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Keedee19 December 2000
"I have regrets but no remorse". I always get chills when I think of Ms. Baxter speaking these words as the character of Betty Broderick, a woman who has just murdered her ex-husband and his new bride. Her portrayal as a neurotic woman, scorned, blows the mind!! She breaks all stereotypes of the wholesome Elise Keaton from the 70's sitcom, Family Ties. She's an awesome actress! It's a very entertaining movie!
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Superb performance in a compelling film
waylonsmithers922 July 2004
Meredith Baxter gives a superb performance in this film and its sequel. She captures the cold narcissism of Betty Broderick and manages to play scenes of rage in a surprisingly subtle manner. For example, in the scene in which Betty trashes her ex-husband's house, Meredith approaches the destruction with great nonchalance, which is ultimately more frightening than if she had played it full-on. She taps into the smugness and sense of entitlement that were strong components of Betty Broderick's personality and allowed her to murder two people in cold blood.
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Betty Broderick should never get out of prison.
dsnow-129 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
If this movie is supposed to make a person have sympathy for Betty Broderick it didn't make me feel sorry for her.

Should have Dan cheated on her, no, but she had no right to murder her ex-husband and his new wife Linda.

I read where Betty said once that she didn't go there to kill them but she was going to shoot herself in front of them. I don't believe her. Was the shooting an accident and was pulling the phone cord out of the wall an accident? Was calling her friend and saying I finally shot him an accident too? Only to someone who wants to make a killer into a victim.

Betty wouldn't listen to her attorneys which is why probably none wanted to take her case. California is a big state I'm sure she could have found a excellent attorney in Los Angeles who would have loved to take her case and take Dan to the cleaners. That's what he deserved but not to be murdered.

All she did was focus on herself with no regards to her kids. She stalked, harassed, and threatened her ex and his wife as if that would somehow solve her problem. All it did was put her in prison where she belongs.
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Outstanding Movie and Outstanding Acting
lyndaful28 June 1999
Betty Broderick worked hard as a wife, and Mother, and got a raw deal when her husband of 16 years, Dan, left her for his young, pretty, secretary (Linda). He finally asked for a divorce, and this was the beginning of the end. A betrayed Betty went on the war path, and made Dan's life miserable, which led to her shooting and killing him, and his new bride, Linda. She worked hard for years supporting Dan when he was in law school, and raised their 4 children as well. Excellently portrayed by Meredith Baxter, this movie was fabulous. Part II, her Final Fury, the last chapter was also an excellent movie!
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Betty Broderick was not a battered woman!
BreanneB17 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie a second time when it came on Lifetime again, recently. I just wanted to say that I cannot believe what I thought before or what I saw. This woman, Betty Broderick was not a battered woman. Yes, she was scorned but that was it. She was also a spoiled, self-centered little brat, who did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and thought of no one except herself.

I especially hated hated not only what she did to Dan and Linda, but also the other things she did when the kids were around. I really hated it when she slapped Lee across the face. That was a Christmas present Lee had for her and she tore it open. Unbelievable.

I notice that one person wrote, "Please don't let that woman out of jail." I'm pretty sure they won't because she lacks all of the following: remorse, the taking of responsibility for her crimes, good behavior, etc.
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Please don't let that Woman out of Jail!
lambiepie-211 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a rarity: A good made for TV movie that is about a woman's relationship.

Many made for TV movies at the time about women and their relationships with family are made very sappy - to pull your heartstrings..but this one was done really well considering it was based on a true story.

What is laid out before you is a totally dysfunctional marriage with two dysfunctional people who had children and lived in the higher end of a California Community. The wife worked at first, put her husband through school and then stayed home to raise the kids, take care of him and the home. When he finally got a fabulous job, a foot into his career and made a standing within the community, he did what many middle aged men of that type would do....dump her.

But this movie lets you know its not so clear cut as that. The wife, Betty, was no picnic during these years. And the husband Dan was no day at the carnival either. They were toxic to each other and didn't realize it. Not until it was too late.

Betty was already emotionally drained and devoid by the time Dan made his move. And Dan was uncaring and selfish long before the money and status came into play - and not just to Betty.

