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  • The story itself is pretty much like in Tarantino's script, the things that were edited the most was the order of the scenes. In the original script the scenes are in unchronological order, Tony Scott changed it to chronological. In the ending of the original script, Clarence dies in the shoot out. Tarantino begged Scott to keep the original ending, since the whole story is built on Clarence's talk about Elvis in the beginning about "live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse.". Scott agreed to film the original ending where Clarence died, but had no real intention of using it, as, as Scott's vision for the story was that it was a romantic fairy tale, and the two leads live happily ever after. Tarantino conceded that for Scott's vision of the film, the theatrical ending worked. Tarantino went on to say that if he had done the film himself, the film would be out of chronological order and Clarence would have died.

    Other small things that were changed are:

    1. Alabama's pimp Drexl's bodyguard is a young muscled man instead of a young fat man.

    2. When Clarence's father tells Vincenzo that he has got "nigger-blood" in his veins, Vincenzo gets furious and kills him instead of laughing and killing him.

    3. Virgil, the hitman who beats Alabama in the hotel room, is a kung-fu expert instead of an old-school mobster. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction) and Victor Vega (Reservoir Dogs) are brothers.

    Laurence Dimmick a.k.a. Mr. White (Reservoir Dogs) and Jimmy Dimmick (Pulp Fiction) may be related somehow.

    Jack Scagnetti (Natural Born Killers) and Seymour Scagnetti (mentioned in Reservoir Dogs) could be related.

    Drexl Spivey (True Romance) and Marsellus Spivey (mentioned in Reservoir Dogs) could be related.

    Earl McGraw (From Dusk Till Dawn, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Grindhouse) and Edgar McGraw (From Dusk till Dawn 2, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Grindhouse) are father and son.

    Bill and Budd are brothers.

    Sgt. Donny Donowitz (Inglorious Basterds) and Lee Donowitz (True Romance) are father and son.

    When Mr. White and Joe Cabot are talking in a flashback Joe Cabot mentions that Mr. White worked with a women called Alabama which could be Alabama Whitman (True Romance).

    Note that the names of the characters somewhat correspond with the "career choice" of the other. Example being Drexl is a pimp and Marsellus was a diamond fence who was doing 20 years in prison. Jack Scagnetti was a popular Detective and Seymour was a Parole officer..etc. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Cinematically, the movie was released in its R-Rated Version that was available on VHS as well. Later on the movie got published in an Unrated Version too that offers a far more violent cut of the movie with several extended shooting scenes.

    In the UK the R-Rated Version had to be cut for the theatrical release in one scene. The movie was released in its uncensored Unrated Version later on as well. Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Vincent was interrogating Clifford (Clarence's dad) about the whereabouts of Clarence and Alabama. Vincent had basically told Clifford that he couldn't save his son, but he could save himself by giving up Clarence's whereabouts. Obviously Clifford would never give up his son to be killed, however Vincent and his men were torturing him for information and were too good at detecting when he was lying. So Clifford smirks, ponders for a moment, then begins to mock Vincent's Sicilian ancestry, by saying that "Sicilians were spawned by niggers", knowing full well a man of Coccotti's stature would be deeply offended. Knowing this, Clifford was counting on Vincent being provoked into killing him. Therefore Clifford would receive a quick death and leave his son's whereabouts a mystery, instead of being tortured into confessing. Clifford's assumption was correct. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Despite receiving top billing in the "Also Starring" section of the credits; his screen time runs almost 60 seconds before Drexl kills him. Edit (Coming Soon)

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