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Bridget Fonda: Janet Livermore



  • Janet Livermore : Somewhere around 25, bizarre becomes immature.

  • Janet Livermore : I've always been able to do this, break up with someone and never look back. Being alone, there's a certain dignity to it.

  • Cliff Poncier : Look, Janet you know I see other people still. You do know that don't you?

    Janet Livermore : You don't fool me.

    Cliff Poncier : Janet, I could not be fooling you less.

  • Janet Livermore : People need people, Steve. It has nothing to do with sex. OK, maybe 40 percent. 60 percent. Forget it.

  • Janet Livermore : Are my breasts too small for you?

    Cliff Poncier : Sometimes.

  • Cliff Poncier : Where are the anthems for our youth? What happened to music that meant something? The Who at the Kingdome, or Kiss at the Coliseum... Where is the "Misty Mountain Hop," where is the, is the "Smoke on the Water"... Where is the "Iron Man" of today?

    Janet Livermore : We're not going out tonight, are we... ?

    Cliff Poncier : Look at this, most of these bands are like well-designed bottles of bleach. It's beer and lifestyle music! I mean it's like the next world war will be sponsored by I don't know what!

    Janet Livermore : Let's just take a bath.

  • Janet Livermore : You're Dr. Jamison, man. Many, many babes are into that.

  • Janet Livermore : So I'm not an Amazon woman?

    Steve Dunne : You're from the high plains Janet.

  • Janet Livermore : Guys do like to be called.

  • Janet Livermore : [fakes a sneeze to get Cliff to say,"Bless you."] 

    Cliff Poncier : [Watching nature show on bees, has no response] 

    Janet Livermore : [fakes a louder sneeze] 

    Cliff Poncier : [indifferently hands her a box of tissues]  Hey, Babe? Don't get me sick. I'm playin' this weekend.

  • Cliff Poncier : I used to live out by the airport, underneath the flight patterns. It was really noisy with the planes going by all day. I used to have cookouts, and no one would come because of the noise. I got used to it. And then, when I moved... I missed the noise. I missed those planes.

    Janet Livermore : Cliff, what are you talking about?

    Cliff Poncier : I don't know.

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