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This show was amazing.
Puppet_man_max24 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Every day after school Ide plunk myself down and turn on this show. This show was the best guide I have seen as to how special effect where being used in the film and TV industry. It showed all the special features from films that you wanted to see, have seen or where coming out. It gave you interviews with the FX masters like Rick Baker, James Cameron, Ray Harryhausen, Brian Henson, Tom Savini, Dick Smith and countless others at to The nature of their work. Everything from Pyrotechnics to CGI to Makeup FX to puppetry was showcased in this documentary series. THis is what most horror/action/sci-fi fans would rather see in entertainment news other than the tabloid hi-jinx of yesterdays news. So to sum up... I Loved the series and was sad to see it go... Love to have it back.
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i was inspired
thefantompenace2 June 2005
well, say what you will about the show, but I was inspired by it as a kid growing up in the mid 90s (the kind who built model airplanes and made short movies while his friends played sports), and its one of the reasons I am now studying 3D modeling for visual effects and animation.

I don't know if this show would have the same impact today, seeing as how movie audiences take visual effects for granted as part of the movie-going experience (which is exactly how its SUPPOSED to be) but it certainly sparked my interest.

apparently, to make a comment on this page, you need at least 10 lines of text. being the thrifty "say more with less words" guy that I am, feel free to read my line filler.


blah blah blah...

you talking to ME?

Chewie, they're behind you! BBRRRAAAWWWW!!!!
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Not very good, except the episode on stop-motion
bioscoopzaal1 July 2000
Unfortunately, this series has very little new stuff to offer to real movie fans. The series consists of four parts, all dealing with different aspects of the special effects business. The premise sounds interesting enough, but the execution is very poorly done. The individual episodes are built up entirely of promotional footage, with the producers and directors constantly emphasizing how fabulous and groundbreaking their movies are. The only highlight of the series is the episode that tells the history of stop-motion animation and the making of the effects on Jurassic Park. That particular episode is quite fascinating, with comments by Willis O'Brien, Ray Harryhausen and Rick Baker who manage to keep it continually interesting, even though they are constantly interrupted by commercials, that take some of the pace out of it. Watch the show for that episode alone (I think it was the second), the rest of the series is only of moderate interest.
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