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3 Nov. 1993
The Nanny
Door-to-door cosmetics sales lady Fran Fine inadvertently becomes the nanny to the three children of a widowed Broadway producer.
10 Nov. 1993
Smoke Gets in Your Lies
As a result of Brighton getting caught smoking, Fran takes him to see her grandma Yetta who has been smoking all her life.
17 Nov. 1993
My Fair Nanny
Fran hosts a tea party for Maggie's friends, however Maxwell wonders if Fran has the class to pull it off.
24 Nov. 1993
The Nuchslep
When Fran acts as a chaperon on Maggie's date, Maggie's boyfriend shows an interest in Fran.
6 Dec. 1993
Here Comes the Brood
C.C.'s attempts to get closer to Maxwell's children results in Gracie running away.
8 Dec. 1993
The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother
When status-conscious relatives visit from Florida, Fran pretends that Niles is Maxwell and they are married.
15 Dec. 1993
Imaginary Friend
Gracie is traumatized when Fran "eats" her imaginary friend.
22 Dec. 1993
Christmas Episode
Much to his children's disappointment as well as Fran's, Maxwell has to be in Washington, D.C. on Christmas day. Meanwhile, Fran has overextended herself in buying gifts.
29 Dec. 1993
Personal Business
Maxwell wants to hire popular soap star Brock Storm for his latest show, but he'll only do it if he gets a date with Fran.
12 Jan. 1994
The Nanny-in-Law
Maxwell's old nanny comes to visit and is unimpressed with Fran's unconventional ways and lack of formal training.
19 Jan. 1994
A Plot for Nanny
Sylvia buys Fran a cemetery plot to get her closer to the cemetery manager.
26 Jan. 1994
The Show Must Go On
Fran agrees to direct Grace's school play, but then Maxwell maneuvers his way into her position.
2 Feb. 1994
Maggie the Model
A world-renowned model thinks Maggie would make a good fashion model.
9 Feb. 1994
The Family Plumbing
When the water goes out in the house, Maxwell reluctantly agrees to let Fran hire her uncle as a plumber. Meanwhile, Maggie wants to go to a party, but when her father learns there will be boys there he forbids it.
2 Mar. 1994
Deep Throat
When all the children get sick, Fran takes Grace to the doctor and learns she needs a tonsillectomy.
9 Mar. 1994
Schlepped Away
A blizzard paralyzes the city and forces Fran and the Sheffields to move their Bermuda vacation to her mother's apartment in Queens.
16 Mar. 1994
Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get Off
Maxwell's sister comes to visit and she decides then to marry her intended.
23 Mar. 1994
Sunday in the Park with Fran
A play-date between Gracie and the child of a Broadway critic does not go well.
6 Apr. 1994
The Gym Teacher
Fran learns that her old, tyrannical gym teacher is now Maggie's gym teacher.
13 Apr. 1994
Ode to Barbra Joan
C.C.'s father comes to visit. When C.C. turns down his offer to see Barbra Streisand in concert, Fran, who adores all things Streisand, gets the opportunity.
27 Apr. 1994
Frannie's Choice
Fran must decide between the Sheffields and her old boy friend that proposes.
16 May 1994
I Don't Remember Mama
Mother's Day is approaching, and as usual, Maxwell is trying to preoccupy the children so that they won't think about their mother, Sara. Fran, on the other hand, thinks it a good idea to talk to the kids about their mother. This year just prior to Mother's Day, Maxwell and the family have joined a new country club. Scoping out the club, Maxwell, Fran and Grace learn that the club is having Mother's Day festivities, including a mother-daughter pageant. Grace wants to enter the pageant with Fran, which Maxwell thinks not a good idea since he believes Grace will ...

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