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Enough memorable scenes and talented stars to fuel a half a dozen blockbusters.
andrus9438 April 2004
With at least 12 `starring actors' in character and supporting rolls, half of them legends or mega stars; this Tarantino tale defies a short review. The different levels on which this movie works are impressive. As a love story we begin to believe that the quirky `loser' couple is unconditionally bound together. As a pseudo `film noir' we begin to care about the fate of the central characters. In the suspense/thriller/crime drama mode there are plenty twists and turns to push us to the edge and pull us back just in time. The action scenes are deliciously violent and unlike most other films, this one gives us pinches of humor sprinkled in amidst the mayhem. Even `the King' alter ego is woven in credibly enough to improve our understanding of the Clarence Worley character.

The plot, albeit original, fresh and mesmerizing, seems somehow secondary to the characters and the characterizations. Any of several rolls could have been performed over the top by what seemed to be an ensemble cast. But director Scott lets the talent go just far enough. Even the remainder of the supporting cast is wonderful; Saul Rubinek in particular does a terrific job as the puffed-up/ego-feeding movie producer. Hollywood missed giving this movie and its cast proper recognition.

With enough memorable scenes and talented stars to fuel a half a dozen blockbusters, True Romance gives us the `best bang for our buck' in years. The Walken/Hopper scene alone is worth the `price of admission' not to mention the Gandolfini/Arquette and Slater/Oldman match ups. This can only be described as a `wonderfully wicked movie' for its tantalizing content, smart dialog and toothsome violence.

Put the kiddies to bed, be prepared for rough language, adult themes and graphic violence and enjoy a `not for the faint of heart' masterpiece.
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Top Notch Pulp....
underfire355 March 2003
True Romance is a celebration of film. It wallows in every possible seedy contrivance of American crime/action cinema. It is absolutely shameless in its exploitation of excessive violence, over-acting, melodrama, lurid sex, and rampant drug use...I love it. Quentin Tarantino, as I'm sure everyone knows, wrote the story, but it is the in execution that this film pays off. The cast, oh the cast: The lynchpins are Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. They both give solid performances, which prevents the film from flying off the tracks; they serve as the pilot light. The supporting roles are the gas. The Walken/Hopper show down has been oft sighted as the film's best aspect, and this is, arguably, true. Just watch this scene and then watch it again. Sparks actually shoot out of the screen and burn people about the head and shoulders. OK, you've got Val Kilmer as the ghost of Elvis, Brad Pitt as a disgruntled pot-smoking loser, Tom Sizemore & Chris Penn as cops, James Gandolfini (pre-Sopranos) as a reflective hitman, and you've even got Bronson Pinchot (from TV's PERFECT STRANGERS) for God's sake. Did I forget Gary Oldman? Do yourself a favor and rent every single Gary Oldman related project (they're not all good films, but...). Why is Gary Oldman not in every film ever made? Why? I ask you why? He has got to be the best actor working today, hands down. As Drexel Spivey, Oldman chews the scenery, digests it, and then expels it from every orifice. Keep in mind that he is an English actor with a normal speaking voice at home in the Royal Shakespeare Company. His performance here is second only to his turn in LEON in blatant over-the-top insanity. Tony Scott, who along with his brother Ridley, has been known to over-direct a film or two, here chooses wisely to basically set up the camera and run. The score by Hans Zimmer adds a bouncy xylophone driven theme to the film and finds the right balance. This a well made, balls-to-the-wall, popcorn throwing, cult classic. In a market dominated with stereotypical characters, this movie avoids that trap by letting the stereotypes flourish with all the grotesque absurdity it can muster. 9/10
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Perfect scenario paired with terrifying cast and dialogue makes this one of best movies ever made!
mateobrlas28 July 2017
True Romance is obscure film. Film was unfortunate to come at the time in which huge blockbusters and award winning film were slowly coming to screen, there of it was forgotten. All people to who I recommended this film never heard about it, and when they saw it, they only have one word: SUPERB! Tarantino who decided to split Natural born killers and True Romance scripts (which ere basically same script ) made terrifying job at it, but real star behind film is late Tony Scott. Without a doubt, this is best film Scott has ever made, and that can be seen in whole film, from cast to score and even ending which is best thing that Scott decided to do, despite Tarantino's wishes, but even Tarantino himself was pleased at the end of it. Scott gave himself into the film and created cult masterpiece that will never be forgotten. Cast is terrifying. Cristian Slater before he become second rate actor and Patricia Arquete had believable chemistry on screen which made whole film. Supporting cast including Gary Oldman ( In his best role ever put to screen), Christopher Walken, James Gandolfini, Denis Hopper not to mention others, made beautiful ensemble cast which was not very well known at the time, but today, they are all first class actors. I could write about this film for hours, but in the end I can only say that watch this film and enjoy one of best films ever made. Live fast, die young, be a ice looking corpse!
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praise to a truly great film
jhurst4449 February 2004
"True Romance" is one of those few movies that has it all: Action, romance, drama and brilliant acting. Not to mention TR has an all-star cast, but many contribute their finest work in this film. Oldman, Arquette and Slater arguably give their best performances. Christopher Walken's scene is nothing short of pure brilliance. I loved him in "The Dead Zone" and "The Deer Hunter" as well as his brief appearance in "Pulp". I was happy with the ending, and I'm glad it ended the way it did. We've come to not expect that type of ending anymore. This along with numerous other reasons too long to explain here is why I truly believe "True Romance" is one of the greatest films ever made. Period.
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120 minutes of pure brilliance
freddie-dobbs16 July 2010
possibly my favourite film of all time, this truly does live up to its title and presents in my mind one of the truest romances there can ever be, fictional or otherwise.

