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Season 4

4 Mar. 1995
Meeting of Fate! the Night where a Pegasus Flies
During a solar eclipse, a mysterious floating circus tent appears in the sky over Tokyo. Meanwhile, Chibiusa is fascinated by a Pegasus who appears to her in a dream.
11 Mar. 1995
Super Transformations Again! Pegasus' Power
When Reika returns from Africa, Usagi becomes concerned that she and Motoki are having relationship problems. Meanwhile, Tiger's Eye selects Reika as a target.
18 Mar. 1995
Protect a Mother's Dream! the New Attack for Double Moon
When Ikuko is attacked by Hawk's Eye, Sailor Moon must once again rely on the mysterious Pegasus for assistance.
25 Mar. 1995
Capture the Pegasus! the Amazon's Trap
When Hawk's Eye announces he has designed a system to trap Pegasus, Tiger's Eye approaches Naru with the intention of using her as bait.
15 Apr. 1995
A Couple Made for Each Other! Usagi and Mamoru's Love
Chibiusa worries that Saori, a friend of Mamoru's from college, is romantically interested in him.
29 Apr. 1995
Artemis' Affair!? A Mysterious Kitten Appears!
Rumors of Artemis' interest in other women spiral out of control after a small talking kitten appears, claiming that Artemis is her father.
13 May 1995
Makoto's Friendship! A Girl Who Adores a Pegasus
Usagi and Chibiusa are excited to discover that a best-selling book was written by an old friend of Makoto's.
20 May 1995
Hearts That Communicate! Chibi-Usa and Pegasus
Tiger's Eye targets Chibiusa's art teacher in the hopes of attacking Pegasus and finding his host.
27 May 1995
Protect Mamoru! Jealousy of Usagi the Ninja
Mamoru moves into the Hikawa Shrine after his apartment is wrecked, so Usagi assumes the guise of a ninja to protect his honor.
3 Jun. 1995
Forest of Illusion! Invitation of a Beautiful Fairy
Chibi-Usa befriends a young man, an artist fixated on the existence of fairies, who is targeted by Fish-eye.
10 Jun. 1995
Drive to Heaven! Love Riding on the Car of Dreams
Ami befriends Mamoru's colleague Natsumi, a widow who is trying to restore a classic car.
17 Jun. 1995
Try for the Best of Japan! the Worries of a Beautiful Girl Swordsman
A young girl with dreams of being the strongest swordsman in Japan is targeted by Tiger's Eye.
1 Jul. 1995
Love Those Minis! The Fashionable Senshi
Fisheye targets the fashion designer Yoshiki Usui, while Usagi hopes to persuade the designer to make her a wedding dress for free.
8 Jul. 1995
Storm of Love! Minako's Grand Two-Timing Plan
Usagi and the girls are shocked to find out that Minako is dating two boys at the same time, but little does anymore realize that her suitors are Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye.
15 Jul. 1995
Mansion of Secrets! The Menu of Love to You
The girls become interested in an apparently antisocial old woman after she takes Diana into her home.
22 Jul. 1995
Time to Believe the Pegasus! The Super Transformations of the Sailor Senshi
Reports begin to flood in of a Pegasus wreaking havoc in the city. Meanwhile, a popular boy shows an interest in Chibiusa.
12 Aug. 1995
Sparkling Summer Days! Ami, the Girl in the Ocean Breeze
Shingo develops a crush on Ami during a trip to the beach, while Tiger's Eye plot to seduce her.
19 Aug. 1995
Aim for the Prima! Usagi's Ballet
Usagi begins ballet lesson in the hope of becoming a prima. Fisheye enrolls in the same class, and soon catches the eye of the instructor.
26 Aug. 1995
Holiday in Juuban! A Carefree Princess
Usagi and Chibiusa are befriended by a mysterious foreign woman who accompanies them to the Azabu-Juuban summer festival. Unbeknownst to them, their acquaintance is a visiting princess who is being pursed by both her government and Hawk's Eye.
2 Sep. 1995
The Fated Partner? Makoto's Innocence
Tiger's Eye plans to seduce the girls at a university dance party, while Makoto is immediately smitten with the charming stranger.
