Universal Soldier (1992) Poster

Jean-Claude Van Damme: Luc Deveraux, GR44



  • Scott : Say good night, asshole.

    Luc : Good night, asshole.

  • Luc : You're discharged... Sarge.

  • Luc : I just want to go home.

  • Veronica : You know, why don't you...

    [shocked to see Luc] 

    Veronica : What are you doing?

    Luc : It's not safe for you out here.

    Veronica : Where're your clothes?

    Luc : I have to... I have to cool down.

  • Veronica : I figured you had to be French or something because of your accent.

    Luc : What accent?

  • Luc : [asking Veronica to help him look on his naked body for a tracer]  Look for something hard.

    Luc : [looking down]  Is that supposed to be there?

    Veronica : Yes, yes it's very normal.

  • Veronica : Oh man, I'd kill for a cigarette right now

    Luc : You'd kill someone for a cigarette?

    Veronica : No. It's an expression, a figure of speech. I wouldn't exactly kill someone for a cigarette. I'd hurt them real bad at this point, but I won't kill 'em.

  • Brenda the Waitress : [to Luc, who has devoured many, many plates of food at the diner]  That's a lot of food you've put away, boy.

    Luc : It's good food.

    Brenda the Waitress : Yup. You gonna be able to pay for all that?

    [Luc looks at her dumbfounded, she senses the answer and calls to the back] 

    Brenda the Waitress : Hey Hank! We got a deadbeat here!

    Hank the Cook : [Comes out from the kitchen]  Hey, punk, I been slavin' all day makin' that slop!

    Luc : The food is good.

    Hank the Cook : Fuckin' A it is. The question is, how are you going to pay for it?

    Luc : I - I don't know.

    Hank the Cook : You don't know. Ain't that cute? I'm gonna bust your head, punk!

    Luc : I - I don't want to hurt you.

    Hank the Cook : Awww, he don't wanna hurt ol' Hank.

    [Takes a swing at Luc, and is easily beaten by him. Luc then proceeds to do the same thing to every patron in the café who steps up to him] 

  • Luc : Sarge, you want me? I am here. Let the girl go!

    Scott : Don't tell me what to do, soldier! I give the orders around here, and you're gonna have to learn that! She's a fucking gook traitor! I gave you an order to kill her, and now you must fulfill that order, Private!

    Luc : Sarge, the war is over.

    Scott : Not for me! Not for her! And not for *you*!

    [they begin fighting] 

  • Scott : You're dead soldier...

    Luc : No... I'm alive.

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