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Washington Post
Few American directors would dare to show as much over-the-top glee in their chosen craft as Sam Raimi does in Army of Darkness. [19 Feb 1993, Style, p.c7]
No matter what your opinion is of the movie, you're unlikely to be bored.
Chicago Tribune
Much of the movie's charm, in fact, is derived from its sense of its own instant disposability. Raimi has created the cinematic equivalent of fast food-efficient, unassuming and seriously regressive. It may not be much good for you in the end, but consuming it is loads of fun. [19 Feb 1993, Friday, p.C]
Blending almost nonstop violence with humorous parody, Sam Raimi's latest excursion into horror-kitsch seems more like an irreverent "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court."
Chicago Reader
Enjoyably campy hokum.
Entertainment Weekly
By the time Army of Darkness turns into a retread of "Jason and the Argonauts," featuring an army of fighting skeletons, the film has fallen into a ditch between parody and spectacle.
The New York Times
Army of Darkness would appeal to small children if it were not also too gruesome for them, since Ash does after all wield a chain saw. [19 Feb 1993, p.C10]
TV Guide Magazine
Raimi is a master at pacing this kind of material, however, and never allows it to become redundant.
Christian Science Monitor
Fans of ultraviolent sword-and-sorcery nonsense will have a good time; others will head for the exit. [19 Feb 1993, Arts, p.10]
A poor man's "Excalibur," but the fact of the matter is that the film displays far too little of the incisor-sharp wit and out-of-control mayhem readily available in the other two films. It just doesn't work.

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