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Season 3

20 Sep. 1995
Brave New World
Seaquest and its crew reappear on earth 10 years after disappearing. The crew has no memory of what happened to them, but their skills and boat are still needed to stop a power hungry President of a new alliance.
27 Sep. 1995
In the Company of Ice and Profit
The Seaquest gets involved in a businessman's scheme to use refugees and an iceberg to further his financial and political gains. Ben Krieg makes a return as one of the refugees and Dagwood becomes an official member of the crew.
11 Oct. 1995
Smoke on the Water
Seaquest is called to investigate missing undersea haulers. Leading the investigation is the Captains ex-fiancé which causes some tension on-board. Dagwood meets other Daggers during the investigation and considers staying with them.
18 Oct. 1995
Destination Terminal
Three members of the crew take a ride on the maiden voyage of an under water high speed train. During the trip a saboteur tries to discredit the new technology by causing an overload in the trains speed.
1 Nov. 1995
Chains of Command
A rogue admiral launches an unprovoked attacked on a Macronesia colony. Seaquest is dispatched to the site of the launch which is commanded by the captains former commanding officer.
8 Nov. 1995
Henderson is captured and put on trial by Macronesia while rescuing children from a disabled vessel. Once found guilty and sentenced to death some members of Seaquest attempt an unsanctioned rescue attempt.
15 Nov. 1995
Seaquest goes up against Bridger over an ecological problem that Seaquest created 12 years ago. Bridger believes the problem with solve itself, but Lucas has a different opinion.
6 Dec. 1995
Max Scully returns, this time as a leader of an underwater colony, but his intentions are far from noble. With the help of Elan Morse, Seaquest tries to stop Scully from detonating a large nuclear waste dump.
20 Dec. 1995
Good Soldiers
Bridger returns to retrieve some experimental data from years ago that was done on GELFs. Once the data is retrieved he leaves it up to Dagwoood to decide the information's fate.
27 Dec. 1995
Second Chance
A reactor accident sends seaQuest back in time to an alternate 1962, where the Cuban Missile Crisis turned to nuclear war. The only chance to put things right again is to travel further back in time and prevent the first shots from being fired.
12 Jan. 1996
On the eve of the signing of the new UEO charter, President Alexander Bourne and Larry Deon conspire to gain control of Lieutenant Fredericks' psyche-implant in order to program her to assassinate Secretary General McGath and cripple the UEO beyond repair.
28 Jan. 1996
On a diplomatic mission, Henderson discovers that her former love is now a prisoner and forced to work as slave labour. She also finds that Mason Freeman, Larry Deon's hired gun, is also a prisoner. When the two of them instigate a prison break and steal a submarine, they capture a UEO science outpost and hold the science team hostage.
9 Jun. 1996
Weapons of War
As seaQuest patrols a free trade zone between the UEO and Macronesia, Lieutenant O'Neill's online romance turns out to be a defector from an elusive Asian power known as the Chaodai, a power that attacks both the UEO and Macronesia with its impressive sub-fighter capability. In this final adventure, one member of SeaQuest's crew will not live to see another day.

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