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A gem that was mishandled by the networks...
Asteri-Atypical14 March 2002
What can I say? It's been years since this show met its untimely demise at the hands of vision-impaired network execs but it still deserves a word or two.

This is one of a number of shows from around 1995-1996 which showed incredible promise yet were mercilessly killed early. Others include "Nowhere Man" and "Space: Above and Beyond".

Earth 2 was imaginative and intelligent (rare in the current TV era). There are some parallels to the settlement of the American West, with the dangers of raw nature and the dealings with native species. In many ways it had the promise of "doing it over again" and this time hoping we get it RIGHT (no more massacres).

This show is worth a view on SciFi for its human element and ongoing plot twists. While too much time has passed to hope of a revival, we can at least enjoy it for what it was and curse the networks for keeping alive only dumbed-down versions of "Trek".
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It helped some of my teenage Augusts being less boring
yes_i_am8414 August 2003
I was tiding my room a few days ago and found out a video tape whose existence I had forgotten, which contained some of the last episodes of "Progetto Eden" (i. e., Earth 2 in Italian). After I saw the last episode again, the question that had haunted my summers of three-four years ago (when it had been broadcast a couple of times) came back: "What happened to Devon? Please someone tell me!!!!"

Apart from jokes, this series really helped me to pass some of these middle-August afternoons when there is nothing to do and I was really disappointed they cancelled it. When I see the ridiculous creatures and dumb plots of Star Trek 12345678... INFINITE, I think that they could have given a second chance to Earth 2. In fact, despite some flaws in the plot and an ingenuous approach sometimes, there's a lot to enjoy there. Mainly, the cast of characters; Debrah Farentino as Devon Adair, the loving mother and brave explorer; Clancy Brown as John Danziger (the chemistry between the two characters, made up of rivalry, friendship, adoration for their children, struggle and a touch of love is VERY enjoyable); Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Jessica Steen as a pilot and a doctor in love with each other (actually the second is perhaps the best actress in the series, also because her character is a torn one, between her duties as a doctor and as a...spy, and her love for Alonso); Rebecca Gayheart and John Gegenhuber as the selfish Martin couple; then the children who are good too.

Another thing I really like is the absolute beauty of the landscapes and sunsets, never seen before in a sci-fi series. An example among all: the beach where Devon, John and Alonso finally meet Julia in the episode of the time-machine-spiders. Breathtaking!

The "other dimension" where humans communicate with local species is well rendered and was really able to frighten me sometimes!

I would have chosen less caricatural creatures as grendlers & co., but as I said before, if Star Trek is going on...

I'm not promising a masterpiece (after all, a Tv series is NOT made to be one!), but far more than average entertainment, yes. Do you find it absurd, ridiculous? Man, it's sci-fi, not supposed to be like the world you see when you open the door in the morning! Give it a chance! And tell me if Devon will survive!!!
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Why did NBC cancel this terrific show?!
Francis711 October 1999
This was a great show -- thank you SciFi channel for saving it from oblivion. Great character development and cast. But what a cruel joke to play on the audience by ending the series with a cliff-hanger! I am so disappointed that we will never know Devin's fate or solve the mysteries of the Human/Terrian connection.
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One of the Best
Amane24 September 1998
Wonderful characters, acting and plot. One of the few Science Fiction shows to hold my interest more than 1 episode. I loved the Gaian element about environment protection. The "dramatic saga" feel to the show was a fresh approach to the Warring Spaceships that most shows use. The only horrible thing about the show was it only had 22 episodes.
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GOD!!!!! why are all the good ones cancelled??
Jessie_Enchanted24 January 2001
I used to watch this show with my dad every was one of our favourite shows!!! It always had great story lines and great characters. Just an absolutely brilliant show!!!! SO due to being so was cancelled!! UGHHHHH!!! The good ones always die young!!!
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great stuff!
fk182918 January 2002
This show was aired in Pakistan in 1996, and it was my favourite show then. The plot was gripping, the acting and the entire setting of the show was awesome. The aliens [can't remember what they were called now] were really chilling to watch, and each episode did have something interesting and different to offer than the previous one. I wish they'd air it again over here, I miss watching it.
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nafmo27 June 1999
This series was just wonderful. It had everything, the science fiction, the Robinson Crusoe-effect, the psychological aspect... Everything!

