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Season 2

10 Jan. 1993
White Hunter
Alistair has decided he wants Lionel to be photographed for the cover of his book, "My Life in Kenya." Convinced that this get rid of any potential buyers, Lionel grows more and more anxious as the day of the photo shoot nears. Once there, Alistair tells Lionel he wants him photographed as a hunter in a wild jungle background in an effort to present the book as danger, adventure, and
17 Jan. 1993
A Weekend Away
Judy has been dropping hints about Jean and Lionel, making Jean quite uncomfortable. Also, Judy says she is going away for the weekend and when Alistair says the same Jean automatically thinks they're going together. With the impending vacant house for the weekend, Jean becomes increasingly nervous and tries everything short of ridiculous to avoid spending the weekend with Lionel.
24 Jan. 1993
Visiting Rocky
After an embarrassing performance at rowing on the river, Lionel takes Jean to Hampshire where she meets his father, Rocky and his eccentric housekeeper Mrs. Bale. While in Hampshire, Lionel learns that his father plans on re-marrying.
31 Jan. 1993
As the date for the book launch gets closer, Lionel becomes more and more pessimistic about the popularity his book will generate. He begins to question Alistair's constant enthusiasm for his novel and wonders why anyone would put so much effort into a book that will never be a best seller.
7 Feb. 1993
Lionel and Jean bump into Jean's sister-in-law, Penny, and get invited to her and her husband's (Stephen) house for the weekend. Pretending they've only known each other for a few months, Jean and Lionel stumble into a weekend filled with lies about their relationship including the most personal of details.
14 Feb. 1993
The Cruise
Since her intimate weekend with Lionel, Jean's personal life has become the main topic of conversation between Judy and Sandy. Then, Lionel offers Jean a vacation with him on a cruise ship but makes the mistake of admitting the cruise would be free. With Alistair's support, Lionel gets ready for the final "push" before the book is launched.
23 Feb. 1993
The Book Signing
With Lionel's book finally on the shelves, Alistair has him in every book shop personally autographing the books. Jean, desperate to help Lionel, is phoning everyone she knows persuading them to buy Lionel's book. Then, Alistair comes up with a wild idea to help push book sales.

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