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7 Sep. 1993
Shifting Sands
The men are on exercise in New Zealand and are facing hostility from their local counterparts. They are soon joined by the women after an unexpected windfall.
14 Sep. 1993
Live Fire
Rivalries surface during a live firing exercise and it spells disaster for one man. Tony Wilton has to decide how to leave things in New Zealand.
21 Sep. 1993
Base Details
As the arrangements for the amalgamations of the regiments are fought out, the CO realises that he must fight battles closer to home. The men take part in a bridge building exercise to improve morale.
28 Sep. 1993
Fall Out
The merger between the King's Fusiliers and the Cumbrians is complete and all men struggle to cope with the new arrangements. During an exercise, the men fall foul of a rival regiment and Dave Tucker facing losing his stripe.
5 Oct. 1993
The collapse of the Garvey's marriage spell trouble for Paddy and matters compound during bungled exercises, provocation by an officer and a misguided accusation result in events which could lead to the end of his career.
12 Oct. 1993
Hide and Seek
Major Radley decides to stage an escape and evasion exercise but has to juggle the exercise and his family commitments whilst Fusilier Luke Robert's desire to move up has dire consequences.
19 Oct. 1993
Trouble and Strife
Marsha Stubbs manages to obtain the funds to refurbish the nursery after the fire but when it goes missing she's in the frame for its theft.
26 Oct. 1993
Hard Knocks
The arrival of the General's ADC in advance of a visit causes potential embarrassment for Kate Butler but ends up winning her glory. Glory isn't on the cards for Luke Roberts.
2 Nov. 1993
A bungled exercise is the first of the CO's troubles and when he meets the daughter of a local historian his troubles deepen. The Stubb's children befriend a group of East German refugees.
9 Nov. 1993
Staying Together
Bernie Roberts has trouble convincing the authorities that she's not to blame for an accident. Kieron Voce faces criticism from senior officers but the lads back him up and Paddy and Christina finally get together.
16 Nov. 1993
Dutch Courage
The men head to Amsterdam for some R&R and take a colleague to allow his wife a break. Keiron Voce and Kate Butler face wagging tongues about their closeness but finally face up to their true feelings for each other.
23 Nov. 1993
Stand by Me
Paddy Garvey makes a good impression but has trouble getting the recognition he deserves. The Stubbs have to deal with the fallout of Sarah's earlier actions and the men find out where their next posting will be.
30 Nov. 1993
Emotions run high as the men prepare to leave for Bosnia.

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