superb acting, superb directing, superb scriptwriting and possibly the best cameo ever by Samuel L Jackson to cap it off. i don't think that this film could be any improved in anyway whatsoever, even if it had an unlimited stream of cash and all actor/actress available.

just a truly spectacular piece of film making and the reason why i love movies so much...i have a rule that no one can leave my house unless they watch this film beforehand, it is truly one of the greats and anyone who doesn't watch it is severely missing out
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Tarantino's most "personal" writing; Scott gives commendable direction to all-stars
Quinoa198420 September 2003
True Romance is the work of two men, known for making movies (as TBS would say) for guys who like movies, and have one of the pick of the litter in the genre from the early to mid nineties. Quentin Tarantino sold his script to fund Reservoir Dogs, and Tony Scott (Top Gun) got picked up to direct. Some have complained that Tarantino should've directed this film, that it's so much his (which I agree with considering the story of the film was taken from his 1987 experimental film My Best Friend's Birthday, which refers to Clarence in this film going to the Sonny Chiba movies) that his own style as a director would've complimented it. It's a nice thought, though that's not what we as the audience are left with, and so with the final product there is much to admire about the style that Scott uses in the film. He films Tarantino's script (from a Roger Avary script originally) very much like he's shooting a Hollywood movie (as he knows how to with DP Jeffrey Kimball), with all the cut-aways and editing timing that is expected in a conventional crime-drama-thriller, then by hearing the snapping dialog from the script, and the cast performing them, Scott does become an important piece of making True Romance a success.

The story is a throwback to the old 'lovers on the run' formula, among others- Clarence (Christian Slater in one of his finest) is an employee in a comic book store in Detroit, loves kung-fu movies and big guns and such, who gets set up unwittingly with a call girl named Alabama (Patricia Arquette). The two fall in love, and Clarence feels confident enough by a certain voice in the back of his head (provided by Val Kilmer) to go and free Alabama for good from her vile pimp and drug dealer Drexl (Gary Oldman in one of the better villain roles of the time). He does, and through a couple of accidents Clarence and Alabama wind up with millions worth in cocaine, and high-tail it to LA to sell it, as the original (mob) owners of the coke follow after, with explosive results.