So in comes the new woman, the perfect trophy and that's when all the real problems and emotions burst. Betty cannot let go of the toxin and Dan continuously feeds it. They keep on making horrid decisions for each other until the tragic ending. This is sad indeed.

While I understand the hell Betty went through, the truth is, she killed two human beings and she needs to pay for that. A few decades in jail is not enough for its more that two people dead here. there are three; Dan, Linda and Betty.

Whom do I feel bad for out of this all? The children of course. No mom, no dad, a lot of emotional abuse they will probably never get over. this is a movie with many lessons, many signs, many morals, many directions and for a made for TV film...that is quite an undertaking.
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Don't try to DEFEND her
slackersmom28 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe that seemingly reasonable, intelligent people are defending what Betty Broderick did. So her husband left her... big deal. People deal with that every day. Plus, I'm sure he probably had some strong justification to leave, if the movie is anywhere near accurate. And no, he didn't "owe" her anything more. He bought her a house, paid her a lot of alimony (an UNREASONABLE amount, if you ask me), and just wanted to be left alone. And no, I don't think he did leave her for his assistant... it looks like that happened AFTER he moved out on his own. Besides, since when does ANYTHING justify killing unarmed people in cold blood?? What she did was horrendous and totally indefensible, and anyone who says otherwise should be ashamed and look at his or her own motivations. Heaven forbid your own relationships should go sour, or you might end up in prison too. That is, if you're not on the OTHER END of the crime.
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Superb performance by Meredith Baxter.
yenlo22 March 2000
First off Meredith Baxter turns in a superb performance as Betty Broderick. She clearly was head and shoulders above all the others who had roles in this made for TV film. It is her and really her alone that makes this picture shine. Second, having lived in San Diego at the time this crime went down and watching it being literally beaten into the ground by the news media there I never thought I would find myself watching a movie in a theater or even on TV about this story. However I did and am glad I did. This was a good movie. Third, Yes Betty Broderick had a couple screws loose but I couldn't help myself feeling that Dan sort of got what he had coming to him.
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Great Movie
quiksilverboy5113 January 2003
"Till Murder do us Part: The Betty Broderick Story" is a great movie. I have read a few "true" books about Betty herself, including interviews; and if she only speaks the truth- then I feel sorry for her. The movie was very good, but in my opinion, it made Betty look like a spoiled crazy housewife who annoyed her husband and children, causing him to seperate from her. That is not how it really happened- Dan came home drunk almost every night, with the smell of Linda lingering on him- for almost 3 years...and the whole time telling Betty that he wasn't having an affair. This confused her; she wanted to believe her husband. Then he started becoming very un-loving and cold, calling her "fat, old, ugly, boring, and stupid", and even saying that he didn't want the kids anymore.

After all the years of working and raising a family, Betty snapped and couldn't handle Dan's behavior, or him leaving her. Wouldn't you feel betrayed and used if you found out that your partner has been cheating on you for 3 years? I would.

I do not think that Betty should have murdered her husband and Linda (although she states that it was a total accident), but Dan should not have done what he did. Betty is a smart, intelligent lady who, in my opinion, has served her time and has learned her lesson.
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Actually Quite Entertaining!
Sylviastel28 October 2006
Don't forget to note the other secretary is played by the wonderful Debra Jo Rupp. The film is based on the true story of Betty Broderick who shoots and kills her former husband and his pretty young bride in their bed. Stephen Collins is wonderful as the husband Dan Broderick. I forget who plays the second Mrs. Broderick. Meredith Baxter looks like she is having the time of her life playing a vengeful, spiteful, complicated woman. She should have nailed an Emmy for her performance. The oldest daughter is played by actress Kellie Williams. This film is often played on Lifetime television for women. Betty Broderick is still very much alive and causing trouble in prison. Just remember men, there are wives like Betty out there willing to go to prison rather than being taken for granted. Although Betty was getting paid $16,000 per month in alimony and lived in a beautiful home in San Diego, it's hard to feel sympathy for a woman who was pretty bought off.
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A beautiful socialite is driven to madness and eventually murder when her powerful attorney/husband abandons her for another woman.
verna5520 September 2000
Meredith Baxter(of FAMILY TIES fame) received a much deserved Emmy nomination for her rich, compelling portrayal of convicted murderess Betty Broderick who shot and killed her ex-husband(Stephen Collins) and his new bride(Michelle Johnson). Though the supporting cast is good(particularly Kelli Williams), this is Baxter's moment of triumph, effectively and completely sheading her nice TV sitcom mother image with a knock-out performance that makes this one of the most stylish and enjoyable TV movies ever, as well as one of the most frighteningly realistic. Be assured, even though she's playing a convicted killer, most of my sympathies rest with Baxter's character. She makes you feel her rage, and by the end of the film you can't help but feel that Betty was the true victim. This was such a big hit when it aired for the first time on network TV that it was followed by a sequel: HER FINAL FURY, with Baxter and most of the earlier film's supporting cast reprising their original roles.
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Good Movie, Bad Murderer
sh33na4 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Betty Broderick is a cold-blooded greedy murderer. I don't care if what she thinks happened, happened. She can play the victim all she wants, but the fact remains that she shot her ex-husband and his wife and left them to die lying in pools of blood.

