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Sex & Nudity

  • A young woman is seen for half the movie in a skimpy bikini
  • A group of young people go skinny dipping in a lake, half the women are topless and one of the men wears a jockstrap
  • A young woman in a bathroom takes off her towel in front of her boyfriend and we see her breasts
  • A young man is shown in briefs in two scenes, we can see quite a bit through them
  • A young man strips before jumping into a lake, we see him completely nude from behind
  • A young woman takes a steamy shower- we see nothing graphic
  • While making out, a young woman takes off her top and we see her breasts
  • While having sex, we see a woman's breasts- we see and hear her rocking the bed

Violence & Gore

  • Several people stumble, jump, or fall dangerously throughout the movie but no one is badly harmed
  • Two men are jumped on and killed by a monster, bitten to death by its razor-sharp teeth
  • A young man is suffocated to death by the tentacle of a monster
  • A young woman is decapitated by the falling sheet of glass from a sliding door
  • A young woman runs into a tree and is knocked unconscious, we see her bashed and bloody forehead
  • A young woman hits two people with a baseball bat, killing one of them
  • A young woman grabs a young man by the genitals hard and holds him while trying to kill him with a knife
  • A young woman steps on shards of broken glass and falls (no blood is seen)
  • A young woman is stalked in a video rental store by an unseen man, she falls and is entangled in strings of video tape while struggling to free herself
  • A young woman has a car crash while asleep at the wheel but is unharmed
  • A young woman is thrown from the door of a moving van
  • A monster has his tentacle cut off with a pair of hedgeclippers, green blood squirts


  • A few curse words

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A group of teens drink wine with dinner

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A scene where the camera eats its way out of a man's torso is incredibly gross
  • A scene where we see a face slowly melting and coming apart is very gross

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