For fans of the actors, in particular the supporting cast, True Romance is one of the treats of treats in modern movies, on par with Pulp Fiction's roster of know-ables: Christopher Walken as a gangster (who would've thought?), Brad Pitt as a stoner roommate, Tom Sizemore and Chris Penn as cops, a few good lines for Samuel L. Jackson, an early plum for James Gandolfini, and my personal favorite of the lot, Dennis Hopper as Clarence's ex-cop father. Another thing that makes True Romance one of the (dare I say) most accessible of Tarantino's works is that a viewer who might not know this is his work on first viewing (this was me a few years ago, sad to say) will stay tuned through the whole thing if it's on TV just because of the star power; indeed, before Oldman's Detrix is introduced into the film, TR seems to flow like it'll be a romantic drama with light overtones. All I can say is by the end of this film, you will see that good taste can prevail no matter how much bloodshed gets on the screen, or how many obstacles get in the way of love (and Elvis!).
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turborory1 January 2003
I've seen Reservoir Dogs, I've seen Pulp Fiction & I've seen Jackie Brown, but for me this is Tarantino's best crime caper. Completely engrossing from start to finish, the story of the two lovers who are on the run is not entirely believable, but seriously enjoyable. You get your fill of guns, sex, style and pop-culture, and the usual array of celebrity cameos in a film that seems a whole lot more 'close'. Whereas Pulp Fiction felt like one long trailer, with every line razor-sharp and a load of hip music that made the film go so quickly, True Romance offers you the chance to savour every moment, as the film moves at a (slightly) slower pace. Enjoy the blazing finale, and just wonder how it might have turned out if Tarantino had got his hands on the camera...
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Tony Scott vs Quentin Tarantino. The winner? Us!
Infofreak4 June 2002
Cynical, seen-it-all-before smart ass that I am, I can't but help love 'True Romance'! On paper it looks like a sure fire recipe for disaster. A typically hip pop-culture saturated Quentin Tarantino script directed by schlockmeister Tony Scott, the man responsible for rancid Simpson/Bruckheimer "blockbusters" like 'Top Gun' and 'Days Of Thunder'. But some how it really works! The movie is especially helped by a dynamite cast, one of the most impressive in many years. Possibly only Julian Schnabel's underrated biopic 'Basquiat' can rival its mixture of star power and cult faves. Slater, Arquette, Walken, Hopper, Oldman, Kilmer, Penn, Sizemore, Jackson, Rapaport, Gandolfini, Argo, Corrigan, etc.etc. These are many of the finest actors working today. Add them to an electric story of love on the run, jam packed with amusing, highly quotable dialogue and plenty of action and laughs, and you have yourself a genuinely entertaining update of a classic 70s drive-in movie. 'True Romance' is a wild ride not to be missed!
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My kind of romance
stebird28 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Tarantino wrote an outstanding story/script and Tony Scott perfectly captured his vision on screen.

True Romance is probably the best romance film I have ever seen, and the fact that Quentin Tarantino had something to do with it gives you the answer as to why.

Ultra violent and seedy, you wouldn't expect anything less..., Tarantino seriously sprinkles some hardcore magic dust onto all of his projects creating the quality and style we are used to from him.

Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) receives an unexpected gift for his birthday, a prostitute called Alabama Whitman (Patricia Arquette), but Clarence falls in love with Alabama and vows to free and marry her, he does so by confronting her pimp Drexl Spivey (Gary Oldman) and "accidentally" kills him. Clarence breaks the news to his new love and reveals he has succeeded in taking back her possessions from Drexl, but the contents of the suitcase aren't Alabama's possessions, it is a large quantity of cocaine. The couple agree to leave Detroit and travel to California with the drugs as Clarence's contact, Dick Ritchie (Michael Rapaport) can sell the drugs there.

