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  • A family vacationing in a small town discovers the entire town is inhabited by goblins in disguise as humans, who plan to eat them.

  • A young child is terrified to discover that a planned family trip is to be haunted by vile plant-eating monsters out of his worst nightmare. His attempt to save his beloved family is assisted by the spectre of his deceased grandfather. Also, there are NO trolls in this movie, only goblins.

  • In this family comedy adventure, the Waits family are tired of the food in their normal town, so they trade houses to live in a wonderful half empty town. Oh, Elliot it will be wonderful! Soon the Goblins are trying to get them to eat their food with green stuff on it, and the final disco showdown is at hand. Nilbog will never be the same!

  • Joshua's family takes a trip to NILBOG, which, unbeknownst to them, is the kingdom of the goblins, as told to young Joshua by his grandfather Seth, who just happens to be dead. Now it's up to Josh, magical time stopping Grandpa Seth, and a bologna sandwich to save the family from the evil Goblin Queen, who uses everything from magical rocks to an ear of corn, to destroy Josh's family.

  • Young Johnathan is shocked to find that the bedtime stories he was told by his deceased grandfather, the infamous GRAMPA SETH, of evil GOBLINS who turn people into living vegetables in order to eat them, is about to come to terrifying reality on a family trip to the town of NILBOG. With the assistance of the Troll master, CREEDENCE LEONORE GIELGUD, the Trolls wish to feed Johnathan's family evil food.


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  • The film begins with the main character, a child named Joshua Waits (Michael Stephenson), being contacted by his dead grandfather, Seth (Robert Ormsby). Seth informs Joshua of evil creatures known as goblins roaming the world who force or trick humans into consuming poisoned food which will turn them into the goblin's favorite type of food, vegetables. The goblins would then eat them.

    Meanwhile Joshua's sister, Holly (Connie McFarland), receives a visit from her boyfriend Elliot (Jason Wright). She accuses him of being a homosexual because he spends large amounts of time with his friends Brent, Arnold and Drew (David McConnell, Darren Ewing and Jason Steadman respectively). Since she and the rest of the family are going to Nilbog for a holiday, he offers to meet her on the way. She agrees but under the condition that he will come alone without his friends.

    However, Elliot does not turn up at their meeting point and his parents, Michael (George Hardy) and Diane (Margo Prey), go on without him. They meet him further up the route but she angrily dismisses him since he is accompanied by his friends. Joshua has a dream that his family are actually goblins in disguise preparing to consume him but wakes up to find Seth again, this time posing as a hitchhiker. Joshua tells his parents to stop the car and runs up to him. Seth informs Joshua that their holiday destination is in fact the kingdom of the goblins he mentioned earlier, and urges him to convince his parents to turn back. Joshua is unable to, and the family arrive at Nilbog.

    Meanwhile one of Elliot's friends, Arnold goes out for a walk and meets a woman being pursued by the goblins. Running away, they enter the house of the goblins' druid leader, Creedence Leonore Gielgud (Deborah Reed), who uses the "Stonehenge Magic Stone" to give the goblins power. Creedence dupes the two into drinking a magic potion which causes the woman to disintegrate into a puddle of vegetable matter which is then eaten by the goblins, and Arnold is morphed into a plant.

    Joshua looks into a car mirror hoping to contact Seth again but only succeeds in noticing from the reflection that Nilbog is Goblin spelled backwards. He concludes that the area must be their kingdom and skateboards off to an abandoned church where the goblins are listening to a sermon espousing the evils of eating meat. However, he is noticed and brought to the basement where they attempt to feed him spiked ice cream. Michael walks in and grows slightly suspicious, taking Joshua out.

    The family returns to find that the village has prepared a surprise party to "make up for the misunderstanding earlier". Joshua runs upstairs hoping to contact Seth but instead is confronted by Creedence in goblin form. Seth appears and chops her hand off with an axe, causing her to retreat back to her house.the meantime, Creedence deals with Elliot's one remaining friend, Brent, by drowning him in popcorn.

    Joshua, Elliot, Holly, Michael and Diane hold a séance to communicate with Seth, who tells them that he has ten minutes before he disappears from the mortal world permanently. Just then the goblins gain entry and Joshua is sent to Creedence's house somehow. The rest of the family go upstairs, chased by the goblins. Seth tells Joshua to put his hands on the Magic Stone and focus in order to defeat the goblins and gives him a bag which he must only open if he is in mortal danger. The goblins break into the house and transport Joshua to Creedence's chapel, where Joshua opens the bag, revealing a "double-decker Bologna sandwich". He eats the sandwich, making his body poisonous to the goblins; he then touches the Stonehenge Stone, which destroys Creedence. The family returns home, where Joshua's mother is seen eating food from the refrigerator. The food, unknown to the family, has been poisoned by the family of goblins who took over their home during their exchange in the country.

    During the epilogue, Diane is killed by consuming spiked food left in the house. Joshua discovers her corpse being eaten by the goblins. Joshua screams in horror.

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