It's just too bad it didn't get a real ending. I still wonder what was meant to happen. It just is sad.
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owsllyr9 May 2003
Why? They keep Voyager going for seven years and cancel this?! Shows what a silver catsuit can do doesn't it?! This series was incredible. The best Sci Fi series I've seen by far. Great characters, interesting plot, and fabulous acting (Jessica Steen in particular). It's just such a shame it wasn't given a chance. What happened with Devon? Did they reach New Pacifica? Might be nice if someone decided to do a few novels. Just a hint! Thanks for creating a series that combined an intriguing story with realistic characters (Star Trek writers take note!)
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I am still complaining about its cancellation and I won't stop till I die.
Rage-422 September 1998
I began watching this show when it first aired and I still have not seen anything past, present, or forthcoming that could possibly compare to its intelligence. This was absolutely, positively the greatest show I've ever seen. The characters were great. The continuity was fabulous. The writing was outstanding. It hurts to know it will not return except to Sci-Fi channel for re-run airing. NBC just didn't have the guts to stick it out like Fox did with the X-Files (which did worse than E2 in its first season). Anyway, if anybody important reads this...that is, somebody with money and some pull with Universal. Here's my list of demands: 1). Bring back the show, 2). Do TV movies about it, 3). Release the season that aired on Video Tape so I can purchase decent copies. Do these things and nobody gets hurt! I have a loaded pen and/or keyboard and I'm not afraid to use it! LOL. C'mon, I'm dyin' here!
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Good show!
suceveanu_eugen3 February 2003
This was a sci-fi show with a little more brains than the most, so of course it had to die. Every time a show shows some brains, the ratings drop :)

Great use of ecology, good actors, no ending.

And another question: why do spaceships have some dumb air friction sound every time? They are in space for god's sake! And don't get me started on the fizzling lasers :)
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Rebirth of Earth 2
kraveheart1 April 2010
With all the series being reborn (V, Bionic Woman, Battlestar Gallactica, etc), this is one series that deserves a second chance. In my opinion, the Terrains were the best so-called alien race ever created. The characters and amazing actors in the series definitely deserved additional seasons.

Today, with so few really good writers left with creative imaginations, viewers are left with new shows which were imagined by other writers. This is also true for movies and sadly, I doubt it will get better in the years to come. More and more movies and series will be redone as a result.

If you haven't seen Earth 2, I encourage you to rent or buy the DVDs. Its better than any show currently on TV or likely to be in the near future.

To producers out there, bring this one back!!
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Great Show - Not Enough Exposure by Network
bartning26 January 2010
I remember when this series was on the air (or on cable if you had that) back in 1994. I really liked it, but the network (one reviewer claims NBC) didn't show it consistently I remember. It's as if they wanted it to fail, and I would constantly look for new episodes to no avail.

Seeing all the episodes now on Netflix makes me wonder what was going on in the heads of network executives to cancel such a promising show besides basically hiding the series after the movie-length first episode. I'll echo others in the sentimentality of being grateful to finally see the series in its entirety, but it's another stupid marketing decision along the lines of canceling Star Trek back in '68--or worse! It was also very heart wrenching to note the all-too-soon, real-life passing of one of the youngest and most vibrant characters in 2006, and hindsight shows the relationship she had with her on-screen Earth 2 father carried over into the real world--also demonstrating the prescience of the actors in understanding the quality of the series unlike their network-executive counterparts.

I highly recommend this entertaining series, excellent, fun to watch, and meaningful to this day. Again, it was a great series, wrongfully canceled, and many reviews have the same sentiment.
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A series that was on the right track
Voytek_Pavlik22 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I remember watching this when I was a kid, but never seen the whole season.

For the last two weeks, I've been watching the whole season from the beginning till the end, even it had some goofs in it, some holes and illogical approaches, it was still a nice and an interesting piece.

I thought The Sliders series were my favourite, but that show went just silly and stupid (except the first season, and kinda the last one was good too), and right now I know there is something better than that- Earth 2.

