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This could stop wars
CapedPrawn29 June 2002
This, in my mind, is the nicest film in existence. From start to finish this gently floats you along the storyline, and it ends in a resonding awwww. After watching this film everything is right with the world and dreams do come true if you work for them. The best thing is that there is no Disney label attached.

Suggested on Rainy days, boyfriend/girlfriend seperation, failed exams, apocalypses etc
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Wonderful family film for all ages.
obxparadise4 January 2005
Luckily I have this delightful movie on VHS. It is one of the truly great movies I've ever seen. Actress Angela Lansbury (always a favorite of mine) shines as Mrs. 'Arris in this film. Likewise, Omar Sharif (still a heart-throb) plays a very convincing and lovable Marquis Hippolite. This movie flows smoothly and although the outcome is somewhat what one would expect, it is a lovely escape from reality film that I consider a classic. All the characters, from the lovely Natasha, the somewhat shy, but honorable Andre, the tough but fair Mme. Colbert, portrayed by Diana Riggs and even the despicable Mr Armont, all expertly portrayed and the casting for this film is strong. I urge everyone, young and old alike, to take in this lovely family film. You won't be sorry.
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Hurray for Angela Lansbury she has another home room hit !
bcpmd10 July 2005
There number gets less every year but I tell you Ms.Lansbury is one of the last icons of movies,theatre,singing and T.V. She has garnished four emmies 15 nominations in all. tonnies,academy awards nominations.She never seems to age but one of her most popular movies in the mid-fifties with Frank Sinatra, "The Manchurian Canidate". In that role she played the mother of the presidential candidate, in reality she was only three years older than actor Larence Harvey the English actor who played her son, she was only 36.However I apologize for the diversion. In "Mrs. Arris Goes to Paris" you see a determined strong willed English woman walking the extra mile or so, to work to save every possible way she could to save up enough for one of the priceless and elegant dresses. Though almost predictable with her charm and personality who can see her winning the hearts of people in "the know" one by one.This movie lifts one's hearts at a time in the world where we need a little fantasy a good feeling and a excellent actress, Angela to come to the rescue.Thank You bcpmd
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Dior & Company didn't know this movie existed....
patrick-59316 April 2006
Just a side comment. My daughter works for Dior in Paris and she brought this movie into the office where they watched it. Her boss's boss actually took it home to watch it on the weekends. They all loved it and were able to pick out parts of the Dior office where they apparently filmed it. I first read this story decades ago in Reader's Digest and who would have guessed I would be the father of a daughter who ended up at Dior? The staff at Dior speak English but I'm wondering if Angela's "accent" was difficult to make out. My daughter is searching for a French version of the original book if there is one as well as other versions of the movie.
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Not always believable, but very touching!
zbornak8 August 2000
The title of this movie makes it sound like some kind of child's movie where some little old woman has a series of events in a strange town. Well, it is all true, but I don't know if children would find this story as touching as it is.

Ada Harris wants to buy a Dior dress and "scrimps and saves and slaves" for three years to get it. But upon arrival in Paris to buy a dress from "Dior's dress Shop", she begins to encounter all sorts of mishaps, including the Dior director who refuses to let her have a dress because she is common.

To get these out of the way, there are many parts of this film that are unbelievable. For instance, it supposedly takes place in 1953 but there are many scenes in the film where it seems like modern times. It is also highly bloody unlikely that that many things could happen to the same woman and her naivete, while being likely, is overcome way too easily in the film, but that's HOLLYWOOD!

But every little petty detail in this film can be easily overlooked by the delightful presence of Angela Lansbury! She is just absolutely terrific in a role that, while supposed to be lightly entertaining and kind of frivolous, she makes touch your heart. She is so wonderful and makes you feel so sorry for this old lady!

And then she is backed by a wonderful supporting cast, most wonderfully, Diana Rigg, as the show director at Dior, as well as the characters of Natasha, Andre, and, of course, Omar Sharif as the Marquis who befriends Mrs. 'Arris.