High-jinks and classic twists and turns ensue as the mob lead by Vincenzo Coccotti (Christopher Walken) want what they claim to be theirs (the cocaine) back. This leads to a rather hilarious scene between Walken and Dennis Hopper, filmed in vintage Tarantino style, having a comical discussion before Hopper is shot dead.

Clarence and Alabama arrive in California where they meet Dick, his roommate Floyd (Brad Pitt) and a guy called Elliot (Bronson Pinchot), Elliot agrees to get rid of the drugs and makes the arrangements with Lee Donowitz (Saul Rubinek).

At this stage in the film, there is a very aggressive fight, akin to domestic abuse between one of the mobsters played by the late James Gandolfini and Alabama. This scene can be upsetting to some viewers as Alabama is seriously knocked about and in a critical condition towards the end, her face is a mangled mess and her body is cut, bruised and bleeding; yet in a cinematic sense the scene is quite beautiful and one of the most famous in this very infamous film.

True Romance is enjoyable because of the aforementioned "magical Tarantino touch" or MTT for short, the guy can take literally anything and turn it into gold, there's no other way to explain why this film is simply so good, the plot is simple, the whole story is simple, but it's how it's filled that counts, and True Romance fills its story with integrate little details, paying attention and making even its slower points or "filler" meaningful and enjoyable, this is something not a great deal of films bother with.

Pop culture runs wild in True Romance, as it does in the equally enjoyable Pulp Fiction, the music, bright colours, tongue in cheek language and dialogue, it pulls no punches and holds nothing back for anyone, a complete and utter politically incorrect film.

I was astounded by the amazing performance and work rate put in by Patrica Arquette, who could've guessed that in her younger days she really was a stunner? Perfect for the role of Alabama, her chemistry with Christian Slater was so convincing too, and his performance was one of my favourites of all his films.

A cult classic in every sense, and a highly enjoyable film to boot, I could watch True Romance over and over and never grow tired, just brilliant!
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One of the best crime movies to be seen!
belindar-220 April 2017
I hesitated to watch this movie because I could not vision it being a crime movie with the name of "True Romance." I am so glad I decided to watch it through to the end. It had enough switches and surprises to make you want it not to end. Once you get hooked, you cannot let it go. I really liked it because the way it developed and did not make you want to stop watching. Great flick and you can tell it is a Quentin Tarantino movie. With the touch of Tony Scott it is a perfect 10.
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Romeo and Juliet for the 90s
eriveros27 April 2000
True Romance has everything necessary to create art on celluloid. From the writing expertise of Quentin Tarantino to Tony Scott's brilliant directing to its cast of gifted actors, the movie is all that one would hope for.

Beginning in Detroit and ending in Mexico, a loner that never really made his mark on the world meets a call girl who falls as deeply in love with him as he does with her. Filled with drugs, gangsters, Hollywood and of course romance, the movie's story becomes only stronger as the movie goes on.

With exceptional performances by Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken (the scene they share is without equal), Gary Oldman and Christian Slater, the action and violence only help to develop the plot and accentuate it's intricacies. Its superb ending has since been imitated - by Tony Scott's own Enemy of the State for one - but never as cleverly.

A must see for any movie lover.
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Absolutely Incredible
jackpenmanreid7 October 2016
Watched this for the first time last night and it's one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. You can tell it was written by Quentin Tarantino and if you didn't know otherwise you'd think it was directed by him too. Every character is brilliantly portrayed. Even supporting actors that only have minimal screen time such as Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper and Gary Oldman give very memorable performances and have some of the best scenes in the film. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette both give Oscar worthy performances in their lead roles. True Romance has the perfect mix of great dialogue, romance, action and strong violence. Without spoiling the ending, what I really wanted from this film was a satisfying ending and it delivered %100. Some scenes will have you laughing out loud while others while have you on the edge of your seat with tension. I don't really see the point of casting Brad Pitt in such a small and unimportant role when any actor could of filled the role but this in no way hinders the enjoyment of the film. The film also has a great soundtrack which I listened to straight after I'd finished and has a good mix of different genre's. True Romance is an astoundingly exciting film and would probably be best enjoyed by fans of Tarantino but I would recommend this film to anyone. Give this film a watch ASAP.
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I like you Clarence, always have, always will.
cairnsymark19871 July 2013
Simply put, this is the best movie that has ever been made.