Although, I am a bit wondering why did they cancel it? We had so many stupid serials out there back then, but this one ended just with one season. Why? And I'm also wondering how it would go, how the events would unfold for the new colonists on this new Earth? Did they reach the New Pacifica? We will never know...
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simply awesome!!!
sandybeeches22 April 2008
While going through the reviews on IMDb brought a surge of nostalgia!!I was in 8th grade at that time and my best friend and i were just crazy about this series.And after every episode we would speculate whats gonna happen .It was the coolest thing on the TV at that time.Anyhow after all those yrs i cant help asking what actually happened to all those characters.Above all iv got to say this,the way those alien creatures would pop out of the ground.Wow it was so chilling ...And yea i know I'm raving ab .I think I am gonna phone my friend and recall good old days.Its too bad they stopped it just after 22 episodes or so.Though to date the taste i have for sci fi , all the credit goes to this series.
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Earth 2 was a great show
us3hereinpa5 January 2008
I watched this show from the moment it first premiered back in 1994, and I loved it. The concept was fresh and thought provoking. Sure it had a few flaws at first; however, the acting was spot-on and the premise was intelligent and intriguing: humans have raped the planet to the point of near inhabitability, are living in artificial environments upon space stations, and are now traversing the known Universe searching for a planet to call home. Earth2 was wrought with characters who make mistakes and often act out of self interest and scheming government imperialists who seek to control this new world at any cost. This show had so much to offer. I miss it and I am so glad this series is out on DVD, despite the fact that we got no closure. It seems to be the plight of the truly intelligent sci-fi shows to be canceled for no apparent reason; perhaps people cannot handle shows like Earth 2 (and Firefly-for anyone who has seen it) in which humanity must suffer displacement as a result of the abuse they visited upon the Earth.
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Hello E2 Fans!
larry-mcfarlane12 February 2007
E2 was the very first TV Series I watched religiously that was cancelled so soon. Words could not express how I felt when I read it was no longer going to be produced.

Oddly enough, one of my favorite memories of E2 was not any particular episode, but of a memorable drive to kwik shop back then. I was listening to some radio talk show (Rush Limbaugh I think) and when they introduced the next caller, the caller shouted "Save Earth 2!!! Don't cancel the series!". The caller hung up and I screamed YEEEEEAAAAAAA Baaaaaaaby!

The only other series that equaled or came close to E2 for me (In this order) were:

1. Firefly (Cancelled first season) and it's movie sequel, Serenity 2. Farscape - Went against the politically correct Sci-Fi norm that the newer Treks defined. 3. Star Trek DS9 - Even though it's Trek, I loved the fact the show went against the grain (After G. Roddenberry died) and placed the federation at war which made for an exciting last 2 years of the series. 4. Babylon5 - Almost cancelled, but the ending was reworked to keep this from happening. This kind of flubbed up the ending of the series (Kinda like X-Files). However, it was another great Sci-Fi series that went against the politically correct Sci-Fi norm of the time. They actually had to send out fighter ships to grapple floating vessels vs. pushing a button and using a tractor beam to put the things in a shuttle bay.

BTW, for those who don't know...You can get Earth 2, the complete series (Including 2 final episodes that were never aired), at Netflix. Just remember the studio messed up and placed the episodes out of order on the DVD set. You have to watch discs 1-6, 8, and 7 to view the episodes in their proper order. You also see the series on Ebay every now and then.

Battle on folks!!!!!
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Good premise, but no ideas to keep it going.
claudg195022 January 2007
I was confused reading one after another so laudatory reviews; I began thinking that I really wasn't paying attention when they aired the show. But then, I found a review from Canadian blogger Geno Sajko, who resumes EXACTLY the outstanding feature I most remember about the show: "... they have kids doing stupid things getting them into trouble (taking the show to a attempted comedic level), and characters who acted so stupidly - not believably. Too many episodes around some dumb tw*t doing something stupid after being asked not to, thus costing time, food, supplies etc, then rescuing them."

In a hostile or at least unknown environment, people acted like they were strolling through a Kentucky prairie. The Martin couple behaved like Lost in Space's Dr. Smith, always furthering their own agenda and finally creating problems for all, themselves included.

My vague -and perhaps mistaken- recollections also include an absence of visual attractions: In my mind, people are walking all the time on dirt; all around looked like brown dust, and that's all there was.