Fan of Lansbury or not, you cannot go wrong with this movie and you will love it!
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No special effects? I'll take that!
leandros8 February 1999
These days it has become a rarity to find a good movie not aided by special effects, blood or sex. It was a real pleasure to watch this small, honest and humble film, quietly following the tradition of those movies we had almost forgotten. I bet the glorious Angela Lansbury should have enjoyed acting as much as we enjoyed watching it. Well, my mother commented shortly on this movie: just like Cinderella... I cannot argue with that.
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Magical tale of a char lady's dream come true
roghache16 May 2006
This is a lovely story, both funny and a little sad perhaps, but altogether heartwarming. It's sort of like a children's Disney movie, but for grown ups. My favorite, Angela Lounsbury, isn't sleuthing in Cabot Cove here, but instead is totally appealing and sympathetic as the determined 1953 London char lady, Mrs. Ada Harris, who has long dreamed of owning an original Dior gown.

Mrs. Harris has managed to scrimp and save enough money to make the trip to Paris to fulfill her dream of buying a Dior designer dress. However, it turns out to be not a simple task, but one fraught both with unpleasant obstacles and unexpected friendships. First, she must deal with the snooty behavior of some in the expensive fashion world including that nasty snob, Mr. Armont, who seeks to thwart her efforts, and later on some prying customs officials. Meanwhile, along the way, she befriends a handsome count, Marquis Hippolite, who is troubled by family issues (an estranged daughter) and plays matchmaker to a young couple, the lovely model, Natasha, and the shy but noble Andre.

Of course this tale isn't very realistic or believable, but I don't know that it's intended to be. That's why I've called it magical. There's plenty of realism in everyday life, and this is a sweet story.

In addition to Angela Lounsbury, other cast members include Diana Rigg as the House of Dior's show director, the efficient but fair minded Mme. Colbert, and the incomparably handsome and magnetic Omar Sharif as the Marquis Hippolite.

Angela Lounsbury makes her cleaning lady character every bit as endearing as the actress herself. The viewer gets a sense of how very hard this woman has worked all her life, how few luxuries she's ever had, and simply must cheer Mrs. 'Arris on through all the stumbling blocks to, hopefully, her very own beautiful Dior gown. She is so kind hearted that goodness flows from her to everyone she encounters during her Parisian stay. However, she won't be trifled with, as those who oppose her goal discover. This is a delightful, touching escapist story, a real treasure.
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Angela Lansbury shines in a lovely little film
TheLittleSongbird27 June 2010
Now I am not going to say that this is the best movie ever or anything, but I loved Mrs 'Arris Goes To Paris. It is truly delightful and very charming, with a nice message especially. The story is nice and simple, and is one that never meanders with many charming scenes. The film is nice to look at as well, no special effects or anything just some nice rosy cinematography and Parisian scenery, that's more than enough for me. The music is lovely, delightful and somewhat authentic too, and the script is nice and fluffy like, as I have said already, a soufflé. The direction is good too, but it is in the acting where the film really shines. Angela Lansbury is wonderful yet again, while Diana Rigg is stunning and Omar Shariff charming. So overall, a really nice and pleasant little film. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Lothaire Bluteau makes this movie worth it!
aspenpony8620 December 2001
Yes, the movie is sweetly unbelievable. The soundtrack is pleasant, the scenery is beautiful and the story line predictable. For some unknown reason, I can't get this movie out of my mind! Maybe because I watch it on video regularly...hahahahaha I'd never heard of Bluteau before this...WOW! what a performance! I've also watched Black Robe several times simply because he was in it. I love the dichotomy between his strength and vulnerability. This movie ends and I feel GOOD about people; you can't say that about many movies these days. I HIGHLY recommend this movie!
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keith-hewle19 September 2002
At the end of this film I felt like kicking myself hard for not having recorded it.

To my generation Angela Lansbury was a screen siren. It is nice to see that the years have been kind to her quite apart from her still being able to deliver a consummate performance.

In one scene Mme. Colbert states that her husband was murdered by the Germans "twelve years ago". That dates the film to 1952-54. (The Germans occupied France from June 1940 until September 1944 )

Andre the accountant claims to have served in Algeria. But the Algerian problem occurred after the French expulsion from Indochina in 1954.

It would appear that history has got a little lost. Apart from the sad caricature of John Savident as the "Hinglish" hating Frenchman all the characters had depth and credibility. This film belongs to a bygone age when people went to the cinema for escapism and not to be reminded of their own sordid humanity. And that is the great sadness.

