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3 Sep. 1996
River Deep
Whilst taking part in an infantry exercise, the company's armoured personnel carrier is forced off the road. Jeremy Forsythe struggles to introduce his fiancé to the regiment. Cate Hobbs receives bad news when she goes for a pregnancy test.
10 Sep. 1996
Divided Loyalties
B Company is ambushed whilst transporting arms to Aldershot and the police suspect it is an inside job. Jeremy Forsythe receives some bad news regarding Lillian.
17 Sep. 1996
All for One
After the regiment has moved to Aldershot, B Company train for the parachute regiment and not all pass. Back at home, Deborah Briggs meets Jackie Reece whose life is spinning out of control after a personal tragedy.
24 Sep. 1996
Walking on Air
Cate Hobbs is desperate to adopt and will go to any lengths to have a baby of her own. Steve Evans meets a mystery woman and soon realises that she is more closely linked to the army than he would like.
1 Oct. 1996
Under the Gooseberry Bush
Mark and Cate's new baby becomes ill and the extent of their actions becomes apparent and Cate finally finds out that she's pregnant. Andy Butcher helps the company to win a coveted trophy after intervening during an accident.
8 Oct. 1996
Flash Point
B company is called in to help during a fireman's strike. The McLeod's are drawn into the lives of their friends when Corporal Ewan Dalglish begs for money in return for saving Ian's life in Bosnia. Andy Butcher finally gets his girl.
15 Oct. 1996
Money for Nothing
Cutbacks to the armed forces budget causes an exercise to go disastrously wrong. The debt collectors catch up with Deborah Briggs and she is forced to take desperate measures to earn money.
22 Oct. 1996
Dear Joe...
Fusilier Joe Farrell's ends up in the wrong type of pub when he receives bad news from Collette. His actions end up getting him into a lot of trouble.
29 Oct. 1996
Asking for It
With a chance to qualify for a triathlon team up for grabs, Stacey Grey gives Colour Sergeant Robert Hicks the wrong idea about her desire to be part of that team.
5 Nov. 1996
Delayed Action
The discovery of a World War Two bomb puts the wives lives at risk and Cate has an early delivery. Meanwhile the men are guarding a historic site against Druids.
12 Nov. 1996
The men must search for a panther in the local countryside and Fusilier Ravi Singh faces a troublesome time fitting in to the army. Events make Steve Evans questions the motive and loyalty of an old friend.
19 Nov. 1996
Fall for Love
Chris McLeod faces some tough decisions when an old girlfriend from Northern Ireland turns up unannounced. Jeremy Forsythe and Sarah Eastwood get better acquainted and the wives take part in a parachute jump to raise money for charity.
26 Nov. 1996
War Path
As the regiment prepares to leave for the South Atlantic to defend Deliverance Island Chris McLeod, Andy Butcher, Jeremy Forsythe and Tim Forrester are forced to make important decisions about the people close to them.
3 Dec. 1996
Deliver Us from Evil
The regiment faces hostilities on Deliverance Island. Mark Hobbs is captured by the enemy and the Jeremy Forsythe has to face up to reality when the CO is injured. Tim Forrester receives some bad news about Sam Sheridan.
10 Dec. 1996
Hell and High Water
As preparations are underway for Andy and Stacey's wedding, the groom almost gets stuck in France. Other members of the regiment have unfinished business in their personal lives to sort out.

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