Christian Slater gives an amazing performance as Clarence, so too does Patricia Arquette as Alabama.

Through out the movie, there are epic individual battles between Slater & Gary Oldman. Christopher Walken & Dennis Hopper. The late James Gandolfini(RIP) & Arquette, not to mention the epic finale to this masterpiece. And the awesome short scenes between Slater & Val Kilmer, who plays Slater's imaginary friend, who is none other than the King himself, Elvis Presley.

I am giving nothing away as it would be an injustice to anyone that has not seen it, my advice is, go watch this movie immediately. I swear that you will not regret it.

Easily the easiest 10 out of 10 there has ever been.
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the truth about true romance
zedmh18 May 2005
After reading some of the other reviews on this film I felt compelled to write a review. True Romance is my favourite film of all time. True Romance was not a film that got dusted off in the midst of Tarantino fever and is not attempting to be "Tarantino'esq" in its direction. Actually this was the first script that he ever wrote. It was penned whilst he was working in a video and comic store in Amsterdam. He rented the apartment above- anybody who has seen this film will know the parallels with Clarence Worley. Tarantino was actually trying to get his work taken on at the time by some film companies and he requested Scott because he loved his early work. It is true that later on Tarantino kicked up a fuss because they altered the ending and he criticised Scott for making it too Hollywood. Clarence dies in the original script! Anyway Scott agreed to make both endings and let Tarantino watch them, Tarantino then conceded he preferred the new version. The film wasn't trying to be Tarantino-esq that part was just the authors input on the film which is not common when people are making films like Harry Potter as the author has no knowledge of film but it is very common when working with screenwriters! This film is the most romantic film i have ever seen, brilliant characters, amazing sound track, brilliant acting & the cast alone informs us that this is one of the best films ever made. Brad Pitt was asked to be a lead character in the film but was working on another at the time. Pitt wanted to be involved so badly that he flew in for a days shooting just to do 6 lines as room mate Floydd. "and some cleaning products" was ad-libbed! Just see this film.
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If that's true, then tell me, 'Am I Lying?'
t1n021129 November 2004
Required viewing. A modern masterpiece. The scene between Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper is absolutely classic(the last last line is what I quoted in my summary). A 'learn how to be cool' movie. It's funny, thrilling, sarcastic. He's got an imaginary friend...and it's ELVIS! The juice of Tarantino. The birth of Scaggnetti (and Tony Soprano.)

Quotes are all over this flick. 'Do I look like a beautiful blonde with big tits, and a ^$#%#@ that tastes like ice cream?.....then why are you lying to me?" Choose a f$$$ing lane! Don't give me the finger,I 'll have you f###ing killed!"

"I always liked you Clarence...." "The first time you kill somebody, that's hardest one....the second one ain't no f##### mardi gras, but it's still hard. The third level off. ...Now I do do it just to watch there expression change.", James Gandolfini (Pre-Sopranos) showing raw talent as a cold-hearted killer. Brad Pitt hitting the bong and talking to shotgun wielding mafiosos with Soundgarden in the background..."You wanna hit?"....chick-chick(shotguns) "Ok, Well, you go down Santa Clara for a while, then turn left, and keep driving for a while...."

It's true romance... He kills her pimp, and she takes a Royal beating for him. BUT the movies's not over. You have to have pulled some crazy s*** in your life to totally appreciate this movie, but it is awesome.

"When you get out in two years you'll be so in touch with wife needs cuz you'll know what's like to get f##### up the a##!"...Scagnetti

"If it's anything this last week has taught me, is that it's better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it."