Actors were excellent (and often gorgeous), but the characters were unable to gain my sympathy.
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Great series, good premise
nemsis12 October 1999
The problem with NBC is that when they get a good thing going they put it on a weekend early evening so it can be pre-empted by some sporting event. Then they say that they ratings weren't high enough to keep it or renew it. They did the same with JAG and see now it is one of CBS's most popular shows.

I would like to see some closure on this series. Did the planet ever get colonized? What happened to True and Ule? The Terrians were a nice bunch of guys.. I guess we will never know.
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Engaging, interesting & a great watch.
jpetto16 June 2006
One of the best TV shows I ever watched. I have been waiting for this show to return or be re-invigorated for years. When I discuss Sci-fi shows, this is always the one I put first. Why? because it gives me hope for humanity. I worry about our future & this was although 'out there' with imagination, near reality for me. I guess it was what I hope could be in our future. I also felt the plots were well organized, it kept me guessing. When I first watched it, I was left hanging week to week & nothing interrupted my viewing. A great idea, worth a look, hope some imaginative producer grabs this & does something with it. I'd love to see an ending, as I am left wanting more.
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A tragic loss
lethalweasel7 December 2000
Here's how good this show was: I was living out of the country when it first aired, and completely missed it. I've only seen it dubbed into French (which is neither my first language, nor even a language I'm anything more than casually familiar with). Despite the language barrier, I loved the show. Intensely character-driven, with a thought-provoking premise, it was immensely enjoyable. I look forward to the day when a local station reruns it in English. They don't make series like this very often, and it is utterly typical of the television industry that it was cancelled after a single season. Watch it if you can find it on the air.
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Promising but unsatisfying.
ragnarok-76 October 2009
I think I have a love/hate- relation ship with this series.

The show began so very promising! There was mythological mystery of the new world, a conspiracy hailing back from Earth 1, quite likable characters, a goal for the characters to reach (and thus a chance for the show (and the characters) to grow).

I think I watched every single episode of it and whenever an episode was over I thought "this show sucks", yet, I always came back. What went wrong? IMHO they focused on the wrong characters (the kids and the overprotective mother were just plain annoying) and the plot just dragged on and on(which can be said about pretty much every episode, but also on the series as a whole), without reaching satisfying peaks, without noticeable progress on the characters mission to reach "new pacifica" and without a closure that suits the promises made by the set-up of the series.

I think in this regard it's pretty comparable to ST-Voayager- While there was a "Mission" for the series and they spoke about it all the time, it never felt like they made any measurable progress.

(OK, Voyager had a crappy "wrapping up" episode and a very few amusing episodes but this didn't made it than Earth2.)
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Great "idea" - poor writing.
genosajko3 December 2006
Love sci-fi, esp sci-fi without all the pointless shoot 'em up for 60 minutes.

The concept/story line here was great. But the writers ruined it. There was so much they could have written for the characters to "explore" and travel the new world. Instead, they have kids doing stupid things getting them into trouble (taking the show to a attempted comedic level), and characters who acted so stupidly - not believably. Too many episodes around some dumb tw*t doing something stupid after being asked not to, thus costing time, food, supplies etc, then rescuing them.

This show could have gone places.

And the DVD? Episode 19 is the final show, you can tell by what happens. Then episodes 20 and 21 take place as if 19 never did!!!!! 20 and 21 could have been 18.1 and 18.2 and it would have been more logical! Yes the networks should have given it a chance - but maybe they too saw these flaws. When characters are this "stupid" and do "stupid things", people lose interest in them and so the show.