If you enjoy the current output of the film industry DONT watch this film.
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A Perfect Rainy Afternoon Movie
Two19803 October 2003
What a great movie!!! Mrs. 'arris Goes to Paris is a perfect rainy afternoon movie, instant sunshine. It tell the story of Mrs. 'arris who wants a dress and goes to Paris to get it but has some problems trying to get it. As her problems get solved she touches the lives of the people who help her get what she wants most of all a dress. A wonderful movie!!!! A+
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Charming, but I loved the book more
ala-kurt22 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris was one of my favorite books while growing up. I longed for a film version, but was afraid at the same time. Nearly everything lived up to my expectations, but the mood of the book is a little more melancholy, more of the time of its setting. And the happy ending of the film misses the point of the novel - the rosy, memory of the experience for Mrs. 'Arris is tempered in the novel by the fate of the dress, and the contrast her encounters with people in Paris with the reality of her experience in London. All the same, I'm glad it was made, and with so many of my favorite actors: Ms. Lansbury, Ms. Rigg, Mr. Shariff, and the not-seen-enough M. Blutheau... I wish someone would release it on DVD!
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For anyone that ever dreamed
NoSelfEsteem18 December 2006
On paper, it reads like rubbish. A TV movie, with fairly low-budget production values, what seems like an A to B plot and the usual suspects like Angela Lansbury, Omar Shariff and Diana Rigg amongst others.

Don't believe it. This IS a fairly low-budget TV film, but the story, the actors and the way it's handled take this WAY above it's premise.

I have never come across anyone who has seen this film who hasn't been affected in some way by it. It'll have you smiling your head off through its bucket-loads of total charm. Arguably better than 90% of Christmas films, if you don't find yourself siding with Mrs 'Arris then I suspect you aren't quite human, or you've already won the lottery.

By God, we need it on DVD. It's utterly brilliant.
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Effortlessly Charming
highpriestess3221 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was delighted to see this available on a popular video site online (even though I have it on dVD it is good to have on just as background on the iPad at nighttime).

Lansbury plays a widowed charlady Ada Harris, who is anything but work shy. On arriving one morning at her employer's stately home, Lady Dant's, Mrs Harris espies among the mail an invitation to a ball at Buckingham Palace. As she turns with the mail to hand she spots two beautiful Dior dresses hanging on the closet in preparation for the ball. Lady Dant sees Ada admiring them and tells her they were from Dior in Paris along with revealing the hefty price tag.

Wanting a grand dress for herself at all costs, Ada makes a great many sacrifices and scrimps and saves for three years aided by a small win on the football pools and then makes her solo trip to Paris where she wastes no time in taking a taxi directly to "Dior's dress shop". Not realising there is no shop as such she finally pursuades one Madame Corbet to squeeze her in at that afternoon's viewing much to the disgust of other clients and one staff member who deems her too common and too shabby to be in the same room.

She eventually chooses a pink gown modelled by a pretty young French fashion model, Natasha and when she realises the dress has to be made especially, Natasha convinces the dull accountant Andre (who drools over Natasha), to accommodate Mrs Harris for the week they promise it will take to have her dress made. During this time she does some matchmaking between the duo, reunites a Marquis with his estranged daughter and grandchild and helps through the Marquis to see to it that Madame Corbert is awarded a medal for her brave deceased husband where she is also promoted within the House of Dior.

When finally her dress is ready she has not a penny left for custom fees so her new friends concoct a way around it. this is pretty much a film that requires a suspension of belief but it is just so uplifting and morally on track. It is quite simply delightful.
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A wonderfully sweet and touching movie.
Sleepin_Dragon11 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Ada Harris lives a very ordinary London life, working as a character woman, playing bingo and enjoying a drink with friend and neighbour Vi. Life changes when Ada sets her mind on owning an original Dior dress, costing a small fortune, Ada scrimps and saves to build enough money to get to Paris and buy the dress of her dreams. When there she faces snobbery from the finance manager, Monsieur Arming, who sees her as a threat to the prestige of the brand. Not to be outdone the kind hearted Madame Colbert contrives a way to fulfill her dream.

One of the sweetest films you could hope to watch, it's totally inoffensive, heart warming and quite moving. Lansbury as always shines as the lead, a woman so glamorous in later years able to play a downbeat chat with ease. Sharif and Rigg are particularly delightful, Savident certainly relished his role.