"Tell me I'm the dumbest motherf##### you've ever seen, or I'm gonna pump two into your face right now!" ...Clarence

Non-stop action. Ups and downs. Irony, and a realistic ending. Cameos...up and coming actors... it's all here. And most of all, "True Romance", which I believe is a totally accurate title. Absolutely brilliant. A movie you can watch many times.

You have to see this outstanding piece of work.
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Cult Movie to the Best
claudio_carvalho21 April 2014
In Detroit, Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) goes to the movie theater alone on the day of his birthday to watch three kung-fu movies. The gorgeous Alabama Whitman (Patricia Arquette) accidentally drops her popcorns on Clarence and they watch the movie together. Then they eat pieces of pie and they have one night stand. On the dawn, Alabama confesses that she is a call-girl hired by his boss and friend to spend the night with him, but she has fallen in love with him. In the morning they get married and Clarence goes to the club where she worked to bring her clothes. However her pimp Drexl Spivey (Gary Oldman) and his partner beat up Clarence that reacts killing them both. Clarence asks to the other girls to give Alabama's suitcase with her clothes and they mistakenly give another one with cocaine.

When Clarence discovers the mistake, he decides to travel with Alabama to the house of his friend, the aspirant actor Dick Ritchie (Michael Rapaport), to sell the drug in Los Angeles and then travel to Mexico. He visits his father Clifford Worley (Dennis Hopper) and gives his address to him. But the Sicilian Mafia is the owner of the drug and a group of killers is hunting down Clarence and Alabama.

"True Romance" is a great cult movie written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott. Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater show a wonderful chemistry and have top-notch performances and the supporting cast is impressive. The movie has a non-stop action and is excellent even after watching many times. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Amor à Queima Roupa" ("Love at Close Range")
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Great mix of comedy, romance, and thrills
Leofwine_draca23 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A fresh and exciting crime thriller which mixes romance with the old-fashioned gangster antics that writer Quentin Tarantino is best known for. This is a hugely satisfying movie, well-directed by Ridley Scott's brother Tony, and with some fine cinematography which really comes out in the excellent action sequences. Despite the onslaught of screen violence and bad language, the strong, old-fashioned story is what keeps this watchable and entertaining throughout and it's nice to watch a film which doesn't take its audience for granted.

As well as the catchy tune that plays throughout, TRUE ROMANCE is blessed with an ensemble cast who help to bring out the various character nuances. Christian Slater is here, doing his young man Jack Nicholson stuff, yet he's never been more likable than he is now. Similarly Patricia Arquette's hooker-with-a-heart is an endearingly "cute" character that you can't help but warm to despite her many faults. Dennis Hopper is on hand as Slater's father, excelling in a torture sequence which expertly mixes comedy with graphic horror to great effect. Endearing comic character support comes from Bronson Pinchot as the dim-witted go-between to whom Slater tries to sell the drugs and Michael Rapaport as Slater's goofy wannabe-actor brother, Dick. Unforgettably evil are Gary Oldman and Christopher Walken as the villains of the piece, whilst minor roles are filled out by the familiar faces of Chris Penn, Samuel Jackson, Brad Pitt, and Val Kilmer, who has a weird Elvis-inspired role as Slater's imaginary "mentor".