I still lived the show, for what it could have been, bought the DVDs, enjoyed it, but am still disappointed! Maybe if someone else took it from here, they could really tell some need stories, there is so much that could be written.
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Heart warming experience
jarkantt9 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Being a terrific show, Earth 2 is the best TV-series ever to come out of TV. I now have the complete series on DVD and I can't praise it enough; it has wonderful and deep characters, it's well written and has good production values. Indeed, it's the characters that make Earth 2 so engrossing. After few episodes I noticed myself to be really caring for these people, each with their unique qualities and problems. We have determined and strong leader, Devon Adair (Debrah Farentino), Who wants her sick son, Uly (Joey Zimmerman) to get better on the new planet. Then there's rough but deep inside emotional mechanic John Danziger (Clancy Brown) with his stubborn headed yet sweet daughter, True (J. Madison Wright). Also part of team is a doctor, Julia Heller (Jessica Steen) who becomes part of the group leaving her treatcherous duties behind. Heller makes a deep pond with at first fearless pilot Alonzo Solace (Antonio Sabato Jr.) Joining them are also a happy couple, Morgan and Bess Martin (John Gegenhuber & Rebecca Gayheart) and Yale (Sullivan Walker), a man with his qualities modified. And these characters are only few of the many in Earth 2. Earth 2 is an intelligent series and all the episodes were great, different and diverse. Each episode have their meaning and although it's scifi - series we're speaking about, episodes are filled with human drama. This is no Star Trek with lasers, this is about settling an unknown planet. The Eden Group (that's what they are called) meet different species, mainly terrians and grendlers and also surprise surprise, other humans. All the actors did great job at illustrating their characters. Devon Adair, Clancy Brown, Antonio Sabato Jr. etc. etc. did solid work but there was one actress that I got very attached to. That actress is Jessica Steen who certainly spinned my head around. I simply loved her character Julia because there was just something about her... she gave me deep feelings. Julia's and Alonzo's relationship was the best thing about the series, the way two so different persons aren't so distant after all. I was always looking forward to see them together. All in all, Earth 2 is riveting piece of work. It's too bad it got cancelled after it's first season but maybe it was for better. It seems that if there came a second season there would have been radical chances in the storyline. Still, It will give fond memories as it is... Totally recommendable work, I give it 10/10.
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Perfect premise
sarausa19 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As sci-fi goes, this one was terrific. Much as I like spaceships, I've had my fill of military-based action sci-fi. I've just rewatched Earth 2 on DVD, after never forgetting its run in the 90s, and it has dated pretty well.

The show focuses on character conflicts and strange happenings on an alien world as the Eden Advance team of 16 adults and children, who have crash-landed off-course, make a 9-month journey to New Pacifica. I love the characters as they struggle to get along (half of them weren't even supposed to be there, but are now stuck 22 light years from Earth). Most of them grew up on space stations, because Earth is barely habitable, so they are ill-equipped for traversing an alien continent on foot. They've never even seen rain before.

The native Terrians are one of the most "alien" aliens ever created for TV, with their plant-like biology, their organic connection with the planet, their rituals and beliefs, their creepy method of travel, and of course the dreamscape. The Grendlers are more typical beasties, mostly malign. Interestingly, there were no real "monsters" on the planet. The dangers mostly came from Earth adversaries such as penal colonists, the Council's killer android, and implanted biochips. One thing that did consistently annoy me was the number of humans that our team keeps running into on this supposedly uninhabited planet, but I guess that was the writers' way of developing a richer fictional universe full of conspiracies and competing interests. Humanity is definitely the bad guy here.

The characters are varied and interesting, very flawed, sometimes acting stupidly or selfishly, but in the end coming to realize they have to pull together. Julia and Alonzo's romance was curiously underplayed rather than having the sexual tension drawn out for two seasons or more, but that mainstay of episodic TV was left to Devon and John's relationship. The child actors were stand-outs.

I was so disappointed when the show was canceled after one season, on a cliffhanger no less. I would love to have watched the Eden team make base at New Pacifica, welcome the incoming 250 families and their "syndrome children", and establish a new community from the ground up. I dread to think of the production nightmares involved with filming a weekly show that was almost exclusively out-of-doors. Earth 2 is gone for good, but I would love to see a new show based on the colonization premise.
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Is it that good or is it that bad?
siderite19 January 2006
When you read the reviews you see that there is no middle ground. You either love it or hate it. To me, it wasn't that radical, but I can certainly understand the feelings involved. Bored with recipe sci-fi series with the military crew on a ship doing justice for... justice's sake, one becomes to expect everything from any series that has a shred of originality.

Well, Earth 2 is not the answer. While it did have a nice starting point, a "crew" of civilians and interesting aliens, the script pretty much sucked, being either too smart, either too dumb. However, it sure beats the hell out of Lost and other mumbo jumbo series that now win award after award. I can almost feel sorry for the poor writers that would have to quickly end those series when the audience drops.

So yeah, Earth 2 was rather original and no, it wasn't very well written, but I'd rather watch a poorly written show with a good idea than a predictable and boring very well written one. Unluckily for me, I just love sci-fi, so I'll probably watch them all, good and bad.
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