She confessed to her friend, "I finally shot him." Is that supposed to be payback for being a bad husband? What a sad rationalization that is. I hate to think what she would do her children if they turned on her. Oh, wait. At least one did. Is she safe now, or will Betty say that this child ruined her life by testifying against her and go after her with a gun? Meredith Baxter does a spectacular job of portraying BB. The follow-up movie is even better. These are movies I can watch over and over whenever they are on.

I hope this woman never sees the outside of prison walls. She is a lying, manipulative witch who deserves to die in prison.
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Meredith Baxter shines here as a deranged psycho.
Wes4711 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was more along the lines of Hitchcock's Psycho than a compassionate biography.

Betty Broderick claimed that her husband used her, abused her, then dumped her for a younger woman. It would make sense for her to file for divorce and try for sole custody. Instead, she inexplicably decides to leave her children with her abuser, and then fight for custody and against the divorce that he filed on her. It makes it difficult for me to believe anything she says.

And nothing Betty Broderick could have experienced justifies tormenting him by setting his clothes on fire, leaving hundreds of obscene messages on his phone, vandalizing his house, and finally going to his house with a gun and "accidentally" killing him.

The fact that Betty Broderick shows no remorse means that she will probably spend the rest of her life in prison, keeping her from becoming a threat to her children.
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You don't mess with Betty.
michaelRokeefe27 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
An attention grabbing story makes for a tense and highly emotional made-for-television drama. Yes, made-for-TV means a violent crime story told with very little vulgarity. The well-liked TV mom from the series Family Ties; Meredith Baxter portrays an unflinchingly strong willed wife and homemaker that turns into a stone-cold killer. Betty Broderick(Baxter)spent sixteen years supporting her husband's education that led him to being the mega-powerful attorney Dan Broderick(Stephen Collins). Betty provided him with four children; and being a workaholic he had very little time for them. When Dan raked in a multi-million dollar payday, the Broderick's began really living the high life. When Dan makes a pretty young woman, Linda Kolkena(Michelle Johnson)his personal assistant; Betty becomes overly jealous and spends her every waking hour making Dan's life a living hell. Things escalate when Mr. Broderick moves out of the home and marries his assistant. The divorced Betty not satisfied with her fancy home, cars and high dollar alimony payment gives in to the darker side of her soul and brutally shoots her ex-husband and his new young wife to death. A riveting movie that sustains curiosity and interest. Baxter is absolutely outstanding. Kudos to director Dick Lowery. Also in the cast: Kelli Williams; Ralph Bruneau, Christine Jansen, Debra Jo Rupp, Stephen Root, Lori Hallier and Aaron Freeman.
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Fascinating tragedy - Meredith Baxter is great
phd_travel13 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
True life murder stories are always the best and this is one of the best minis made of a true life murder. Whoever you feel sympathy for this is just superb from start to finish.

The screenplay is balanced and detailed - not biased towards one side or another. Overall you get a picture of a very real American tragedy where everyone loses in the end. You feel for Betty the terrible injustice of being dumped for a younger model after putting her husband Dan through medical and law school and raising 4 kids. You also feel Betty over reacted and got out of control but yet understand her frustration.