Two superbly-crafted sequences stand out in my mind after watching this movie - the first is an exchange in the hotel in which Arquette is systematically beaten and tortured by one of Walken's sadistic henchman, looking for his cocaine. The moment in which the worm finally turns and Arquette fights back is more violent than in your average gore slasher, yet the scene is just so powerfully done with so much atmosphere that its unforgettable. Then there's the finale which involves a shoot-out to end all shoot-outs, and what can I say but "eat your heart out John Woo!". Excellent stuff. Any film fan should watch TRUE ROMANCE to find out how such a thriller should be made.
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A gift to entertainment
Oberrated14 November 2016
Super satisfied to be directed to this movie and very upset I never took the time to view their earlier in my life. 'True Romance' is a treat from start to finish. Piling on an endless barrage of action, comedy, romance, mystery, suspense, and add any other element, this flick probably has it without ever feeling too much. The script very obviously projects Tarantino's influence, making this a treat to the Tarantino fans. The acting from everyone that appears on screen is excellent. If you have never seen this film before, you will see titans within the movie industry appear with such minor roles yet are so satisfying to see. The film as a whole is a fast-paced roller coaster ride, consistently entertaining the viewers with each moment that passes. The material within this film alone could fuel hundreds of other films. A truly fulfilling entertainment piece.

A definite recommendation here from Oberrated and two thumbs up.

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Great Movie!
Alabama-Whitman9 August 2016
True Romance is a really great movie. Wonderfully directed by the late Tony Scott, exquisitely written by Quentin Tarantino and brilliantly acted by the amazing ensemble cast that includes Patricia Arquette, Christian Slater, Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, Samuel L. Jackson, James Gandolfini and many others. The power of the movie is truly the fantastic dynamic between the two main characters, Alabama Whitman and Clarence Worley. Also, I have to comment on the beautiful and memorable soundtrack that the great Hans Zimmer composed.True Romance is a fantastic movie and a must-see for every cinephile!
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All time favourite movie
Jpb98628 July 2016
Great characters, great story, genuine romance all coated in Tarantino's early magic. Gary Oldman plays one of the greatest most brutal characters I've seen in Cinema (all be it briefly). James Gandolfini is arguably as brutal and brilliant. The scene with Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken is pure gold. Clarence and Alabama are played to perfection by Slater and Arquette and their love feels real. Arquette plays, in my opinion, one of the big screens all time greatest heroines. I very rarely purchase films but True Romance sits proudly on display in my Blueray collection. I refuse to reveal any plot but this is a MUST SEE!! The late great Tony Scotts Masterpiece.
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This is Both - An Irreverent High-Voltage Thriller And A ' Truly Quirky Romance'!
sandnair8713 February 2016
'True Romance' is a deliciously pulpy romp that saw director Tony Scott bring a burnished visual sheen to an early Quentin Tarantino script. While the title suggests images of hugs, kisses, holding hands, and heartfelt human emotion, the film instead bombards the audience with images of blazing guns, brutal beatings, and lots of gushing blood while telling a twisted and entertaining tale of outlaw lovers on the run.

Clarence (Christain Slater in his best role ever) is a comic-book store employee, living a meager but not intolerable life in Detroit. On his birthday night, he meets a pretty blonde hooker named Alabama (Patricia Arquette, reliably efficient and displaying a great chemistry with Slater) and they are soon positively smitten, declaring their love for each other, only to be married a few days later. Clarence goes to see her pimp, Drexl (a truly whacked-out Gary Oldman who devours his ten minutes on screen), with the meeting ending with Clarence killing him and making off with a suitcase. The case, which Clarence thought contained Alabama's clothes, actually contains two-million dollars' worth of cocaine, and this puts this newly-married duo find themselves in quite the thorny predicament. Once the dust - and blood - clears, they decide to trek off to Hollywood to see Clarence's pal who might know some industry folks interested in high-quality coke. Little do they know that Drexl's partners (led by Christopher Walken's quietly malicious Vincenzo) are tracking them and intend to get their merchandise back, eliminating the couple for good measure.

True Romance is a paper-thin but enjoyably quirky romance carried by great dialogue, an unpredictable plot, and a cast of wildly original characters. The storyline is far from earth-shattering, but it guarantees some good escapist fun, especially since the script boasts a few scenes possessive of great wit and sparkle, along with a show-stopping one chock-full of dynamic psychological tension – between Dennis Hopper (who brings a phenomenal degree of warmth as Clarence's father) and Christopher Walken, whose "vendetta kinda mood" head-to-head became one of the most memorable sparrings of cinema. Many people may be turned off by the graphic and sometimes savage violence of True Romance. But that is only part of the dirty, funny and unpredictably violent genius of Mr. Tarantino. Tarantino and Tony Scott never pretend that the film is more than what it is - slickly entertaining trash.

