"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues (TV Episode 1993) Poster

Sean Patrick Flanery: Indiana Jones



  • Ernest Hemingway : [referring to Elliot Ness]  Where'd you get this cracker?

    Indiana Jones : He came with the room.

  • Indiana Jones : [to Sidney Bichet]  You know, I heard King Oliver play in New Orleans when I was twelve. You ever get to play with him?

    [Sidney looks straight at Indy but does not answer] 

  • Indiana Jones : You're such a square.

    Eliot Ness : Why, because I need a good night's sleep?

    Indiana Jones : You're the world's youngest stuffy old fart.

    Eliot Ness : I am not.

    Indiana Jones : I'm telling you as a pal, you're a seventy year old kid. You need to loosen up. Now get your coat.

  • Indiana Jones : [Eliot has been knocked down]  Eliot, get up!

    Eliot Ness : I lost my beanie!

  • Indiana Jones : [about Sidney]  How'd he get so good?

    Goldie : It's kinda like they say: the more a man has to say, the more complicated his music gets. Sidney ain't easy. He's creo. He's too colored for the whites and not colored enough for the negros. So he don't belong either place. I think he's trying to find a place in the music.

  • Eliot Ness : [Indy is practicing his soprano sax]  How bout you trying to play a tune?

    Indiana Jones : Eliott, this is jazz, there are no rules, it just flows.

    Eliot Ness : Well, just flow somewhere else

  • Indiana Jones : Sorry I wasted your time.

    Piano Man : It wasn't a waste of time, kid. A good laugh is never a waste of time.

  • Indiana Jones : [about having to kill during the war]  One's enough too remember. It's that split second when you're alive and because of you someone else is dead. You got lucky. They didn't. So many didn't.

  • Indiana Jones : I thought the blues was jazz?

    Sidney Bichet : The blues is the blues. It's got it's own sound.

    Piano Man : I call it the wannabe sound.

    Trumpet player : I call it nobody appreciates how good I am sound.

  • Ernest Hemingway : Hey, you look like a waiter.

    Indiana Jones : I am a waiter. What are you doing here?

    Ernest Hemingway : Oh, just trying to get a story, you know, put a patato on my plate. I'm at the Chicago Trib now.

  • Mr O'Bannion : Roses or Tulips?

    Indiana Jones : Sir?

    Mr O'Bannion : It's for a funeral. Which would you prefer, Mr Hemingway?

    Ernest Hemingway : [deviant laugh]  Well I'm a sucker for daisies.

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