X-Men: The Animated Series (TV Series 1992–1997) Poster

Norm Spencer: Cyclops, Scott Summers



  • [as the police try to subdue Sabretooth] 

    Cyclops : C'mon, they're gonna kill him!

    Wolverine : Good!

  • [Rogue is flying over Bishop] 

    Cyclops : [over transmitter]  Rogue, can you see Bishop?

    Rogue : I could spit on him, if I wasn't a lady. Looks like he's running for Congress.

  • Wolverine : Do that again, and we'll see where you land.

    Cyclops : Come on!

    Wolverine : Sorry, "Dad".

  • Cyclops : Energy blasts, huh? Here's one from a pro!

  • Angel : You don't have to be mutants, you don't have to be hated! You can be cured!

    Cyclops : We're mutants! That's what we are. There's nothing wrong with us that needs to be cured.

    Angel : Look me in the eye and tell me that!

    Cyclops : It'll be my pleasure!

  • Cyclops : Jean, fight it! Use the powers of your mind!

    Jean Grey : I can't fight it! Not every second of every day, never slipping, not even for an instant, Scott, please!

  • Wolverine : That morter looks a little thick Storm, better add some water.

    Gambit : Big expert, always giving orders.

    Wolverine : Making up for your screw ups Gumbo. Too bad you don't know how to do anything but pickpockets and steal candy from babies.

    Wolverine : [Gambit charges a brick and Wolverine picks it up]  Huh, look out.

    Cyclops : [Cyclops fires a blast at the brick and it explodes]  Gambit, What do you think your doing?

    Gambit : He better be more careful with his mouth.

    Wolverine : You better stop worrying about my mouth and start worrying about these.

    [He draws his claws] 

    Rogue : Why don't you boys calm down.

    Wolverine : Why? You afraid I'm gonna hurt him? I always thought you had a soft spot for that Cajun.

    Rogue : About as soft as you fathead. Are you gonna shutup or am I gonna have to help you?

  • [after destroying dozens of Sentinels] 

    Cyclops : Is that all of them?

    Rogue : Ain't that enough?

  • Cyclops : Tell me "DAD", AM I MAKING THIS UP!

  • Cyclops : His name's Sabertooth. Wolverine knows him, and hates him.

    Professor X : Did he give a reason?

    Cyclops : Does he ever?

  • Professor X : Wolverine, personal vendettas have no place here.

    Cyclops : You know we must help a mutant if he's in trouble.

    Wolverine : It's not personal - he's a threat.

    Professor X : He was near death.

    Wolverine : Not near enough.

  • Magneto : Today begins a new world for all of us, a world where we needn't hide in corners and crawl in fear.

    Wolverine : I don't know what corner you crawled outta, Bub. But we don't find nuclear missiles all that liberating.

    Cyclops : Come quietly or be taken!

    Wolverine : And I hope ya wanna be taken!

  • [Storm is unconscious in Wolverine's arms] 

    Cyclops : Wolverine, is she...?

    Wolverine : Must be our company, Cyclops. She's asleep, she's exhausted. Mission accomplished, buddy.

  • [the X-Men find Senator Kelley's room trashed] 

    Cyclops : Kelly's gone, Professor. There must have been more mutants in that gang than we knew about.

    Professor X : I don't believe this is the work of the same gang.

    Jean Grey : Why not Professor?

    Professor X : Because my watch has stopped.

    Cyclops : I don't understand. Why is that important?

    [Professor X drops the watch and it sticks to the side of his wheelchair] 

    Professor X : Because it's been magnetized.

  • Cyclops : Remember, careful with the civilians!

    Wolverine : Sure, Cyke. I'll try not to bruise them while I save their lives!

    Pestilence : Even mutants may feel the touch of Pestilence!

  • Cyclops : Rogue, what do you see?

    Rogue : A fat boy and a pair of juvenile delinquents. Old buddies of mine from Muire Island.

  • Rogue : You look nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

    Cyclops : I just wish I knew what was happening in there.

    Gambit : If that were me in there, you wouldn't have to worry.

  • Cyclops : Morph, you're alive!

    Morph : And you're married, or are you?

    [morphs into minister] 

    Morph : I now pronounce you... betrayer and betrayess!

    Cyclops : Is this some kind of sick joke?

    Morph : It wasn't a sick joke when you left me to die! How do you like your last seconds on Earth ticking away?

  • [Professor X's dark side has emerged from his body] 

    Cyclops : I don't want to hurt you!

    Professor X : But *I* want to hurt you!

  • [Wolverine and Cyclops have to take down a rejuvenated Juggernaut] 

    Cyclops : Looks like we're going to do this the hard way.

    Wolverine : Now you're talkin'...

    [Wolverine runs and dives for Juggernaut, but Juggernaut swats him away] 

    Cyclops : You don't have to make it *that* hard...

  • Cyclops : C'mon Gambit, can't you make this program a little tougher.

    Gambit : Why? you don't like Gambit to be gentle.

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