Highlander (TV Series 1992–1998) Poster


Jim Byrnes: Joe Dawson



  • Jack : Last request?

    Joe Dawson : Yeah, I'd like to die of old age.

  • Joe Dawson : He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland and he is still alive. He is immortal. For 400 years he's been a warrior, a lover, a wanderer, constantly facing other immortals in a combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head and with it his power. I am a Watcher, part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record, but never interfere. We know the truth about immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander.

  • Methos : You know, considering how shot to pieces you were, it's amazing you're still alive.

    Joe Dawson : Ow! Considering who's treating me, I'd say it's a miracle. Watch out. Ow! Where'd you say you studied medicine?

    Methos : Heidelberg. 1453.

    Joe Dawson : Did you major in medicine or dueling?

    Methos : Both. A couple more days, you'll be able to travel.

    Joe Dawson : You don't have to look quite so happy about it.

    Methos : You know that run in you had with the Watchers the other night?

    Duncan MacLeod : Yeah?

    Methos : Jean Dumar. He was killed the same night. I'm sorry, Joe. I know he's a friend of yours.

    Duncan MacLeod : Hey, it was the other Immortal.

    Methos : Yeah, well you try telling that to Shapiro 'cause he's convinced it was you. Really, guys, the time's come for you two to start a new life somewhere. Bora Bora is very nice this time of year.

    Duncan MacLeod : Yeah, well send me a postcard. I'm not leaving.

    Methos : Does the term "self-preservation" mean anything to you, MacLeod? Look, you are under a death sentence!

    Duncan MacLeod : Yeah, and I will be until they figure out I'm not the killer. Where's Shapiro?

    Methos : Right at the moment, busy trying to kill you.

    Duncan MacLeod : Where is Shapiro?

    Joe Dawson : Look, don't make it easy for him, Mac.

    Duncan MacLeod : Look, I'm making it easy for him because that's where the killer would go. Now where is he?

    Methos : They're hiding out in a mortuary on the left bank.

  • Joe Dawson : Sometimes in life you have to do more than just watch.

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