A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story (TV Movie 1992) Poster

Stephen Collins: Dan Broderick


  • Dan Broderick : I know this isn't the exact ring you asked for, but I thought it'd be more of a surprise. And you know... I kind of like this one better.

    Betty Broderick : [surprised]  You liked it better?

    Dan Broderick : Well... uhh...

    Betty Broderick : [calmly]  Yes, you liked it better. And that's what counts, really, I mean, that's what it's all about. You make it, you spend it on what you want.

    Dan Broderick : [flabbergasted]  Geez, Bets, it isn't like it cost any less.

    Betty Broderick : [becoming ballistic]  Exactly! So, why not get me what I want? *You* certainly got what you wanted, even though you had to spend an extra 7 grand to get it when you wanted it!

    Debbie Broderick : [frightened]  Can you guys just cool it?

    Dan Broderick : [smirking]  It's Christmas. If your Mom wants to behave like a spoiled brat, let's let her.

    Betty Broderick : What kind of person gets his wife a Christmas present she *doesn't* even want?

    Dan Broderick : [calmly, while clutching Betty's wrist as she holds the ring box]  It's a beautiful ring.

    Betty Broderick : [screams]  *But it's not what I asked for!* So that makes it a piece of crap!

  • Linda Kolkena Broderick : [after Betty keeps taking snapshots of Linda behind Linda's back at Kate's high school graduation ceremony]  I'm going to make this quick. I don't want to ruin Kate's day, as you seem to be intent on doing, but if you point that thing at me again, you're going to be photographing the inside of your own throat! Got it?

    [Betty snaps the camera again] 

    Dan Broderick : [calmly]  Hi, Bets.

    Betty Broderick : [smiling]  Hello, darling.

    Dan Broderick : [chuckling, with mock sincerity]  It's always lovely to see ya!

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