Romper Stomper (1992) Poster

Samantha Bladon: Tracy



  • Sonny Jim : I vote we get a 45 automatic and blow the head gook back to Singapore.

    Hando : Saigon, stupid.

    Sonny Jim : I fired a 45 at a range once. It was fine.

    Bubs : You never fired a 45, don't shit me Sonny.

    Sonny Jim : What would you know, baby bubs? An anti-static gun is big news for you.

    Hando : We can get any sort of gun we want from Billy the Reverend. All we need is the cash, and we needed up front.

    Megan : If you lot are going to shoot people...

    Tracy : ...we're going.

    Hando : Then go. We don't want any fuckin' passengers from here on in. So fuck off.

    Tracy : Sonny do you want to come with us?

    Sonny Jim : No. I want to kill gooks, gooks, gooks.

    Tracy : We could go fruit pickin'.

    Sonny Jim : I hate the fuckin' country, don't I.

    Megan : All right then... you'll all end up fucked!

    Hando : You'll end up fucked if you don't piss off.

    [Hando jumps up, and Megan and Tracy run off] 

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