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A really lovely film
dkrob3 April 2005
When I first saw this film I wasn't to keen on it but the more I saw it the more I liked it. For me it is a film that grows on you. A woman dying of cancer Holly with a young daughter Jenny and Kate the friend whom she wants to be her daughters guardian. Shelley Long and Lindsay Wagner work so well together in fact sometimes I wasn't sure whether they were acting or being their normal self. Jenny the little girl was so well played by Molly Orr and Shelley Long as she always does with children interacts with Jenny so well that it is a pleasure to see her with Jenny. The ending is the most poignant one I have ever seen. When the flesh is the weakest the spirit is the strongest. When Holly says to Kate Are you saying goodbye Barnes its time for the hanky. However the interaction with Kate and Jenny is shown so well when at the very end of the film they are driving away in the pick up and Jenny says Can I have a parrott and Kate says that would be nice. A real pleasure to watch this film.
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Really made me think
cnank15 November 2005
I saw this movie when I was about 20 years old and at that stage in one's life where you're really trying to come to grips with some of the questions of existence -- like, what does it mean to die? Is there such a thing as a "good death"? I'd been reading Sartre and Camus all summer, and I thought this film was a refreshing and touching addition to their sometimes bleak, sometimes inspiring thoughts on life and death. When Linday Wagner's character says to Kate, in a jealous fit, "I'm gonna be dust (while you're raising my daughter)," that was chilling. The film really gives you (no matter how old or young) a sense of your own mortality, and that no matter how hard you try, the world will gradually forget you once you're gone (ironically, the same thing Camus' narrator dwells on in his jail cell in The Stranger). What a legacy Kate now has to fulfill -- she must be true to the dying wishes of her friend, as though she is still a living, breathing presence, even as her memory of who she actually was slowly fades. And what a despairing realization for the dying mom -- to know that your child will only have these slowly disappearing memories of you, no matter how hard she might try to hold on to what she remembers. Lindsay Wagner tries her best to arrange a dignified, "authentic" death -- not spending it in a hospital ward and watching her daughter be turned over to the organs of the state/family. Her effort is very commendable and inspiring.
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nifabs8 August 2003
Our spirits are strongest.

A Message From Holly is a movie about personal victory, it tests and shows the depth of friendship. I don't know if I'd be able to take on my friend's kid and raise and love them as my own. But friendship has heights unknown to love and life itself.

Lindsay Wagner is rivetting as the mother with cancer entrusting kooky but high powered career girl and best friend Shelley Long with her only child. It's good to see Long take time off work and bond with the child, getting into scrapes and both of them watch Holly fade to a shadow of herself. Holly makes her friend vow to raise her daughter strong and true to herself and not to allow her family impose their judgement or themselves on her.

The climax is when both friends are in a field watching a beautiful sunset and Long recites the words at the beginning of this review in a most poignant farewell to her friend and sister of a lifetime.

I didn't cry but my heart bled and still bleeds when ever I remember this small but touching picture.

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Tear Jerker with slight miscasting
john19115827 February 2001
This is my favourite Lindsay movie,hired the video several times before finally managing to get an imported copy of the movie from the UK which had different cover to the rental copy. Lindsay plays single mother,highly educated,free thinking,talented sculptress dieing of liver cancer wanting to make sure her only child was well looked after,after her death but due to her not liking the way her family would bring her child up called on long time college friend played by shelley long - this is where I think the miscasting came in,long is more noted for her comical roles and am sure there were plenty of other actress in hollywood who could have given the role more creed. Lindsay always slim,was totally convincing in the latter scenes as her illness progresses as she looks so emancipated and undernourished.Displaying a range of emotions throughout the film from happy,to determined to extremely independent to anger and jealousy,this film is a must for the collections of all wagner fans and definately requires at least 2 boxes of tissues onhand.10 out of 10 for this movie.Bravo!
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Beautiful, heartwarming movie
ipadmail-494161 January 2016
This movie was put together very greatly in aspects of the actors, themes, plot line and location. I found that the movie had my eyes watering most of the way through it! One of the reasons that 'A message from Holly' was well put together is because many people will be able to relate to it in addition to it being a real tear jerker! This movie also carries with it great symbolism, that compliments this movie's genre and pulls you further into the plot line. I think that this is a very enjoyable movie and the actors deserve a lot of credit for their roles that they played fantastically. 'A message from Holly' is also a very family friendly movie that can be enjoyed all year round.
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