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This movie is a social trip
jean23998 August 2004
I can see that it is not easy to fully understand this movie for someone not living in Hungary, or at least Central Eastern Europe. This excellent movie is a satirical depiction of the reality of a certain district of Budapest. More like a social trip than comedy. This movie is so much more than sex, I don't even remember too much sex in it. This is about the life of 'simple' people, their conflicts. The director's speciality is to make the movie look like a documentary, interviewing people. The funny part is that a number of the 'actors' interviewed in his films are not real actors and they just act like they would act in a real situation. So is this movie, perhaps the most famous among the works of Somjas.
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Great for insiders
throbert6 October 2018
I really don't know if this movie is approachable if you haven't lived in Hungary at the beginning of the 90s. For outsiders, it is probably yet another "funny" movie from Eastern Europe. Also the puns and the expressions used in Hungarian can't be rendered fully into English (or any other language). Even in Hungary it was criticized for making fun of socialism, that was anything but.

Still I loved this movie. After seeing it the first time in my high school years, I barely reached the bathroom, I literally almost pissed myself of laughing. I'd probably wouldn't have the same experience by revisiting it, still this movie is part of our culture. Many movies after tried to copy it and failed. For me it is a 9 and if you think I'm biased and nostalgic, you're absolutely right.
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A Hungarian Three Stooges Film
susansweb15 August 2001
I'm sure there are messages a plenty in this film but I had a hard time finding them amidst all of the sex and comic violence. I saw the film as a bunch of little vignettes designed to appeal to the common person. Which in this case is chaos and sex. After each brawl, the characters take time out for either flatulence Did I mention that this movie has a lot of sex in it?
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