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30 Jul. 2000
A Deeply Personal Problem
With Judy and Sandy down in the dumps, Jean enlists Alistair's help to cheer them up. But when Jean lies to cover her tracks, the girls end up thinking that Lionel has a "deeply personal problem".
6 Aug. 2000
Animal Magnetism
When a stray dog follows Lionel home one day, Jean, Judy, and Sandy begin to feel sentimental towards the dog and beg Lionel to keep him.
13 Aug. 2000
The Bathroom
After an embarrassing incident involving Lionel walking in on Sandy in the bath, Jean becomes convinced that the house is not big enough and immediately arranges to have a second bathroom put in. Feeling that she is the cause for all this, Sandy considers whether or not she should move out.
20 Aug. 2000
Surprising News
As the house next-door goes up for sale once again, Jean and Lionel anticipate the arrival of Penny and Stephen who are returning from a holiday in Spain. When Penny and Stephen announce that they have a surprise, Jean and Lionel fear the worst.
27 Aug. 2000
Future Imperfect
When Lionel confides in Alistair that he is unsure about his future financially, Alistair suggests selling the country house. Agreeing that this is the best solution, Jean and Lionel soon find that selling the house will mean firing both Mrs.Bale and Lol.
1 Sep. 2000
Going Online
After a visit to the office, Jean feels out of touch with modern technology and decides the house needs to be connected to the Internet. While Jean and Lionel work the ins and outs of the new machinery, Sandy and Judy think about their situations concerning Alistair.

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