Eventually, it is Tarantino's gutter poetry that detonates True Romance. This movie is dynamite - a hip, clever and irreverent high-voltage thriller with nary a dull moment!
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Excellent; funny, sweet, romantic, intense and hot!
Pookyiscute8 February 2006
This film has to be one of the best films that came out in the 1990's. It has everything an audience could ask for; murder, action, romance, sex, comedy, drama and a great story behind it!

Quite possibly my new favorite (written-by) Quintin Tarintino film. I can't actually tell you what the film is about without ruining it, but let's just say, it's excellent. It's not a chick flick or a guy movie, it's a little bit of both...but enough of each so that everyone can enjoy.

I'm really excited about this film, because it's so cleverly written, with quite a bit of honesty and reality thrown into it, that you can enjoy it without getting frustrated from the unrealisticness of some parts, or the intensity of some of the other scenes.

The acting was outstanding, and let's face it Christian Slater is not too ugly to watch in a movie, and Patricia Arquette's breasts had top billing above her name I think. But, she herself was amazing. I don't know if she was nominated for this role, but she should have been, because she was excellent. Probably the best character and actor in the whole movie. A lot stars are in this before they were "stars" including; Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper, Michael Rappaport, Bronson Pinchot, and James Gandalfini.

I recommend this film to everyone! It's an awesome movie, but mind the rating. It's rated the way it is for a reason. There is some violence and some nudity and sexual content that might not be suitable for some.

I hope everyone takes a look...I'm adding it to my collection!
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One of the all time greatest films with arguably the best scene in film history
anthonyjames186 October 2018
True Romance is one of those films where everything just seem to be in the right place at the right time with absolutely no exception. From the soundtrack to the filmography to the production and, quite exemplary the all star at their absolute best. It has everything you want for a film, it's action packed, funny, violent, tense, endearing, and just a rollercoaster ride you will want to ride again and again. I will not give anything away as it would be wrong to do so, but it would be criminal not to mention quite arguably the greatest scene in film history and believe me, this is not an a exaggeration. The scene between Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper is one that is so convincing and executed it is like watching a work of art come to life. I honestly thought it was improvised but only the end of it is, which is a real testament to the talent of both superb actors. I believe this to be Tarantinos finest screenplay and the late Tony Scott's greatest work. Please, sit back and watch a classic for the ages
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WOW!!!! watch this movie!!!
heypresto29 November 2008
This is probably the greatest movie I've ever watched and I've seen a LOT of movies!!! I am not a film reviewer, but felt compelled to review this one... also this film has a bit of an Elvis/Kungfu theme and I HATE Elvis and kungfu, which is even more of a testament to this film! Quentin Tarrentino at his finest, we all loved pulp fiction, but in my opinion this film is far greater!!!! The casting is phenomenal, the acting is superior and the music just blows me away! When the film kicks in Patricia Arquette is narrating the intro and it's like poetry! This film will move you! This film has everything! It's funny, sad, dramatic, dark, twisted and clever I gave this move 10/10, my favourite film being the Godfather it should definitely be up there in the top 100 IMDb films! The Dennis hopper / Christopher walken part is a real treat the scripting and acting is out of this world, in fact there is something likable about all the characters in this movie I don't know how Tarrantino does it!!
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The Gun Had A Trigger
daveisit7 December 2000
I cannot ignore the influence Quentin Tarantino's script had over the style of direction in "True Romance". The scary part is, if Tarantino had directed, it probably would have been even better. The sacrifice he made ended out being well worth it though. The good acting from a strong cast completed this great movie.

Christian Slater's wardrobe however, steals the show.

8 out of 10.
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