23 Sep. 1995
Shadows of Great Evil! The Trio Is Cornered
While Fisheye targets Mamoru, Queen Nehellenia appears before the Amazon Trio and warns them that without the Golden Crystal, they will soon revert to their animal forms.
21 Oct. 1995
Mirror of Dreams! Final Stage of the Amazon Trio
Fisheye discovers Chibiusa communicating with Pegasus, but refuses to cooperate with Zirconia's plans. As Hawk's Eye pursues Usagi for her Dream Mirror, Zirconia decides that the Amazon Trio have outlived their usefulness.
28 Oct. 1995
Amazoness! The Nightmare from Behind the Mirror
Zirconia sends the Amazoness Quartet in search of the Golden Mirror, and their first target is Chibiusa's friend Momoko.
4 Nov. 1995
The Power Explodes! Ami's Song from the Heart
Ami becomes obsessed with a tune she found on the internet, and writes lyrics to it. Meanwhile, VesVes of the Amazoness Quartet targets the tune's composer.
11 Nov. 1995
Burning Passion! Mars' Furious Deadly Attack
Rei becomes a celebrity after being featured in a magazine article, and gains a dedicated young fan called Nanako.
18 Nov. 1995
A Dentist of Terror? Pallapalla's House
When Usagi and ChibiUsa need to go to dentist, they try a new office which has opened in the neighborhood, but is it a trap?
25 Nov. 1995
Confrontation in Dreams! Minako and Makoto's Broken Friendship
Makoto and Minako both fall for an attractive kindergarten teacher, but Minako's all-out attempts to ingratiate herself with him soon annoyed to Makoto.
2 Dec. 1995
Over the Fear! Jump to Freedom
On the eve of his school's athletic meet, Kyuusuke worries about the box horse, the one obstacle he is unable to clear. JunJun approaches him with the intention of taking his Dream Mirror, and offers to be his coach.
9 Dec. 1995
Don't Lose Your Dreams! The Truth-Reflecting Mirror
Usagi and Chibiusa befriend Kamoi, a starving young artist, who is later targeted by CereCere.
16 Dec. 1995
Pegasus Is Gone!? Swinging Friendships
While VesVes targets an eccentric acquaintance of Chibiusa's who is trying to make a flying machine, Chibiusa worries that Pegasus does not trust her.
23 Dec. 1995
The Secret of Pegasus! The Handsome Guardian of the Dream World
PallaPalla's magic causes Usagi and Chibiusa to switch ages, turning Usagi into a child and Chibiusa into a teenager. While Chibiusa is thrilled with her new body, she is distressed to discover that she can no longer call Pegasus.
13 Jan. 1996
Chibiusa's Little Rhapsody of Love
As Chibiusa becomes even more enamoured of Helios, Usagi and her friends realise that she is in love, and are determined to discover the identity of her crush.
20 Jan. 1996
Dream to Be an Adult! The Amazoness' Bewilderment
Usagi and her friends, along with the Amazoness Quartet, assist in the organization of a coming-of-age ceremony.
27 Jan. 1996
Coming Terror! The Dark Queen's Evil Approach
Intent on escaping her mirror, Queen Nehellenia causes spider webs to appear all over the city, casting it into darkness.
3 Feb. 1996
The Center of the Darkness: Dead Moon Circus
The Sailor Team infiltrate the Dead Moon Circus and are confronted by Zirconia.
10 Feb. 1996
Labyrinth of Mirrors! Chibi Moon Captured
After being captured by Queen Nehellenia, Sailor Chibi Moon confronts the evil queen.
17 Feb. 1996
The Golden Crystal Appears! Nehellenia's Spell
Queen Nehellenia forces Helios to return to his body and give up the Golden Crystal, allowing the evil queen to break free from her mirror.
24 Feb. 1996
Kurisutaru no Kagayaku Toki Utsukushiki Yume no Pawaa
Queen Nehellenia, free from her mirror at last, prepares to use the power of the Golden Crystal.
2 Mar. 1996
Dreams Forever! Light Throughout the Sky
Queen Nehellenia makes a desperate last stand as the Golden Crystal destroys the Dead Moon Circus.

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