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dtucker867 April 2002
I first read Nancy Ziegenmeyer's story in an issue of Reader's Digest. I also read about her in People and Good Housekeeping and of course read her book as well. This is a fine film about a courageous woman. What got me about the film was it showed Nancy as warts and all. She was promiscuous and did have an affair before the rape. Still, she showed a lot of courage in speaking out the way she did to help others. Also I like the fact that the man who raped her was sentenced to life in prison with no parole.
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Exceptional Movie a must see
jameswilliams78417 June 2014
WOW, what an exceptional movie this is. True story about a rape victim and the aftermath and how she becomes a strong advocate for rape victims. I have read the book (which is very good) and the movie follows the book fairly well. We understand that Nancy has her flaws, she had an affair before the rape but Nancy with her flaws is a strong woman in the end. The acting is great especially Patricia Wettig, by far her best performance. Great storytelling, great supporting actors, the movie moves a a good pace. My only disparaging thought about this movies was that it was a made for TV movie. Not enough people see this type of movie and its a story that needs to get out. If you get a chance to see this movie or read the book by all means do so.
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Taking Back My Life: The Nancy Ziegenmeyer Story
a_baron29 April 2018
This film based on real events has an obvious agenda. Nancy Ziegenmeyer was the victim of an unambiguous rape. She was also a faithless wife - the word bicycle springs to mind. As it could not have been made without her cooperation, one must assume the unflattering way she is portrayed here is faithful.

The rape is not shown; actual reports of it are graphic, and the racial angle has been totally ignored. So what is its agenda? When did anyone ever get the dumb idea that rape victims "ask for it", or did they ever? The reality is that this is a complex issue. As so-called feminist Camille Paglia has often pointed out, a young woman who goes to a guy's room scantilly dressed and the worse for drink is asking for trouble. A woman who forgets to lock her car door is not.

In spite of its agenda, this is a film worth watching. Thankfully there is not a screaming second wave feminist in sight.
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