family dwelling. Meanwhile, Bailey is beginning to feel the constants of his celibate relationship with Sarah and goes to seek some intimacy with Callie. While organizing Grant High's annual Halloween costume dance, Julia has to deal with the fact that Justin is now dating another girl. Also, Charlie puts his trust in a shady handyman, named Earl, who claims to be an old ...
6 Nov. 1996
Not So Fast
In the aftermath of having sex with Callie, Bailey feels guilty and decides to break up with Sarah. But Bailey falls ill with chicken pox in which Sarah becomes his personal servant. After approaching a resident novelist at Stanford to read her admission essay, Julia receives an unexpected scathing critique which shakes her confidence in going to college. Meanwhile, Claudia meets once again with Avery, her mother's old musician colleague, who wants to enroll her in a school for gifted children, in which Charlie objects to Claudia making a rash decision that's way over...
13 Nov. 1996
Gimme Shelter
The local press publishes Charlie as a bad guy when he mishandles an incident with a belligerent homeless man at Salingers during a feed-the-homeless fund, and Grace too disavows Charlie leading to her organizing a boycott of the restaurant at it leads to everyone, including Charlie's employees and neighbors shunning him. After being rejected to get on the college hockey team, Bailey tries out for the wrestling team and deals with his coach's lenient methods and his own inexperience. Meanwhile, Julia is disturbed by the loud noise of a construction crew fixing the ...
20 Nov. 1996
Close to You
Bailey rescues Callie from an attempted date-rape and she becomes more dependent on him, in which he breaks a date with Sarah to be with her. Meanwhile, Julia's attraction for Sam grows and she tries keeping him at the house to finish fixing the roof. Claudia is asked to be a writer of the "Love Lorn" column for her school's paper to write about problems with people's love lives and begins to analyze everyone's problems around her, while she herself becomes oblivious to advances from a student named Stuart. Also, Charlie finds himself in an awkward position when Grace...
27 Nov. 1996
I Do
Bailey is on a downward spiral when his relationship with Callie intensifies while Sarah becomes increasingly resentful of him. So, Sarah tries to set Callie up with her cousin Paul to keep her away from Bailey. Meanwhile, Charlie is beginning to feel an attraction to Grace when his former restaurant partner, Joe, arrives in town and announces that he is getting married to a younger woman and wants the wedding held in the restaurant. Also, Julia's crush on Sam grows which prompts him to quit working on the roof of the house to stay away from her.
11 Dec. 1996
Desperate Measures
Charlie flies to Chicago to visit Kirsten and is surprised to see her doing good with her life. When Charlie asks Kirsten to come back with him to San Francesco, without telling her mother, he soon realizes that her manic depression is something not easily fixable. Back in San Francisco, Julia takes over the household responsibilities by herself and takes them so lightly in order to spend more time with Sam, and as a result, she and everyone else doesn't notice when Claudia is admitted to the hospital with appendicitis. Also, a guilty Bailey, going downward on his ...
18 Dec. 1996
The Salinger's grandfather, Jacob Gordon, returns and tells the Salingers that he just wants to spend the holidays with his family and nothing more. But Julia, as usual, suspects there's something more going on with him and that he's hiding some health problems. Meanwhile, Charlie is attempting to overcome his depression about losing Kirsten for good by working more on Grace's feed the homeless project where meets a homeless man he tries to help out, but whom Charlie later finds out that the man too suffers from a mental illness. Bailey is alone when both Callie and ...

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