Casting is superb. Meredith acts very well - the tension and anger that she shows on her face is not too much. Who else could play the cheating hubby as well as the then not old Stephen Collins? The actress who plays Linda the 2nd wife is good too - really smug. Pace and direction are great and what they choose to show is fascinating. Dialog is carefully chosen and not melodramatic.

And there are lessons to be learned too - for the man who is thinking of leaving his wife for a younger model and for the wife on how it might just be better to move on.

This is a must see.
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Betty Broderick is a Wronged Woman
majorjb3 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Betty Broderick is a Wronged Woman. I do care that what she thinks happened, happened. She is the victim in fact. She acted wrong according to society in that she shot her ex-husband and his Secretary (new wife).

Her confession to a friend of, "I finally shot them". Is her down fall the friend goes to the Police and she is arrested and taken to Trail. Now that is payback for being a Jerk. Meredith Baxter as always does a spectacular job of portraying Betty Broderick. The follow-up movie gets even better. These are movies are much like in cold blood, and you can watch over and over.
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I love a daytime movie
cassie-fett14 September 2019
My childhood was spent in the 80s/90s and there was nothing more exciting than a daytime thriller!

From the fake footstep sounds to bad acting to the 80s outfits to the outlandish storylines! Love it all!!

This was a brilliant daytime movie based on real events.........and Meredith was an outstanding actress.

A very interesting story to boot....
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My heart goes out to her.
Acemickey200213 August 2002
I think she had every right to do what she did. Dan put her through hell and I think she was at a breaking point and didn't know what else to do. I give her credit for at least turning herself in. That took guts. Way to go Betty!!! My heart goes out to you!!!!!!!!
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To all the people who justify the Dan Broderick killings
slim_ten24 April 2008
I am sitting here reading these comments and I am appalled. To all of the people who are writing Dan Broderick got what was coming to him. What is wrong with you? What if your son, daughter, sister, brother, mother, and father got murdered in their sleep because they angered someone. Are you even looking at the fact that she called and harassed them every day. Think about it... would you seriously give your ex more money & custody of the kids if they 1.) Ran a door into your house with the kids inside, not even knowing where they were. 2.) Broken into your house not 1 but two times and destroyed everything. 3.) cursed and used profanity at your 9 year old child. No you wouldn't. So he left her BOO HOO! It's a sad day in the world when you justify killing somebody because they made you mad.
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Hatred to this movie
Goon-224 May 2001
I hate, loathed, DESPISED every minute I saw of this piece of worthlessness about a cold-blooded killer who, if she is one iota as dreadful as she is portrayed to be, does not DESERVE a TV-movie, much less one where she is looked upon as some vague icon(though that subject is more covered in the hideously boring sequal.)

Betty Broderick is about the most hateful, grating characters ever to "grace" my television set. Basically, she gets angry about her husband leaving her, so she stalks her husband and his mistress by leaving a zillion vulgar, curse-filled messages on his answering machine, harassing them at her daughter's graduation by taking pictures every time the mistress moved, sabotaging their wedding plans, and eventually going to their house and shooting them both...multiple times.

Do I approve of adultry? Nope. Yet, this movie is so horrifcly awful that I was stuck viewing the adulterer as the figure of SYMPATHY! Who'd WANT to live with a witch like Betty?

Of course, much of this takes place in court, unless I'm confusing it with its boring sequal(I only watched to see if it would be equally as annoying, but it's just...dull), and there, Betty manages to manipulate things so that she can attempt to be some figure of sympathy because her husband "neglected" her and used "legal bullying" to triuph in the divorce suit.

Needless to say, I wasn't swayed. Why did she work five jobs to put her husband through law school? That just makes me think she's weird. And give me legal bullying over the junk that Betty pulled any day. Really, it all just made me wonder why her husband didn't leave her a long time ago?

I would not object to any of this if the film even TRIED to make it look like what Betty was doing was wrong, sick, and deranged, but instead they just show her being a "feminist icon"(forgive me if I mix things up with the sequal) and not even somewhat acting SORRY. What happens if this garbage INFLUENCES a person to kill somebody "Betty-style?"

