Universal Soldier (1992) Poster

Dolph Lundgren: Andrew Scott, GR13



  • Scott : Say good night, asshole.

    Luc : Good night, asshole.

  • Scott : [while repeatedly ramming a badly beaten Luc's head into the side of a car]  NOw I'm gonna teach you the chain of command private! When I say: "Jump!"; You say: "How high?" Got it? Got it? Take it and stick in your fucking head!

  • Scott : You can't run from this war soldier! Not under my command. You're growing weak. You should have taken your... medication.

  • Scott : God damn it the whole fucking platoon's dropping like flies! What the hell are you staring it? Do you have any idea what it's like out there? Do you? Well I'm fighting this thing man, it's like kick ass, or kiss ass, and I'm busting heads! It's the only way to win this fucking war. And these shitheads, these yellow traitoring motherfuckers. They're everywhere. And I, Sergeant Andrew Scott of the US Army, I'm gonna teach 'em all.

  • Scott : [after he shot the prison bus driver that was driving Luc and Veronica]  Excuse me! You should check out your driver! He don't look so hot! Hahaha!

  • Scott : [after he shot four police officers in the supermarket with ease]  See! They're everywhere!

  • Scott : [while draggin Luc towards Veronica]  I gave you an order soldier, now let me see you waste that gook traitor... Now where are we gonna shoot her? In the stomach? Naa... In the chest? Noooo... I think we should shoot her... in the head!

    [Scott points his gun at Veronica's head and pulls the trigger] 

    Scott : It's empty.

    [with a big grin] 

    Scott : It's empty!

  • Scott : Are we having fun yet?

  • Luc : Sarge, you want me? I am here. Let the girl go!

    Scott : Don't tell me what to do, soldier! I give the orders around here, and you're gonna have to learn that! She's a fucking gook traitor! I gave you an order to kill her, and now you must fulfill that order, Private!

    Luc : Sarge, the war is over.

    Scott : Not for me! Not for her! And not for *you*!

    [they begin fighting] 

  • Scott : You're dead soldier...

    Luc : No... I'm alive.

  • Scott : They're all traitors!

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