It's a film to watch on a wet Sunday afternoon or a day off sick from work, there's something particularly comforting in it. Utterly sweet 9/10
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Delightful little known TV movie with Angela Lansbury
BigWhiskers10 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I had not seen this movie since it was first broadcast back in 92 so it was a delight to find it on Youtube - a shame it was uploaded in low quality but I'm glad it was there. The story of an English cleaning lady played by the always wonderful Angela Lansbury who saves up her money to buy a very expensive dress by French designer Dior - circa 1950's. Now back in those days it would be absurd to imagine a lowly servant saving up 1000 dollars just to blow it all on a dress but this is more like the one dream you have in all your life and that's what Mrs 'Arris's dream is , to have that special dress. So she goes to Paris and runs into all sorts or people , the person in charge of sales at the Dior salon Mme. Colbert played by Diana Rigg is so spot on, her performance really shines and she goes from being snooty to warming up to Ms 'Arris and does everything she can to get her that dress despite the awful way the director of the house and another client treats Ms "Arris . There is also a young couple ,a Dior model and a Dior accountant who are in love but need that nudge which Ms 'Arris provides in getting them together.

Omar Sharif also has a nice supporting part of Marquis Hippolite -a very wealthy govt official who meets and is quite taken with Ms 'Arris as she reminds him of a past acquaintance and he lovingly nicknames Ms 'Arris , Ms Mopps after her. She helps him reestablish a relationship with his estranged daughter and granddaughter. The last part of the movie is sad and you almost think that she isn't going to get her dress and have the happily ever after but thanks to Mme Colbert and the Marquis Hippolite ,not only does she get her dress , but Mme Colbert gets promoted to the directors position and the nasty director gets demoted ,I only wished they had shown him groveling instead there is a scene where the Marquis meets with Dior to discuss his foul treatment of Ms 'Arris and you see him obviously nervous when Dior greets the Marquis and the door shuts. So in the end she gets her fairytale and even wears the dress to a fancy party in her honor held in thanks by all the people at Dior whose lives she touched. Now some think the party scene is a fantasy since it's done after the fact , she gets the dress home and after hanging it up, hugs it and then there is a dream type fade and she is at the party ,she tells her ladyfriend about the party who thinks she is making it up until she reaches inside the top part of the dress and pulls out a rose ,the same rose that the Marquis gave her in the party scene so she did indeed go to the party. A very cute ending and a happy one , i read somewhere that the books was more downbeat and I'm glad that they did not use the books ending. The only thing I didn't like about this movie was the my fair lady aspect with Ms 'Arris talking like Eliza Doolittle and the same type of tacky over-sized hat that ELiza wore when she was a flower girl and that larger ugly housecoat - warranted she was a poor cleaning lady in the 1950's but still it looked so dated for even that time. Overall an 8/10 and a charming performance by Mrs Lansbury.
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It's nice to know they can still make them like this!
Seedy22 January 1999
Beyond the fact that Angela Lansbury is always a delight is the fact that as this movie lifts our spirits it reminds us that sensitive development of appealing characters and of a simple plot make a movie one to be truly cherished, and that excesses of special effects, gore, sex and violence leave us ultimately empty.
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The best TV film ever!
stephanie-hoppe28 February 2007
My grandma recorded this film off of TV when i was little and I have loved it ever since!!! Angela Lansbury is amazing in this, so cute and delightful. This is the story of a cleaning lady in London, who sees this gorgeous Dior dress that one of her clients bought, and decides that she wants one. She saves and scrimps for three whole years and goes to Paris to get one. While in Paris she meets a variety of delightful people and helps some broken people find what they were missing out in life.

This movie is perfect for a Saturday afternoon curled up with a cup of tea! I have watched it for years and will only stop when the tape wears out!
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Excellent film! Lansubry shines!
ChrisSmithBoston6311 February 2006
I so wish this movie was available on DVD it is excellent! Just the perfect film for Angela Lansbury who I think is the best! This is truly a "feel good" film and I have seen it about 5 times so far. This was a made for TV movie and one of the best of it's kind in my opinion. Everybody in the cast is great including Diana Rigg and Omar Sharif. I wish Ms. Lansbury would work more but thankfully she is in Nanny McPhee in theaters now. It's a small part but at least we get to see this fabulous actress. I don't understand why trash like Can't Stop The Music is on DVD but a beautiful film like Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris is not.
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