Honestly, unless they're going to use the profits to compensate the victim's families, or her family, don't bother making movies like this. They're just disgusting and totally not necessary. The world does NOT need to be informed of the likes of Betty Broderick, who probably got a sick thrill out of the fact that she got a TV-movie made about her.
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This movie was biased
msmstik15 July 2005
Mrs. Birney was excellent in her portrayal of Betty Broderick. However, this movie was quite biased as I believe the woman had been driven to the point of insanity when she brutally murdered these people. Who among us today would be strong enough to be drug through the mud the way this man did, leaving her with a less than desirable life, without her children who he had turned against her? This man humiliated this devoted wife time and time again, He was abusive and used his power to overtake her. Sure, the deceased did not deserve to die, but Ms. Broderick did not deserve prison either. A mental home perhaps, but not prison.
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Simply Ridiculous
jessica-tovar-arch3430 October 2014
Okay, I'm writing this review before seeing the movie. I'll even give it a good rating based on the true movie reviews that have been given about the movie. I promise that I will watch it and give an honest critique of the movie once I do watch it.

I have always loved Meridith Baxter's acting since Family Ties and have seen other movies that she's acted in and she's positively brilliant and very underrated.

However, I have only one point to make to those who would completely condemn Betty Broderick's life based on this or any other movie about her and her family; there is no way anyone will truly know what went down regardless of how much media is out there describing it.

You can't judge her, and you can't understand what it was that anyone close to that situation went through from Mrs. Broderick to her children as well as the victims.

So to condemn her for or acquit her actions is completely illogical. There's an appropriate saying by Lee Harper, "You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."

Can anyone truly comment on something that they have no experience with? How many of you would truly be able to walk away from a mentally, and emotionally abusive relationship? If you can, good for you, be of some help to those weaker than you and give of your strength. There are a lot of women who are experiencing the same thing and need kindness and compassion and above all to not be judged.

As for the real Mrs. Broderick, I'll trust that God or the Universe will know what to do about the whole thing.
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View on two dimensions
caa82116 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes you have to view a story on two simultaneous dimensions - especially those based upon a "true story." To say the least, one must cringe at the tragedy of two persons murdered in their bed while sleeping. And in this movie, anyone, especially a parent, cannot help but feel the greatest sadness for the turmoil which the Broderick children had to endure.

At the same time, this story also has some areas which have likely been over-dramatized - especially in Birney's Betty character - and on that level, her over-the-top behavior and constant shrieking and yelling are fascinating to view. Despite her outrageousness, you sometimes sympathize with her viewpoint. Her husband, and Stephen Collins' portrayal, present, IF POSSIBLE, someone for whom one feels even less sympathy than for her. I kept wishing that the director would have hired an actor to play Moe from The Three Stooges - and that "Moe" would appear on-scene and proceed to slap Stephen around, pinch his nose, and bop him with a mallet, the way he did to Curly and Larry.

Also fascinating is how, in her middle years, Meredith Baxter has carved a career in t.v. movies, always beset with someone trying to murder her, otherwise bring her harm, or thoroughly to disrupt her life.

Whatever else you might say, however misguided, at least Betty was a woman of action - in contrast to her husband, who needed a cattle prod, or whatever, to liven-up this insipid character.
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can anyone tell me about the real brodericks
danielle6811 August 2005
I've seen this movie over and over and over..its hard to tell who's to blame here because reading another viewers remarks how Dan came home drunk all the time and smelling of Linda was completely left out of the movie..Meredith Baxter Birney i must say did an outstanding job..i would love to see if anyone out there has seen a picture of the real Dan, Linda and Betty..if so can someone please email me a copy at danielle68@hvc.rr.com..someone else said that they new or new people the new the real Broderick's..i would love to hear bout them and if they were as fancy as they dressed and lived..if so email me at above address..i think she said and did every step out anger and i don't agree with the murders but when you love someone and have a life of 16 years and 4 children and you get left for a younger women wouldn't you snap as well..did anyone here of marriage counseling
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